Thursday, December 13, 2018

Clear Skies and Wind

Last evening we had a lite dinner.  Peanut butter and crackers for Jim and I had a sandwich.  We watched a show about Thailand that was beautiful. That country has breathtaking landscapes.  We also watched HGTV, you know House Hunters is a must.   All those bickering couples are fun to watch.

Overnight temperatures were mild and I slept well under the duvet.  Jim not so much.

When I got up this morning we had fog and clouds.  The sun finally came out, weakly, around 0930.  The temperature right now (1445) is around 65 degrees which would be lovely,  but the wind! The wind is coming out of the west north west around 20 miles an hour and we’ve had gusts up to 25mph.  Leaves are blowing around and the trees are swaying.  Perfect autumn day. Apparently conditions are dry and ripe for fires.

Let’s see, I’ve done two loads of laundry and washed two loads of dishes. Jim dried and put the breakfast dishes away.  Our midday meal was leftover rice a roni that had peas in it, steamed broccoli and raw veggies.  Jim had leftover chicken in his rice. Pretty good meal if you ask me!

Do you send Christmas cards? Mine have all been mailed except for two, they’ll go out tomorrow.  I did make them, but I also had some left from last year.  Now I need to work on next years cards.

Jim is napping and missed the excitement.  There was a broken limb in the tree a site up from us and they removed it. Quite fun to watch.  Of course they didn’t have the proper equipment but they managed to get the job done.

Around 1600 the clouds came in and the temperature began to drop, 48 degrees at 1750. The wind is still blowing!

All is right in our world.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Laid back day

After our busy day of doctors and grocery shopping yesterday, today was a lazy day. I slept nine hours last night! I’m sure having a tooth pulled had nothing to do with it.

I must say my dentist is good.  I did not have any pain with the extraction and after the numbness went away I still didn’t have any pain. I’ve been taking the antibiotic and I have taken ibuprofen but that was for a headache.

Today was good.  One load of laundry, made the bed, did the breakfast dishes.  Went for a short walk.  I fixed salmon, mashed potatoes, spinach and yellow beets for our midday meal.  Shortly thereafter Jim took a nap and I started feeling worn out.  I think the medicine is waging a war in my body.

Once Jim got up I did the dishes and that’s about all I’ve done today.  I may leave the evening dishes for morning.

All is right in our world

Saturday, December 1, 2018

November in Spring Branch

It has certainly been an interesting month. Sometimes it feels like we’ve been on the go all the time and at other times the days are slow to pass.

The weather has been all over the map! A few nights down to freezing temperatures and day time highs in the 70’s.  The cold fronts that come through are often enough to make us think it’s winter.

Our refrigerator seems to like the cooler temperatures.  Having the ice maker off seems to help also.  Every few days I have to mop out the floor of the fridge and out of the crisper drawers. I think it needs a fan.

As I said previously, we’ve been eating out a lot.  First night here we met Sara Jane and Jerry at Max’s Roadhouse.  It was nice catching up with them.  We tried a new to us restaurant, Ay Chiwawa Mexican Cafe. Good Mexican food and we’ll go back.  We revisited Richters Antler Cafe, yummy food and always busy.  Stopped in at BJ’s Brewhouse because we like our beer!

Next week our grandson is graduating from Air Force Basic Training at Lackland Airforce Base and we’ll be attending.  So we made a test run to figure out how long it will take to get there.  We figure two hours to drive and mingle with rush hour traffic!

Jim has set us up for dental insurance and our first appointments.  Yuck...but necessary.  We both renewed our drivers licenses, mine is due this month.  

Last night Sara Jane and Jerry picked us up for dinner at BJ's and a Christmas Concert at Trinity University.  Both the dinner and concert were enjoyable

Over 200 students and faculty performed this one night affair.  I can't imagine how many hours they practiced their numbers just for this one night.  All the while studying for their exams before they head out for the holiday.

This morning we headed out for groceries.  HEB was crowded, it is Saturday after all.  Apparently not sleeping well last night and the combination of 'shopping' wore Jim out, he's napping.

All is right in our world