Friday, August 22, 2014

Wee bit of Rain

We've been enjoying some rain and gloomy skies today.  With a lot of luck we'll have some sunshine tomorrow.

Yesterday it rained too, buckets!  LOL  We went to Rutland for some shopping and made it back home for lunch.  Shared a pot of soup, loaf of bread and some olives with Anne and Scotty.  Is there anything better than sharing food with good friends?

I've been sending a lot of postcards and note cards lately and now I'm out of stamps...guess I better make a run to the post office

For some reason this moth hung around our front door for days

One chilly morning I saw this bee hanging on for dear life.  I think it was to cold for flight!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


 Escapees..The club is celebrating its 36th birthday this year.  And you get the present!  Between now and October 31st you can get an Annual Membership for just $29.95.  Be sure to take advantage of this limited time offer and let them know we referred you, our membership number is 090648

We've belonged to this club since we started our full timing adventures.  If you think this might work for your lifestyle now's the time to join!  Just click on this link

Monday, August 18, 2014

Middlebury, Vermont

Jim and I found ourselves on our own last week (can't remember why) and we headed out for a drive.  Heading north on highway 22 we drove until we ran out of familiar road then hung a right, heading east on highway 73.  This highway merges with Highway 30, going north and we found ourselves in Middlebury, Vermont.

Since it was lunchtime we decided to stop and find a place to eat.  This is home to Middlebury College and it's a beautiful, clean city.  Lots of marble everywhere.

We parked near a church that said three hour parking and walked back to a place that caught our eye as we drove by

We had a very tasty lunch at Two Brothers Tavern.  Jim ordered shepards pie and I had a portobello panini with a side of mashed potatoes.  We both had a beer and I brought half of my sandwich and a third of my potatoes home.

After lunch we strolled across Otter Creek to the park

Look at the stones in this building.  As you go up they get smaller!

The flowers here and all over the state are looking very pretty

I think we need to come back and explore this city.  There were some shops that looked interesting and I'm sure we can find another place for a good meal.

On our drive home we took Highway 7 south and as we left the city we spotted an A&W Root beer stand.  Jim made a u-turn and we both enjoyed a root beer float.  A good way to end our date!

Once we reached Rutland we stopped and picked up groceries and then we headed home.  By this time Miss Anne was wondering where we were!  I got a text telling us they were meeting family for dinner and we were invited.  We said yes!

So we got home unpacked the groceries then jumped in their car and headed to New York for dinner.  What a grand time we had!  There were 18-20 of us and dinner was good as was the company....more beer and food and leftovers

Burdock Parade

What's a Burdock you ask?  It's an edible plant! Read about it here and checkout the pictures, no doubt you've seen one before.

It was a beautiful day and we parked in a good spot to view the parade.  First we walked around the 'intersection' and checked out a shop or two

Then we set up our chairs and waited for the fun to begin

There were a few older vehicles

A drum and Fife band with a sense of humor....perhaps they thought they were a Mickey Mouse outfit!  No.... the parade had a fantasy theme.  Oddly enough the first song was the Yellow Rose of Texas

The Shriners provided some visual excitement

Even slow, old tractors were included as were several fire department rigs and emergency rescue ambulance

Some pipers provided some skirling music

All in all it was a fun parade!  It wasn't very long and I'm sure the party continued after we left

Monday, August 11, 2014

one thing and another

Time sure flies when you're busy...

Last Tuesday Jim emptied the black tank.  Anne and I went shopping and made it home in time to get inside before the rain and hail storm.  We had pea sized hail that came down for about 10-15 minutes.  We brought our awning in and hunkered down and watched in rain.  It was interesting to see the hail gather in the yard.  Anne and Scotty now have a pin holes in their awning.  The storm also flipped their canvas umbrella out back

Wednesday some yard work was done and they fixed the umbrella and put it back up over the picnic work table

Lauren and Dave stopped by and we enjoyed meeting them.  Anne and I set out a cold lunch and everyone ate their fill.  These lovely folks are to join us this Friday and stay for awhile.

During the night we had a 'critter' trying to chew his way in.  To me it sounded like under the bed.  To Jim, who was closer to the sound, he was in the wall.  I guess he finally gave up and we were able to get some sleep

Thursday I searched under the bed while Jim looked in the compartment.  Neither of us found the source of this annoyance!  But we did buy some traps.

I've been dealing with what I thought was bug bites on my left arm in the elbow crease.  Had it about a week to ten days at this point and it was just getting worse so we headed off to Rutland to the VA clinic.  The doctor said it wasn't bug bites, but it is some kind of contact dermatitis...what ever that means!  I got a prescription cream and was told to wash it with special cleanser.  They also took pictures and sent it off to a dermatologist.  Hopefully I'll get a call today to tell me what it is or might be and if I need a followup visit.  The cream has worked great and it's almost healed.  It sure looked nasty for awhile!

Friday Jim went to the doctor also....He's been battling a sore throat for over a week that just kept getting worse.  Apparently it's some sort of allergy and along with the coughing caused by his GERD his throat was raw.  An antibiotic was prescribed and his doing better also.

We've also been busy with seeing the sites.  I do have some pictures and I'll try to get them posted 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dorset Farmer's Market

Saturday was our 40th how time flies when you're having fun!  Many people were doubtful about our relationship but we've proved them all wrong! It was a whirlwind courtship and some say a hasty marriage but I've loved every minute of our time together.  Thank you, my love for so many good's to 40 more years!

Anne and Scotty helped us celebrate.  A quiet dinner at the Fair Haven Inn where they serve Greek, Mediterranean and American Cuisine.  For starters Jim ordered clams baked, three ways and Anne ordered a 'flaming' cheese dish.  Fresh baked bread was brought to the table which we all enjoyed!  Anne ordered a maple flat iron pork dinner.  Scotty and I had a huge Greek salad each, he also had oysters on the half shell.  Jim ordered a New England Steamed Dinner that included lobster, mussels, clams and potato and corn on the cob. Jim had a glass of wine and I ordered a draft beer.  The Scott's were sensible and had water.

Three of us had dessert!  I had to try the lemoncello mascarpone cake (Delicious, but I had to bring half home because of the richness), Jim had the chocolate, hazelnut creme brulet (YUM), and Anne had some tira misu.  Scotty had tastes from all of them!  We all exchanged bites and the chocolate dessert was a big hit!

We all enjoyed our meals and we did bring home some leftovers.

After several days of being up the birds are finally showing up at the feeders.  I've really enjoyed the American Goldfinches.  When we lived in New Orleans we only saw them in the winter and their feathers are not as brilliant.  It's difficult to get pictures of these fast flying feathered finches! But I'll keep trying

On Sunday we headed to Dorset for the farmers market.  This one was a good size and we had a choice of vendors to buy veggies from.  There was also some wine, maple syrup and handmade crafts and foods

Some folks were playing instruments providing us with entertainment.  This lady was keeping keeping time with this interesting toy

I bought some radishes from this stand and some blueberry, hazelnut biscotti from another stand.  Both are being enjoyed by yours truly

By the way Scotty is doing great!  He's moving about more and more each day and his pain is going away.  I'm sure he wishes he could do more but in time he will be back to normal...whatever that is!

After the market we drove a bit further south to Manchester and got a bite to eat at Firefly Restaurant. Anne chose it after checking her phone and she chose well!  Cold beer for three of us was just what we needed!  I had some roasted rosemary, garlic potatoes.  Anne had some onion soup.  Jim had a sandwich, turkey I think and Scotty had fish and chips.  No leftovers!

Good times with good friends.


You know what happens when you sit still for to long?  You quit writing your blog!  I know it's been awhile and we've seen and done things I could write about but I just get lazy.

This chipmunk is hard to get a picture of.  This was early one morning before everyone else was up and about.
The robins have a nest on the south side of the shed and it's been fun watching the wee ones grow up.  Yesterday the last one left the nest

I've seen the woodchuck several times scurrying about.  I think he lives under the shed.  Best time for pictures is early morning.  Never see but one....I guess he lives alone

This Northern Flicker entertained me for awhile.

Sometimes we also have problems with the internet now.  I can't seem to post this!  But I'll keep trying  :-)

Friday, August 1, 2014

I'm a winner!

You should always enter contests because you never know when or what you'll win.  Awhile back I guessed a location at Amy's blog and while I wasn't the first choice I won because they didn't respond!

My prize arrived earlier this week and it was chock full of goodies from South Carolina.  There was tea and coffee along with a mug to drink it from.  A sachet that made the whole box smell lovely.  Some Benne Wafers, the taste was familiar but brand wise I've never heard of them. They are sesame cookies and you can make them yourself.  Also the Lavender flower sugar from the Charleston Spice Company came with a recipe for lemonade that I want to try.  The recipe booklet, A Taste of South Carolina, has restaurant recipes!  Already planning some menus around these tasty tidbits

All of this yummy goodness came packed in this reusable box

We've visited the Low Country and I'm sure we'll head back there one of these days!  Thank you Miss Amy!  

Be sure to check out Ms Toody Goo Shoes at her blog...perhaps she'll have another contest you could win!