Saturday, February 21, 2015

What are you reading?

We've both been catching up on some reading the past few weeks.  It seems like every time a cold front moves in Jim hunkers down and would hibernate if he could.

Instead he picks up his tablet and reads...sometimes to the exclusion of all else.  Me?  I slowly plod along and find myself reading in the mornings before my day begins.  I like the quiet.

If you'd like to see what has kept me company before Jim gets up check out my Library page.  Click on that link or look at the top of the web page to find it.

Our last cold spell has ended, today it's partly cloudy with the temperature trying to reach 70 as I type this.  Our predicted low tonight?  around 58.  That means I'll have to remove the duvet and put the quilt back on the bed, otherwise I'll be to hot to sleep.  When we have cold nights we both love the heated mattress pad!  Jim uses his most every night.

Speaking of Jim, for those who are curious about his recovery, he's doing well.  Walking and exercising most everyday (doesn't walk much when it's cold!).  He's using weights to build up his chest muscles and he's not crazy about it.  But it seems to be working!  He's maintaining his weight and I'm proud of him for wanting to keep off the extra pounds he'd put on.

We've been asked about our travel plans...right now we don't have any.  We'd like to....just haven't started researching or even thinking about it.  When we ask each other....don't know comes up...a lot!  

We like this area and there's more to explore, so stay tuned.

                     All is right in our world