Friday, August 1, 2014

I'm a winner!

You should always enter contests because you never know when or what you'll win.  Awhile back I guessed a location at Amy's blog and while I wasn't the first choice I won because they didn't respond!

My prize arrived earlier this week and it was chock full of goodies from South Carolina.  There was tea and coffee along with a mug to drink it from.  A sachet that made the whole box smell lovely.  Some Benne Wafers, the taste was familiar but brand wise I've never heard of them. They are sesame cookies and you can make them yourself.  Also the Lavender flower sugar from the Charleston Spice Company came with a recipe for lemonade that I want to try.  The recipe booklet, A Taste of South Carolina, has restaurant recipes!  Already planning some menus around these tasty tidbits

All of this yummy goodness came packed in this reusable box

We've visited the Low Country and I'm sure we'll head back there one of these days!  Thank you Miss Amy!  

Be sure to check out Ms Toody Goo Shoes at her blog...perhaps she'll have another contest you could win!