Wednesday, January 25, 2012

not much going on

Our day to day life is pretty routine when we sit still.  And when one day runs into another there isn't much to write about.  Jim finished his 5 day rotation on Monday and that evening we had a dance to attend.  It's an annual thing, 50-60's dance.  Jim always wants to go.  There are a group of friends who like to change it up and dress according to a theme.  This year it was themed to the song 'A white sports coat and a pink carnation'.  I must admit they all looked pretty spiffy.  It looked like everyone was heading to the prom

Jim and I were the chaperone's for this group and we kept them in line all evening!  No smoking, no necking in the corners and definitively no drinking!  LOL

Today is my friend Anne's birthday and we have plans to have a fine meal at Hayashi's.  It's Anne's favorite restaurant and what better way to celebrate?  At last count there will be 19 of us taking up two hibachi tables with two chefs.  I should be interesting!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Whirlwind of activities

 Wednesday Jim had a followup appointment about his acid reflux....bad news is he'll be on Nexium for a long while.  Since a 30 day supply cost almost $200 we asked about picking it up in Mexico and the doctor said yes.  When we left the office we headed to the ATM to make a withdrawal and started towards home. Jim was hungry and I wanted something so we stopped at Jack in the Box.  I've never been to one and I probably won't go back.   Not much on their menu I want to eat.  I did have some pancakes but even Jim could smell how sweet they were and I hadn't put syrup on them!

The weather was gorgeous and we both sat outside reading for a bit.  I finally broke down and trimmed Boo's face, the poor little guy could barely see!  He really needs to be groomed.

We decided to head into Mexico on Thursday to pick up some Advantix for Boo and Nexium for Jim.  Overnight the weather changed.  A cold front came through with winds and low temperatures. So we bundled up and left around 1000.  We had to make one quick stop for a blood test for Jim, something about his red blood cells and B-12.

  I think the forecast was a  high of around 58 and that wind certainly was chilly!  On the walk across the bridge the back of my head was frozen!
Once on the Mexican side this is what greets you

 By now it was close to lunchtime so we just headed down the right hand side of the street telling everyone 'no, gracias' to everything from bracelets, movies, drugs and pedicures!
this lady would not move and I cropped her out in Picassa but here she is!
everyone knows where this is and it's always good for laughs and a cold drink

 We headed to the Red Snapper where we know we can get good food with good prices

It's a cheerful, colorful place to hang out!

the menu is quite varied

the staff is polite and well dressed

a mural on the back wall

the entertainment is pretty good too
 Jim had a large margarita and I had Dos Equis.  I broke down and ordered tamales which came with beans and rice.  Jim had a mixed platter of tacos, enchilada and tamale.  Chips and salsa too!

As we strolled back towards the border we stopped and picked up the flea medicine which was around ten bucks a dose and stopped at a pharmacia for the Nexium.....100 pills for $23.  Each pharmacia says they have the lowest prices but we didn't check to see if that is true
the buildings are so interesting. different colors, different heights

how about a pinata?
this plaza is on the right as you leave Nuevo Progresso is always playing lively music

This morning we were up bright and early for another appointment for Jim.  This time the dermatologist.  He's got various bumps, tags and moles that we wanted to have checked.  She did take a couple shavings and we'll get the results in a couple weeks.

Not sure why we had to be there at 0900 because we didn't see the doctor for about an hour and a half.  Since it was lunchtime we stopped at Olive Garden for some soup and salad.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Football, football and more football

I think Jim and I are about over the colds we caught.  My bout with it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  I only took meds for two days.  Of course Jim didn't have time to be 'sick', he was working.  Poor thing, he'd come home and nap.  We did a lot of reading while staying indoors and away from everyone.  We've heard that 'everyone' has had this cold!

I love this time of year and all the football games!  Playoffs can be so frustrating and exhilarating at the same time!  The Saints are doing well, but LSU lost the BCS last night to Alabama.  Both teams had a great season

Cooler weather has moved in but I don't mind as long as the sun stays out.  Today's high will be in the upper 60's.  We both like sleeping under the duvet when the nights are chilly.

I finally planted some lettuce in my big planter.  Seeds are starting to sprout and soon I'll have fresh lettuce!  Amy has a plot in the garden and the lettuce she gave us for Christmas reminded me of how good fresh can be.  Jim likes crunchy ice berg and I like leaf so a mixed salad of both is the way to go.

As many of you know, I'm going vegan.  Well I found a bouillon cube to make 'chicken' noodle soup.  Not-Chick'n by Edwards & Sons.  I don't think I told Jim it was vegan but he said he liked it.  I may never be totally vegan but I like not eating meat on a regular basis. It's not a problem at home.  Seafood can be a problem because I do like it.  Dairy products I gave up long ago.   Pizza needs cheese and when eating out I do have some.

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's a new year!

My how time flies during the holiday season.  As usual we enjoyed it and the various dinners, happy hours and of course the New Year's Eve bash at the clubhouse.  Why is it that for years we slept through the festivities but now that we're retired we have to stay up past our bedtime?  We did have fun, but it's really funny when everyone at your table starts yawning around 2100!

Friends of ours, Teresa and Trent arrived January 1st for a two day stay.  They've been in the Valley for a month and we did see them a couple times prior to this.   Unfortunately we didn't get to spend a lot of time with them.  Jim has a cold and I caught it.  We really didn't want to spread it around.  Anne and Scotty stepped in and entertained them.

We pulled an Ed!  Trent said he'd never been to a hibachi restaurant.  So we decided to take them to our favorite, Hayashi.Well who knew the place closed down at 1500 on weekdays??!!  So on to plan two, Kobe just opened and we took them there.  They both enjoyed the show but I have to say the entertainment and food were not as good as Hayashi.