Saturday, January 31, 2009

Linda and Gary go to Mexico!

This is what greets you when you cross the border into Nuevo Progresso, Mexico.

Linda and Gary at the middle of the bridge
We left around 1030 after picking up Linda and Gary at their beautiful rig. From Bentsen Palms RV resort it takes about an hour to drive to the border. We take Highway 83 east then south on highway1015. Gary paid the parking fee of $2 and we all had our quarters ready to cross the bridge. We're not sure why, but it costs 25 cents each to go into Mexico, but 30 cents to return to the USA. I guess that's how they pay the crossing guards! LOL We've never had any problems because we have passports.

We walked down to the Red Snapper restaurant and promptly ordered our 2 for 1 drinks. Then we each ordered a dish from the menu. 20 bucks for lunch is a bargain when you get margaritas with it!

After lunch we wandered a bit more south and came across a seafood restaurant that we may have to try. We love seafood! Then we crossed over and headed north and stopped and looked and shopped. I even found some Chamoy (margarita mix) and a ring to buy.

Once we crossed back into the US we were home in no time. Immediately we were invited to Happy Hour at Anne and Scotty's. A friend of theirs from San Antonio was visiting and they wanted us to meet Sue. Linda and Gary came down as did Karen and Dave.

Wednesday I caught up on some laundry while Jim worked outside with Dave and Scotty. They had to install something on our truck that Jim has had forever. I made Spanish Rice for dinner and after Jim came home from his Spanish lesson we had an early dinner. You see he was so busy working that he forgot to eat lunch!

Not sure what we did after dinner. we've been sleeping with the fan running and a window open at night. It's been nice not having to throw off the covers.....

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sunday started with Jim sleeping in. So.....I didn't get the bed stripped and the sheets washed. :) I did go grocery shopping and picked up Linda, they're in a coach with no toad! I had fun showing her the HEB Plus store. She only needed a few things as did I, but I still ended up with more. I love my veggies.

We did our regular chores in a slow manner, after all it was Sunday! We also had plans for dinner out. Anne's birthday dinner at Kumori, a Japanese restaurant.

There were 8 of us for dinner and once we found the right restaurant we enjoyed good food and the company was super. Anne and Scotty, Karen and Dave, Linda and Gary, and Jim and I. Anne made the reservations and thought it was the hibachi restaurant, but that one was closed.....

Monday started out with a walk for me. As I came back I ran into Karen and Dave and did a loop around the park with them. Karen asked about doing water aerobics but I passed. I understand the other Linda went!

This was my day to catch up on laundry. I stripped the bed and started washing sheets. Jim left to get the oil changed in the truck and he stopped and got his shoulder x-rayed. as the day wore on the wind picked up.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feeble attempt to catch up!

Jim and Scotty devised a hitch so Jim can 'tow' the kayak!
Anne enjoying her birthday party on Saturday, hosted by Karen and Dave and attended by 'millions'! Not really but there were more than a dozen people

German Chocolate birthday cake baked by Karen.....YUMMY!

Some of the food that everyone enjoyed
On Saturday morning we headed out to the Don-Wes flea market so Jim could find some struts for the awning. He found some but they don't do credit cards so we left without them. We wandered the stalls but soon left. It was windy and dusty.
We stopped at Lin's for the buffet and left stuffed! We both like Asian cooking and this was first since we got to the valley. Once we had our fill we headed west on Hwy 83 towards home. We stopped at the carpet place to pick up our rugs, but they weren't ready. On to the next stop, HEB to pick up some groceries. But the wind was really blowing now with the front coming through so we just headed home because we couldn't remember if our awning was up or down.
It was down! Jim claims he unhooked the screen and some kind soul re-hooked it. No matter we still had an awning!
Didn't do much after that until Happy Hour and Anne's birthday gathering. By now it's cold so we dressed warmly! My goodness did we have fun! Margaritas and beer were the drinks of choice. Karen made some pina colada jello shots that everyone enjoyed. We had a good time and many laughs were had by all!
We got home around 2230 and we just showered and kicked back for awhile. Then it was off to bed.


I hope your day is filled with friends, food and fun!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

not much going on

Karen and Smoky


Our new friends Gary and Linda with Pepper!

I really can't recall doing anything exciting the past few days. When we're not traveling we settle into a slower lifestyle. We have to do routine chores and grocery shop and build new friendships.
Last night at happy hour I met Gary and Linda who will only be here a week. They're from Kansas near Council Grove and White City. They're parked next to Karen and Dave. Not sure why we didn't get a picture of Dave....
Around sunset every evening if we're lucky we can hear Taps being played at the RGV National Veterans Cemetery and we can usually hear the coyotes! It's really cool to be outside and stop and hear both. Last night we heard both.
With all the drinking and eating we've been doing I've been keeping track of my weight. For those who care I weigh 122.4 as of this morning. We're not sure about the scales at the weight room but I weighed 126 the last time I weighed so I'm pleased to have lost weight! I'm going to try to remember to weigh every Saturday morning. I also have a Real Age of 54.6 and considering I'm 61 I think that's pretty good! Have you ever taken the test at Pretty interesting.
When I read other blogs I click on the ads and I hope those of you who read my blog click on an ad for us. We're trying to make enough money to retire to the Keys! LOL
It's wonderful to see so many dots on my map! I think it would be fun if y'all left a comment so I could get to know you...

Friday, January 23, 2009


Today is our daughter's birthday. I know she has plans to stay at the beach and I hope she has a wonderful time! We love you Sonsearae! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mexico again

Our movie, the Golden Compass was fun to watch. But I wonder at the ending, do you think there will be another one?

After the movie we called it a day and went to bed. I slept well with a window cracked open but getting up to a cold house is not my idea of fun. Our temperatures have been getting down into the low 50's, high 40's. But the days have been glorious. Sunshine and temperatures in the lower 80's upper 70's.

Yesterday morning we did our normal routine and watched the Inauguration on TV. We had to leave for an appointment in Nuevo Progresso about 1030. The drive over was easy and we arrived in time to see our new president being sworn in. Of course it was on Spanish TV so I had to listen to the commentators and could barely hear the English. No matter, it was a beautiful day in DC and the ceremony was great to see.

AfterJim was done with the dentist we had lunch at the Red Snapper. 20 bucks and that includes 2 for 1 drinks. We strolled back to the border, looking but not buying anything and soon we were on our way west.

We made some stops on the way home, first to have some rugs made for our rig, then PetsMart for Boo Food, then the post office to mail a couple books. I also got some stamps with 1957 cars on them, too cool!

Soon we were home and we changed into relaxing clothes. Jim headed out on his bike and I caught up on my emails. Some coffee and life is good!

dinner was leftover chicken, macaroni salad and steamed carrots, cauliflower and edamame. Quite Tasty!

TV viewing included Leverage and Bones. We stayed up late! but soon we were snug in our bed and sleeping. Another cool night and sleeping with a window cracked.

I didn't get up until 20 minutes to 8....that's late for me. It was chilly inside and the furnace warmed us up in no time. Jim was up around 0900. We done chores around the house today, Jim outside me inside.

I'm catching up on my soaps and Jim is putting the kayak together with the help of Scotty.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Did you see the Steelers win that game? Boy it was a close game...

That's how we spent last evening, playing games on our computers and watching the playoff game. After the game we watched the Mentalist then it was time for bed.

We slept with a fan running and Jim had his window cracked open. We use a wine cork to keep the bedroom windows open a wee bit. I slept wonderfully well. I don't remember waking up hot or cold and it was heaven to sleep so soundly.

When I got up this morning at 0745 it was 52 inside and 47 outside. The sun was shining and it looked like it was going to be a super day. No plans for us, after a breakfast of pancakes I did the dishes. The bed was made. Jim was still enjoying his coffee. I made a run to the office to order name tags and to sign up for the 50/60's evening the 31st. Should be fun as long as they don't dwell on the 50's to much! :) Dropped some mail off in the outgoing box then rode back home.

Jim was repairing one of our blinds. The big ones always take time and this one was no different, two hours I think he worked on it. I did a load of laundry while I watched my soaps. For lunch I had chips and pico de gallo. Jim finished off the tortellini.

Jim went riding while I was watching my soaps. I folded the laundry once it was dry and read a couple magazines. Pretty boring stuff!

Around 1600 I fixed myself some coffee and Jim came home about then. We took our coffee outside and enjoyed the afternoon. Before we finished Anne and Scotty returned and joined us for a drink. This couple is fun to be around and between the four of us we cover several different age groups! I'm usually the youngest one but Anne is younger than me.

Just before 1800 we split up and I came in to fix our dinner. Hot dogs and macaroni salad! Jim tidied up outside. I fed Boo, then we ate.

Jim did the dinner dishes while I showered and we're now watching The Golden Compass. Time for popcorn!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ever wonder where the time goes?

We're retired, we can do what we like when we want. But it seems like time is running out! :)

Yesterday we made a run to Feldmans a very nice 'spirits' store with a deli and super wine selection. We needed some rum and tequila rose. I've also been wanting to try Limoncello, a lemon liquor. After we left there we stopped at Barnes and Nobles for a couple copies of Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day. The class that Jim is taking is using this book! One book was for Carol. Marilyn loaned me her book and from the printouts that Jim had from class it was evident the instructor was copying the book. One thing new about our book, it cost more but it included a cd. We also bought Spanish CD's for me (us). Hopefully you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Once we got home we made ready for happy hour. Jim put out our awnings and set up the chairs. I set out some snacks. We didn't want to overdo it because we we're going out to dinner. Soon Carol and Fred arrived and we had a good time talking and enjoying the weather. The sun finally came out and warmed up the afternoon. Anne and Scotty came over and joined us for awhile. They had gone to an open house at an RV dealer. They didn't find anything they couldn't live without.

Soon we broke up and Anne and Scotty went home while the four of us piled into Fred's truck and headed to BJ"s. Fred had the Jambalaya, Jim had a thin crust pizza, Carol had a pasta dish and I had pot roast. Jim finished his but the rest of us had leftovers! Then the guys ordered dessert! We always have a good time with this couple and tonight was no different. Good conversation even as we watched the Barret-Jackson auction with no sound. All of us loved looking at the cars and talking about them.

Once home Jim plopped down on the recliner and found a Steven Segal movie to watch. I did some stuff on my puter, showered and around 2130 I went to bed to read for awhile. As soon as the movie ended Jim showered and joined me. Lights out shortly thereafter.

This morning I awoke to sunshine! and it hung around all day! We didn't have anything planned for today. We each did some chores and after lunch we rode our bikes around the state park. It was warm and the middle of the day so we didn't see any birds, but we did hear the chacalakas! Noisy birds! On the way home we stopped to visit with Carol and Fred....a couple beers and snacks later we headed home.

Leftovers for dinner. I had chicken, stuffing and green beans. Jim ate my pot roast!

Just another day that slips by when you don't have to do anything! I love it...

Saturday, January 17, 2009


After lunch yesterday we made a grocery run to HEB. I love that store! It would be real nice if they could lower their prices.....I didn't spend much just got milk, bread, lunch meat and a rotisserie chicken for dinner.

While I was shopping Jim went across the street to Walmart for fuel. I think diesel was $2.11 using our card.

Once home we had coffee and biscotti while watching some tv.

Dinner was the chicken, potatoes and gravy with a side of green beans served with a glass of wine, life is good!

After the dishes were done I showered and got into my pajamas. Shortly thereafter Jim did too! We watched Flashpoint and Numbers on TV. I made some popcorn because I had the munchies. We both went to bed shortly after 2200.

So far today, Saturday, I've done dishes and two loads of laundry. Had an egg sandwich for breakfast. I rode my bike to the mailbox to mail a couple things, stopped and visited with a couple who have two rescued greyhounds. What lovely dogs! Stopped at Carol and Fred's, he got back last night from California, but packing to leave again on Tuesday. I invited them down for pina coladas later.

Once back at the rig, I snatched up Boo for a walk and Jim came along. We stopped and talked to Connie, she's been giving me her excess coupons. We stopped again at Carol and Fred's to see if Carol wanted a book. They asked us to go to BJ's tonight. So it looks like we'll be busy all afternoon!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Odd Sounds...

Wednesday night I was awakened by an odd sound...what could that be? After listening for what seemed forever, I figured it out.... Rain! LOL just a light rain, very soothing and soon I was asleep again.

Thursday started cloudy and gloomy. Wasn't cold per se, in the 60's. But when it's overcast it feels colder.

Jim and I had appointments today, at the spa! LOL I was getting a hair cut and eyebrow waxing. Jim was cashing in his Christmas present. Facial and massage. When he came out he was 'glowing'. I know he enjoyed every minute of it! We've decided we could do this monthly.....

Boo still wasn't feeling very good when we left and no matter how we picked him up he yelped or whimpered. He finally ate a little after 1600....I was beginning to worry!

My evening was spent watching Boo become his old self. By bed time he was normal.

Today, Friday Jim had an appointment with a medical doctor. So, we jumped out of bed and hit the road to McAllen around 0830 for a 0915 appointment. Not much to the rush hour as I'd feared, we arrived very early! Jim's shoulder has been extremely sore for quite some time and he wanted to know why and what to do about it. After a wait of over an hour he finally was called. While he was in with the doctor I finished reading my book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

Around noon we left the office and headed home for a much needed lunch! Soup and salad for me, soup and sandwich for Jim.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lazy Day

Tuesday was a lazy day, I know I did a load of laundry. We didn't have any plans for the day, no appointments! I was still trying to catch up on rest from our afternoon out Saturday.

I tried twice to take a nap, couldn't sleep but it sure felt good to lay down. The colder weather forced me to wear a jacket when I went to check our mail. Brrrr! I do not like cold weather!!!!

This is our feeding station set up on the fence. I can see it out the back window. Of course now it's dimmed a bit because of the screen. There is evidence of bird activity because some of the seed is missing from the left hanging feeder. But I've not seen what bird. Also a Northern Mockingbird has been eating the peanut butter from the log. Of course I put the peanut butter out for the Kiskadees and woodpeckers.....
Haven't seen one yet, of course we're gone a lot!

My sister Roxann sent me an invitation to join Face book, so in a moment of weakness, I did. Now I'm linked to all sorts of relatives :) Not sure I'll have much time to do much there as I can't seem to find the time to keep up this blog.

Today Boo had an appointment with the vet. Never a fun trip but the good news is he's healthy and weighs 4 pounds 15 ounces. Tonight he's still tender from shots and resting. I'm sure he'll be back to his old self tomorrow.

Also mailed a package to Sonsearae, her birthday is coming up and I wanted to make sure I didn't forget. I hope she likes what I've sent....

we had a nice dinner tonight. Lima beans, rosemary/sage stuffing and Jim grilled some pork. I'm trying to clean out the freezer. It's terrible to buy food and then eat out most of the time. I think I need to curb my shopping and plan meals better while we're here in the valley.

the weather today started cold. But the afternoon warmed up quite nice and it was nice to have the windows open. Last night dipped down into the lower 40's but tonight it's only getting into the 50's. Good sleeping weather!

Boca Paila

Saturday was a fun day. During the morning we just did normal chores and visiting. The weather was warm and we were in shorts.

But a cold front was coming, we just didn't know how cold! By the time we dressed for going out to Boca Paila the temperature had dropped about 15 degrees. So we put on our jeans and boots.

After we walked down to Carol and Fred's we headed to Boca Paila for an afternoon of fun. When we arrived we could hear music, the fun had started without us! A couple of gals were line dancing. The band Sweetwater were the entertainment. We got our table and settled in. Ordered some nachos and beer for Fred and I. Carol and Jim had pina colada and Cadillac margarita, respectively.

As the afternoon wore on we all had more drinks and before you know it the sun was setting. A few of us were feeling no pain! I'm glad Fred was driving.

Once home Jim was out like a light! After I picked up his clothes and turned off my computer I also went to be. 2030 .... I can't remember the last time I was in bed that early unless I was sick!!! We both were up several times during the night and I still managed to sleep until 0800! We gotta quit having so much fun! :)

Sunday we pretty much chilled. We did make a grocery run but mostly we stayed home and recuperated. It was a nice day and we both enjoyed our downtime.

Monday Jim had a dentist appointment in Mexico. We made arrangements with Ed and Marilyn to meet at Arturo's for lunch around noon. They were bringing Ginger and Jesse. We met the two couples in Colorado Springs last summer. We took pictures but I don't like the way they turned out.

Lunch included some good food, I had chicken mole. We all had a drink or two! all the guys had beer as did I and Marilyn and Ginger had a margarita. We had a lot of fun catching up and before you know it, it was time for dessert. Ginger and Jesse ordered baked Alaska, the rest of us had flan.
Baked Alaska?
As you can see, the quality of the picture is off. But I've never seen a baked Alaska that looked like this. Our waiter was spooning flaming creme de menthe over the meringue and that was pretty. But once Ginger started eating it, it was apparent that they make this dish differently south of the border! It was only ice cream with decorated meringue. I tasted it and I swear it tasted like Scope! we all had a good laugh over that!
Once we left the restaurant Jim headed back to the dentist. We ladies went across the street to browse the store. I'm not sure where Ed and Jesse went but they met us back at the shop. I walked with them for a bit and when they headed back, I joined Jim at the dentist office. We had made plans to stop by Llano Grande RV Resort on our drive back to Mission.
We found the resort with no problem and soon we found Ed and Marilyn's rig. Ginger and Jesse were already there and in no time at all we were having happy hour! We didn't stay long but it sure was nice to see everyone.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Wednesday Jim had an appointment with a dentist in Mexico. But it wasn't until later in the day so I cleaned the bedroom. That needed to be done as I couldn't remember the last time it had a thorough cleaning. Oh, I dust regularly and keep it tidy but I vacuumed and got all the nooks and crannies clean. It's a small room so it didn't take long.

It takes about an hour to travel from our RV resort to the border. We park on this side and walk over. The Rio Grande isn't very wide at this point but it sure is murkier than what we saw in Creed, Colorado! There it was crystal clear.

Jim had quite a wait before he got in to see the Dentist. Come to find out there had been a power failure and everything was running late. Even the traffic was backed up in both directions. Once he was done we walked over the bridge and headed home.

No shopping or looking. We did call Ed and Marilyn to see if they were free to see us. Alas they were busy so we made plans to see them Monday when we have to return to Mexico for another dental visit.

I'm so pleased to have so many readers! According to the map folks from around the world are reading about our travels and our 'exciting' days here in Mission. :) Every now and then click on an ad.....we're supposed to get paid but only if someone clicks on an ad!

Thursday Jim put the screen on our back window. It sure cuts the glare and blocks some heat. I did some laundry and some ironing. After Jim did some other work outside he came in, showered and got ready for Spanish class. While he was gone I read my book and walked Boo. The weather was perfect for sitting outside.

Friday we made plans to attend the RV show in Mercedes. Before we left I stripped the bed and started washing the sheets. Fred and Carol went with us and our First stop was lunch at BJ's. I had soup and salad, the guys had sliders and Carol had bruschetta. No drinking....just sodas!

The RV show wasn't very big but we did get a good look at the Doubletree Suites, they had three models and all three had the bedroom door where our pantry is. We all decided that was a dumb place for it as when you travel you don't have access to the loo! The vendors were ok and Jim did find some tape that's been on his wish list forever. Carol bought a watch. We picked up some brochures for the Texas coast.

It was a hot afternoon and by the time we we finished looking at all the rigs we decided we needed some cool libations. We stopped at Chili's for margaritas and nachos. Good way to end the afternoon.

Once home I fed Boo and we settled in for a relaxing evening at home.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Gosh we've been busy! Sometimes I don't know if I'm coming or going...

Sunday was a gorgeous day, temperatures in the 80's and ideal for biking. I started with a short ride to pick up a newspaper, need to get my coupons!

After a late breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, tomatoes and fruit salad we tidied up and went for a ride in Bentsen State Park. I wanted a log to make a peanut butter feeder. So Jim and I headed over with the saw wrapped in a towel. It didn't take long to find a downed limb and cut a section.

As we were riding around we ran into friends at the Hawk tower! Ed, Marilyn(the happy wanderers), Ginger, Jesse (Kram a lot Inn) and others we've met we're chatting and having a bit of lunch. It's fun to run into friends like this. We talked and exchanged hugs and we rode off leaving them to continue on their ride.

Once home Jim drilled holes in our log and mounted it on the fence. I still haven't had any birds at my feeders. I think the construction of the levy has kept them away. The work was supposed to be done by the end of December, now they say the end of January. Sure makes it noisy around here.

At the ice cream social Sunday afternoon we trikers all decided to go on a bike ride in the state park. There are five of us and Dave rode his bicycle. It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors! I think we did about 6 miles, maybe more. But we had a good time chatting....

Back in the resort we split up and Jim and I stopped at Carol and Fred's place. Jerry and Karen were there and we all enjoyed happy hour until almost sundown. It's ever so much fun spending time with Carol and Fred and getting to know new friends.

Monday cold weather arrived. I don't think it made 60. We didn't have any place to go so we made the decision to stay inside. Until Jim said he needed some beer! Off we went to HEB and only picked up needed items. Back home we had pizza for lunch. Our freezer isn't big enough to hold pizza so once you buy it you have to cook it :)

Can't recall if we did anything else.....

Yesterday Boo had an appointment for grooming, so after we had coffee we were off to PetsMart to drop him off. Then we headed over to the mall. First we stopped at a pancake house for some breakfast. Jim had the buffet and I ordered two pancakes. The coffee was weak but the food was good and cheap.

At the mall we just wandered stopping and looking at things. At Dillard's Jim made an appointment for his spa treatment to coincide with my hair appointment. Next week we'll both be looking gooooood! LOL

It didn't take us long to walk the mall but we still had time to kill, so we drove back to PetsMart and Jim went into Office Max and I walked around PetsMart. Soon I was able to pick up Boo and then we had to get Jim's attention through the window!

Once in the truck we were on our way home. It was warming up and we changed into shorts. Jim rode off to check the mail and I stayed home to watch soaps. That didn't last long! Jim came back saying Fred and Carol were on their way down for a brief visit and then we were expected at Anne and Scotty's for happy hour and here I was stuffing my face with bruschetta! Jim decided he needed a bite to eat and made himself some.

Soon Carol and Fred arrived bearing gifts. Carol had bought us a belated Christmas gift. It's a big Fleur DE Li's and it's sitting on the desk. I'll have to get a picture of it. Boo hasn't decided if he likes it. Last night when he saw he barked at it and did his huffy trick.

After they left if was off to visit with the folks next door. Drinks flowed and Anne set out snacks so that by the time we left we didn't even want dinner. All total, there were eight of us plus 4 dogs! It's always fun when we get together with friends.

Once home I turned on the hot water heater so we could shower. NCIS was coming on soon. I got my shower in but Jim waited until the Mentalist was on. I had a bit to eat but didn't really enjoy my sandwich and only ate half of it. I did the dishes. We turned on Leverage with Timothy Hutton and I couldn't concentrate on this show so I went to bed. Jim stayed up....have no idea when he came to bed.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Inside one of the shops

street scenes

more street scenes

Yesterday we did our normal morning chores and then dressed for our drive to Nuevo Progresso. Jim cleaned the truck because we were driving. Then around 1100 we headed to Carol and Fred's place and picked them up.

The drive over was short mostly because we had a great time talking and enjoying the company of these fun people.

Once we parked and paid the quarter to walk over the bridge it was difficult to get Fred and Carol to the restaurant! Fred stopped and got some meds and Carol wanted to stop at every sidewalk stand. Jim stopped at a dentist and made an appointment. But we finally made it to the Red Snapper restaurant that we'd read about on a friends blog. First time any of us had eaten there so I'm ever so glad the food was good. Jim had shrimp and I had the Mexican plate. I had Dos Equis while the others took advantage of the BOGO drinks. The guys had margaritas and Carol had pina colada. Fred and I had a flan for dessert. We had a great time listening to the live music, what a treat to hear Achy Breaky Heart in Spanish! LOL

Once lunch was out of the way we made our way north and shopped as we walked. If you look long enough you'll find something you need or want. Carol bought some lovely pieces of jewelry and I bought meds for Boo! I did notice there were fewer military then last spring. That was nice.

One more stop at a place Carol remembered getting a good pina colada. I declined, but the others had one. More shopping and then we were back at the border. Why does it cost more to enter the USA? no matter we paid our 30 cents and walked through customs with no problem.

Back in the US Jim had to head east towards the outlet mall on highway 83 to show Carol where it was. She's never been there, I see a trip once Fred goes on a business trip!

The drive back west to Mission was uneventful and we were home in time for dinner. Which we didn't eat! Jim fixed himself a ham sandwich and later I fixed some raw veggies to snack on.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years Day

The day was gorgeous! I stripped the bed and washed the linens. Jim did some outside chores and after lunch went for a ride over to the state park. On the way home we stopped at Carol and Fred's and chatted for a bit. We invited them down for happy hour

I set out some snacks and stuffed celery with cherry tomatoes and Jim and I enjoyed a couple beers. Carol came down without Fred and admired our new chairs and the surround on the tv. Shortly thereafter Fred rode his bike down. I guess he got lonely or the football games were boring! After checking out the chairs he joined us by having a cold one. Carol declined drinks. Not sure how long we sat out but they left around 1730. We tidied up outside and came indoors for some dinner. Can't remember what but it was probably leftovers.

Yesterday was another hot day in the RGV. Mid 80's I'm sure after a cloudy start. I don't recall doing anything exciting....dishes, bed making etc. I did make a run to HEB for groceries. Jim stayed behind to work on our solar flag lights. He's mounting them on some wood and shortening the wires.

I brought home pizza for lunch! First good one we've had since we arrived. Not as good as Rustica Pizzeria in Old Colorado City! But it will do until we can get back there next summer.

I spent the afternoon indoors watching my soaps and staying cool. Jim rode off and visited folks. He made plans with Fred to head into Mexico today. Teeth cleaning and lunch at the Red Snapper. Prolly do some shopping too!

We watched Iron Man last night....I'll bet there are plans for more of these movies. It was ok, but I played cards on the puter while watching. We were both in bed by 2215.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Ya'll!

Connie and Frank
Karen and Jerry, I think, I'm awful with names!

Carol looking lovely


Yesterday was a slow day. We did odd jobs around the house. I made zuchinni rolls and stuffed celery for the party later.

We spent some time at Carol and Fred's place. She touched up my manicure and we chatted while she ironed. Jim and Fred sat outside drinking beer! By this time the sun was making an appearance and the day was warming p nicely.

Once home I changed into shorts. Jim took a nap so he could stay up late! We didn't have much of a dinner but around 1600 I got hungry and had some leftover rice. Jim fixed himself a burger. Once I cleaned up the kitchen I showered and got ready for our evening out. I didn't get dressed until it was almost time to go.

The party started at 2000 and we left about a quarter after midnight. Most everyone had left by then and I was ready to get out of my boots! We both wore cowboy attire from hats to boots. Dancing in boots is a new thing for us.

Our table seated 8 and and everyone brought to much food but we enjoyed every bite! We brought wine to drink and a couple others did also. A couple of the guys drank beer. I don't think any of us over did it but we sure had fun! :>) We took a lot of pictures but most of them were to dark.