Monday, August 11, 2014

one thing and another

Time sure flies when you're busy...

Last Tuesday Jim emptied the black tank.  Anne and I went shopping and made it home in time to get inside before the rain and hail storm.  We had pea sized hail that came down for about 10-15 minutes.  We brought our awning in and hunkered down and watched in rain.  It was interesting to see the hail gather in the yard.  Anne and Scotty now have a pin holes in their awning.  The storm also flipped their canvas umbrella out back

Wednesday some yard work was done and they fixed the umbrella and put it back up over the picnic work table

Lauren and Dave stopped by and we enjoyed meeting them.  Anne and I set out a cold lunch and everyone ate their fill.  These lovely folks are to join us this Friday and stay for awhile.

During the night we had a 'critter' trying to chew his way in.  To me it sounded like under the bed.  To Jim, who was closer to the sound, he was in the wall.  I guess he finally gave up and we were able to get some sleep

Thursday I searched under the bed while Jim looked in the compartment.  Neither of us found the source of this annoyance!  But we did buy some traps.

I've been dealing with what I thought was bug bites on my left arm in the elbow crease.  Had it about a week to ten days at this point and it was just getting worse so we headed off to Rutland to the VA clinic.  The doctor said it wasn't bug bites, but it is some kind of contact dermatitis...what ever that means!  I got a prescription cream and was told to wash it with special cleanser.  They also took pictures and sent it off to a dermatologist.  Hopefully I'll get a call today to tell me what it is or might be and if I need a followup visit.  The cream has worked great and it's almost healed.  It sure looked nasty for awhile!

Friday Jim went to the doctor also....He's been battling a sore throat for over a week that just kept getting worse.  Apparently it's some sort of allergy and along with the coughing caused by his GERD his throat was raw.  An antibiotic was prescribed and his doing better also.

We've also been busy with seeing the sites.  I do have some pictures and I'll try to get them posted