Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cold, rainy day

Brrrr! It got cold last night and we slept with the comforter. I slept ok but was warm throughout the night. I was up at 0548 this morning and turned on the fireplace to get the chill out. I made my coffee and was drinking it when the hummers came buzzing at the windows. So when I finished my coffee I fed the birds....
When I came in from that chore I made another cup of coffee. Something about cold weather makes me want more coffee!! Also had oatmeal for breakfast, good cold weather food. When Jim got up I told him it was jeans weather and we both ended up wearing socks.....

I have to mention here that Jim has been doing the dishes quite often for me and I really enjoy not having my hands in hot water several times a day. Thank you honey, I love you!
As you can see today was very overcast but I loved the clouds and mist on the mountains

I'd read that there was a free tour of a coffee roasting company so we went to check it out. Turned out it was a small coffee house but we learned a few things and discovered some good coffee. Perhaps we'll buy some when our current supply runs out.

This building is on Nevada and I liked the the old against the modern. I think the old building is a museum now. there are a lot of Victorian Houses on this street and I hope we go back on a sunny day to see them

After we left the Colorado Coffee Merchants we continued driving north on Nevada until we hit the interstate and headed to the Mall. We didn't shop just walked both levels and checked on some books and magazines in Borders.

Since we were so close to Whole Foods Market Jim stopped there to let me shop. I always manage to find something to buy! As a matter of fact, we both did....

When we got home Marilyn invited us over for drinks around the fire. I made myself coffee and Jim had beer.

Lovely fire... But we kept getting rained on! So we'd take our chairs under the awning, then back out by the fire when the rain stopped.

Marilyn! Watch out your foot is on fire! :)

Once the rain started for the second time we decided to head indoors. I fixed some pasta for dinner and I enjoyed some red wine with mine. I did the dishes this time....

It's in the upper 50's right now with a low of 55, guess we'll sleep with the comforter again!

Nothing New

First off I want to thank each and every one of you who read this blog. I can't imagine why you do but I am humbled by the thought that complete strangers want to read about our life on the road.

The Past couple days we've just stayed home. Tuesday we did head out to the Olive Garden and had lunch with our friends Marilyn and Ed. It was great! We all had soup and salad with some spirited drinks :) Jim and I also had a plate of mussels, one of our favorites. Spending time with Marilyn and Ed is always fun.

Yesterday was a wee bit chilly and I did want to go down to Canon City but after lunch the weather just kept getting worse. So we stayed in and read our books. I did watch my soaps.

We had burgers that Jim grilled outside and I made a macaroni salad for our dinner. Light rain kept falling and it was just nicer indoors.

Last night we slept with the comforter because the forecast called for temperatures in the 50's. Well I was up at 0548 this morning and it was in the 40's outside. Sure felt good sleeping under the comforter!

Today's forecast is more rain and gloomy skies. Our high will be in the middle 60's if were lucky. As I type this it's 50 degrees outside and I have the fireplace on!

I hope your weather is warmer than ours!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lazy Sunday and a Hail Storm!

Yesterday was a lazy day for me. I didn't do very much. Jim slept until a quarter of 10 so I left the bed making for him.

We had Ed's Onion Soup for lunch and I made some grilled ham sandwiches. The weather was perfect for our alfresco meal.

grilled ham sandwich
Jim and Marilyn waiting for Ed while I take pictures

Look at that yummy soup! I skipped the cheese but it sure looked good.

Marilyn with stringy cheese!

Ed enjoying his sandwich, I hope...

We all enjoyed our meal and we were stuffed. Marilyn had dessert but we opted to have it later during happy hour.
Back home I cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes while Jim played games with Ed. Those two are becoming better at Wii games and you should hear them...I tried to nap but Boo kept jumping off the bed and checking out the noisy guys! OK, I can take a hint. no nap for me. I read my book for awhile.
Jim came home and shortly afterwards the rain happy hour, no dessert :(
During lunch we were discussing food and potato soup was mentioned. That was just the ticket for dinner, it's raining and chilly, hot soup sounded great! so that's what I made for our dinner.
I watched Design star and Merlin. We both played games on the computer. In bed at our usual time.
I was up at 0630 this morning. I set out the bird feeders and after I did a few exercises I settled in with my coffee and reading emails. Jim was up at 0800 and after breakfast I got busy making the bed and doing the dishes. I also threw a load of clothes in the washer.
We walked the trash and recyclables down and when we returned we joined Marilyn and Ed. We just sat out enjoying the sunny weather and chatting. Even Boo found the conversation stimulating, see how attentive he is? He's also looking a bit shabby....
Jim and I returned home and got our act together so we could go to the base for lunch and groceries. I swear the older we get the more stuff we need to cart around! Water bottles, my coupons, purse, wallet, keys etc, etc, etc.
I had tacos for lunch while Jim had a quesadilla and a taco. Not as good as Taco Bell but tasty nonetheless.. Then we priced a couple items in the PX, bought some hand sanitizer and left. I had a list for the commissary and we got the items and left quickly....
Back home I put the groceries away and settled in to watch my soaps and read. Jim and Ed had another play date :) Around 1630 I took Boo out to watch they guys play golf on the Wii. Marilyn came out to keep me company. When the guys finished their game of golf we got happy! Jim brought some wine for three of us while Ed opted for gin and tonic. Jim wanted his missed dessert from yesterday so Marilyn fixed him cake and whipped cream. Just before 1800 we left these fun people and headed home.
The dark clouds we saw forming over our mountain got darker and before long it was hailing! I can't remember the last hail storm I was in. sure made quite a racket on our roof. I grabbed my camera and here are some pictures of our hail

Patio mat with pea sized hail

The storm was quite heavy for a few minutes

The hail slid off the awning and made this pile by the solar light

the Christmas cactus with ice...
My herb pot had a nice pile of hail too
Just as quickly as the storm started, it quit. It sure cooled the day off. And as always after a rain it smelled wonderful. Around sunset it started sprinkling and as I type this I can hear thunder off in the distance. The temperature is in the mid 60's and I'm a happy camper.

this lone piece of hail was bigger than a pea.....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hot Afternoons

When I got up yesterday I decided I needed a I asked Jim if he wanted to go with me to the mall. He said yes but first he wanted to wash the truck. No problem, I had a few things I wanted to do. so we made plans to head out after lunch.

I did the dishes, a load of laundry and vacuumed the house. Jim shook the rugs.

After lunch we headed out. Jim made a stop at a 'car' shop for something or other. Then we went to the Citadel Mall. The first salon I spotted had a 'grooming' package....that didn't sit well with me. I get Boo Groomed..... so we started walking and found another salon and made an appointment for a haircut. Once I got the haircut we left the mall.

Stopped at Wal-Mart for bird seed and a few other items, then home.

Changed clothes, put away our purchases and got a cold drink and joined Marilyn and Ed outside to 'chill'

Ed just relaxing with a cold drink
Marilyn just listening to the guys

Jim looking good! :)
I guess we chatted for about an hour then split up and went inside. I fixed us a dinner of leftover pork loin and stir fry Chinese cabbage, onion and green peppers.
We watched the final episode of bed shortly after 2200....
This morning I stripped the bed and began to wash the linens. In all I did three loads of laundry. I sat outside and read my book for awhile. Inside for lunch. Early afternoon I turned on the AC and read and worked on my coupons.
Jim finally had enough of the heat and came in, shaved and joined me on the lounger to read. We watched part of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid then part one of Elizabeth staring Helen Mirren.
About this time, 1530 or so it started to rain. Our afternoon showers don't usually last long. But today it did and our plans to have onion soup with the Drays was cancelled :( We'll try again tomorrow.
So I fixed ham and biscuits for our dinner. While eating another bird hit our window. I checked and it was down. I went outside to tend to it and discovered it was dead. But while sitting there a deer wandered into our site! She was helping herself to a drink from the bird station, then turned her head and took a lap of seed from the feeder! I quietly got up and came inside for my camera. By this time she had gone down the incline and was munching of the greenery.

Hope you like these shots!

I was able to take 10-12 pictures but not all turned out well

And I'm sure the deer has brown eyes!
The sun did come out just before sundown. The temperature is around 64 and I love it. The rain cooled us off and made it smell good outside.
We're watching TV and getting ready to have ice cream and sorbet.....Life is Good!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today we headed into Colorado Springs to run errands. Before we even got to highway 115 Jim got two voice messages, one was about his camera lens. We had to turn around and get his camera. Our first stop was the post office on Base so I could mail a book. Then PetSmart to pick up a bag of dry food for Boo. He was completely out! While I ran in Jim stayed in the truck to make phone calls. Our signal on the mountain is spotty most of the time.

Then we headed to the Ford place to order a hub cap. This took quite some time and while he was inside ordering it I called my friend Anne. I rarely make phone calls so she was surprised! It sure was nice to hear her voice.

By the time Jim got the part ordered I was getting hungry so we headed to a Mexican restaurant only to discover it wasn't open for lunch. Plan B! We have an entertainment book with coupons so Jim picked another restaurant and put the address in the GPS.

We found Rocco's with no problem. It's a small diner in a strip mall.

Jim had tea and I had a beer....
This is Jim's lunch and it had meatballs or sausage inside. the red sauce was good!

I had a huge salad! Nicoise was what the menu said but it wasn't really. It was tasty and I ate most of it leaving lettuce on my plate.

We shared a creme brule for dessert......
Then it was off to the camera store. Driving on Academy we passed a filling station that has diesel fuel for $2.37 so we turn into a sub-division to turn around and get to drive around tying to find our way out. Finally found the main road and got back on Academy heading the other way. Found the station and proceeded to fill er up! We only needed half a tank so that was good.

On to the camera store to pick up the lens. It works! While there I was looking at digital cameras. they sure have some pretty ones. And small!
We left the camera store and decided we'd had enough of shopping so Jim pointed us in the direction of the interstate but first we made a stop at Target. They had Starbucks coffee for $7 a bag and if you bought 3 they would give us a $5 gift card. So we did! While there we looked a digital cameras to see what they had.

Finally we are on I-25 heading towards home. All around we can see clouds, some dark. We even passed through some sprinkles here and there.
Cheyenne Mountain....
We got home and unloaded our purchases, which weren't many. Marilyn and Ed were out,heading down to the office to call their daughter. We chatted for a bit.
Once inside we just changed clothes and relaxed a bit. I gave Boo a bath. Sometime after 1600 I headed outside to read. Jim joined me for a bit and I decided to trim Boo's face

Now you can see his eyes better.
It clouded up and looked like rain so we headed in just before 1730. Boo had his dinner and ate every morsel.....I had a cup of coffee and a sandwich. The clouds went away, the sun came out and I took this picture of a Rufous hummingbird with my camera.

Shooting through the window can be tricky with the flash and I took 6 pictures, this was the first shot and it was the best one. It still doesn't show the true color of this lovely bird.
We watched Torchwood and I've had the Travel Channel on. Now it's time for bed......

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lunch with Friends

I slept in was almost 0800 when I got up and it was chilly! Mid 50's outside and 61 degrees inside. I turned on our fireplace just to take the chill off.

First order of business was to get the bird feeders out. Did that job quickly because it was chilly outside. Back inside I fixed my coffee and thoroughly enjoyed it. Nothing like a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

After the morning chores of dishes and bed making I started working on our lunch. The pork loin had been marinating in the fridge overnight and was ready to cook. I checked with Marilyn to see what our menu was and she was fixing some lima beans. We also decided to eat at their site because they have more shade. I fixed a small tomato salad and sliced bread with olive oil dip. Jim started cooking the pork at 1100.

flowers behind our rig. they look better in person!
I love the silvery green of this plant
Ed marinated some shrimp in a tequila lime spice and grilled them for our dinner. We all enjoyed them! We forgot to take pictures before we started eating. Our table was in dappled sunlight and with the breeze it was quite lovely. But as you can see we we're all enjoying our meal!

Ed and Marilyn

Marilyn and Jim, Ed on the extreme left

My sweetie reaching for more shrimp!

Yours truly, Ed graciously took my picture so I wouldn't be left out.
For some reason the bugs were atrocious! So once our meal was finished we couldn't sit out very long. So we gathered our dishes and retreated inside. Jim did the dishes and I am most grateful! Once he finished he took a nap...he deserved it as he didn't sleep well last night.
I watched my soaps, started reading a new book and snoozed on the lounger.
When Jim got up I fixed myself some coffee. Around 1700 I thought being outside would be good. Took my book and some iced water and sat outside. Jim also grabbed his book and joined me. Before to long Ed and Marilyn came out and we all chatted for a bit enjoying the breeze and cooler temperatures.
A bird smashed into our window and I sat outside with it while it recovered. Ever so nice to see it fly off...
Leftovers for our dinner, must clean out the refrigerator! We watched Torchwood and now I'm watching NCIS.
Now that the sun has gone down the temperature is dropping, it feels great. I love the cooler nights here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Yesterday Jim took me to the movies! We left after lunch and arrived in time to be seated for the 1230 showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We both liked the movie and I can't wait for the next installment.

When we left the theater we headed to Whole Foods Market just a block away where I restrained myself and didn't buy the store out! Just picked up some veggies, soy creamer, a loaf of bread and sugar. I love that store!

Before we headed home we stopped on base, Fort Carson and picked up some groceries at the commissary. Once that chore was done we were homeward bound. Even though the day was overcast the scenery was gorgeous and I never tire of viewing it.

Once home I put away our purchases and started our dinner. We had shrimp scampi, Caesar salad and that bread from Whole Foods....a glass of wine and we were all set. As usual I ate to much!

After I did the dishes, I took my shower and for some reason I was exhausted! Not sure what came over me but I couldn't even watch TV without dozing off. So I went to bed around 2130. I did hear Jim come to bed but barely.

Slept all night and all is well....I guess all that grocery shopping wore me out! :)

Today has been a good day. Cool temperatures and housework. Laundry, ironing, baking (biscotti).

Jim managed to hike up the mountain...I watched my soaps.

We had happy hour with Marilyn and Ed. Jim was already there golfing with Ed on the Wii. It's always nice sitting out with our friends. We came back to our rig around 1630, though it felt later. My guys were hungry so they got fed!

Boo had his usual and for we humans I fixed turkey hot dogs, oven fries and raw veggies. I also mixed the marinade for out pork loin....

After I did the dishes I fixed myself some coffee. Then the rain started! Boy did we have a storm! Thunder and everything and it rained hard.

The temperature is in the 60's and I expect the lows tonight to be good for sleeping. We watched Torchwood again, it's a mini series on BBCA. Jim is playing a shooting game wearing his headphones and I'm watch an NCIS rerun......

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Yesterday was a wonderful day! For several days we had plans to go into Old Colorado City and have lunch at Pizzaria Rustica. We went with Marilyn and Ed who did the driving. Being a Saturday parking was not abundant! But Ed found a spot and no meter was involved.

Despite the fact that we didn't have reservations we were seated quickly. It was early, just after they opened. The four of us split an antipasto plate with salamis, olives, polenta, bread, lentils and cheese. It was tasty and just right for us. I had Chianti while the rest had iced tea.

Each couple split a pizza which was served with a small bowl of olive oil for dipping your crust in. No pizza went uneaten! :) Marilyn and Ed split a dessert of vanilla gelato with cherries and chocolate frangelico sauce. Jim also had one of these. I opted for the lemon sorbet.

We came back and just chilled for the rest of the afternoon. Jim took a little nap and I had a 30 minute snooze on the lounger. Time for coffee!

I think we turned on the TV, but I didn't see anything I wanted to watch. I think Jim found a movie to check out. I took my book and went outside, Jim followed a short time later. I finished reading Glastonbury! Some of you many know this but I've been reading this book for years!

By this time Boo was wanting his dinner so I fed him and once he finished we wandered next door to chat with Marilyn and Ed. They had been bowling on their Wii and Marilyn scored better than Ed!

The hummers were having a feeding frenzy at our window feeders! as many as 6 were lined up waiting for their turn. Fun to watch.

We didn't stay long and retired to our little abode. We spent a quiet evening watching TV and playing games on our puters. In bed shortly after 2200....exciting life we live! But I love it!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wonderful Day!

Yesterday I was up at 0645 and first thing every morning I set out my bird feeders. The hummingbirds are especially glad to see me, buzzing me as I get the feeders on the window.

this picture isn't the greatest of the red squirrel but he was a new visitor to the site. It was fun watching him. I just hope he doesn't make a habit of it.

Laundry was my chore of the day. Marilyn too! Even Jim got in on the act after he cleaned on the rig in the morning before it got to hot.
I was able to catch Ed cleaning on his rig too!
I sat outside in the morning reading my book, I think I may actually finish it while we're here.
The early afternoon I spent indoors, tried to take a nap but Boo wasn't very co-operative. So I watched my soaps and spent time on the computer catching up on emails. Jim sat outside reading for awhile until he got to hot.
We spent happy hour with the Drays but Marilyn and I didn't get as happy as the guys! No matter we always have a good time chatting and telling stories. We split up around 1730 and headed indoors for dinner. We had beans and rice. One of our favorites!
As I finished up eating I saw Boo keeping an eye on me so I snapped this picture of him...I just love that face!
TV watching included Eureka on the SyFy channel. Then we watched Knowing with Nicholas Cage, a Netflix movie. If you've not seen it you should. It's pretty good!
I slept very well last night. When I got up this morning at 0700 if was 55 degrees outside and I thought of the green chile stew (I hope that's right) that Ed is going to make!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Catching up....

What did we do Wednesday? who knows! Just another day here!

Ed and Marilyn had to take their rig to a dealer in Pueblo and before lunch time they were back

The campground wasn't the same without them!
They left all their outdoor goodies so we knew they were coming back
Yesterday the four of us (Marilyn, Ed, Jim and I) went into the civilized world and visited Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, China Wok and Safeway. Whew just typing that wore me out! :) Ed drove and I must admit his truck is very comfortable!

We found this huge beetle Jim put his hand as close as he dared!

using my phone camera I took this shot of a Calliope hummingbird through the window!

Same with this Rufous, though the color on him could be better.