Friday, August 30, 2019

Stuffed to the Gills!

On Wednesday I had some lab work and Jim needed an X-ray.  So after breakfast we headed to the VA to get my testing done.  Unfortunately there was a long wait.  By the time we were finished it was time for lunch.  The area we were in had several restaurants to choose from.  We’ve never tried the Fish City Grill so we headed there.  A sign outside said it was voted Number 1 Seafood restaurant in San Antonio.  Alrighty then!

As we walked in we saw signs with Cajun dishes.  Looked promising.  I’ve been eating very vegan with no salt, sugar or oil.  I wish to get off my meds.  Anyway, that all fell to the wayside as I perused the menu.  A lot of classic dishes from Louisiana to choose from.  It was a hard decision!  In the end I chose red beans and rice.  There was some andouille sausage in it and I ate one slice (it was thin).  Jim had a shrimp poboy with some tangy slaw.  Of course we had beer!

As we were waiting for our meal the waitress came by with a plate of oyster nachos and asked if we wanted them, no charge, as they made to much and the pico would soften the chips.  Sure!  Yum! Although I must admit the fried oyster was hard to taste under all the pico de gallo. And messy! Not a dish to serve during a football game.  

Our meal came and I must say we were both impressed with the taste of our meals.  Just like being in New Orleans.  As we had mentioned to our waitress, it was our first time visiting she brought out a sampler of the soups they serve....more food.  Pretty tasty gumbo, jalapeño cream soup, tomato bisque, and clam chowder. Nicely presented along with two smokin hot shrimp from the appetizer menu.

We almost ate it all!  Jim finished his sandwich and we brought his slaw home.  I bought home at least half of my beans and rice.  But wait!  Jim wasn’t finished, he just had to have some bread pudding with whiskey sauce....and he ate all of it! I had a small bite. Much to sweet for me

Next stop was to get Jim's X-ray, but since it would be  a long wait he decided to skip it.  This was a test he was supposed to take, while he was coughing so bad, to see what the cause was.  So we just headed home.  Neither of us wanted to sit there.

Thursday I got the results of my lab test and they prescribed an antibiotic.  We were both up early, 0230 for me and Jim was up just after 0600.  So around 0930 we headed out to get his X-ray, then stop in at the VA to get my pills.  Success on the X-ray!  Though we did have to wait a bit.  Had to wait on my meds, but not as long (faster than Walmart!).

By now it's lunchtime but we just headed home.  Jim finished his slaw and paired it with a sandwich.  I had some Mexican Rice that was leftover

We're watching Murdoch Mysteries.  It's rather fun watching from the beginning.  Of course over the years we've seen some episodes.  For instance, we knew that the lead couple we're married.  But oh the fun leading up to the wedding!

Got the call last night, after hours, that Jim's X-ray was good.  

It's been 14 years since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast and my thoughts are with the State of Florida as Dorian churns in the Atlantic.  Our daughters should be OK in Tallahassee but will probably be affected by rain and wind.   Jim's son William in Jacksonville  should be OK too.  Just depends on where it makes landfall and how long it stays active

Today is bed day.  My wash machine is calling!

All is right in our world

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

He came back


I know what you’re thinking...this woman is balmy.  Well, I like the critters we come across outside.  All except spiders!  Spiders are wonderful little beasties and deserve their niche in the 'circle of life'  but not in our home.

Doesn’t everyone like wildlife?  They are beautiful with their different colors, skin patterns, size and in general.

Toads eat bugs and heaven knows there are quite a few around here.  So if he’s inclined to he can keep the spider populations under control around here.


Pretty much a do nothing day.  Jim did some dusting, I did my normal chores. A bit of crafting.  For lunch we had salads, a 1905 for Jim and a garden salad for me.  Two different salads as Jim had meat and cheese in his along with an oil based dressing.  Mine was dressed with lemon juice.  We gamed most of the afternoon.  Or watched YouTube.

For the past few days we’ve started out cloudy.  It still warms up to the 90’s and creeps up over 100 by 1600.  It’s nice because the ac actually cycles on and off instead of running continually.

Smells like Jim is having a chicken pot pie for dinner.  Not sure what I’ll have

For our viewing pleasure we’re still watching Murdoch Mysteries and Foyles War.

By the way, Mr Toad has vacated the pot.  I wonder if he'll return tomorrow?

All is right in our world

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Hot Days of August

We’ve had some pretty hot days the last two weeks.  Triple digits and our two AC units have been running constantly.  Starting around 10 am and they really struggled to keep it around 84 in the afternoon.  Today has not been as hot, at 5 pm the temperature is around 98 and the main ac has cycled off and on a couple of times.  It’s been warm at night too, upper 70’s when I walk around 7 am.

I am walking again, had to take about five days off because a week ago last Saturday I had the dubious pleasure of meeting some local fire ants.  They did a number on my left foot that made it look terrible! The bites were from my ankle down to my toes.  A couple of my toes swelled up like sausages.  I do have a pair of shoes I could wear, but it was a tight fit because of the swelling. My sandals and sneakers just made the bites worse.  If you want to see a picture, let me know! 😊 

Other than that, Jim and I are doing good.  No major problems other than staying cool.  He's still not using the cpap all night, some nights not at all.  His sleep pattern has always been off.  

Today we went to Costco and enjoyed lunch out...that is after we found a restaurant that was open!  We decided on a favorite of ours.  As we pulled into the strip mall another restaurant caught our attention, but it didn't open until the evening.   So there was a pizza didn't open til evening.  Our original restaurant was just a bit further down the strip....but they moved!  Jim decided it was to far to go to the new location.  So we drove around in circles and ended up at Embers.  Jim had a small pizza and salad while I had mashed potatoes and green beans. We both enjoyed an icy cold beer.

The Library keeps us entertained. Currently Foyle's War and Murdoch Mysteries.  We do watch PBS and The Smithsonian channels.  Jim checks out the car/garage shows.  Of course as a fallback we check out House Hunters on HGTV.  We also spend time watching YouTube on our tablets.  Jim does a lot of reading.  And I make cards.

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

19 August 2019 188 cards

More of the pineapple paper used.  The stamps, ink and card stock are Stampin’ Up!

Thanks for stopping by!
All is right in our world

Friday, August 9, 2019

Busy Day

Our day started early.  I had an appointment at Audie Murphy VA Hospital at 0830.  I was up at 0600 and Jim got up thirty minutes later. Coffee and a quick breakfast then we were on the road a little after seven.  Despite construction on US 281 and rush hour we managed to traverse about forty miles in an hour.  But, they weren’t expecting me! Dermatology had me down for September 9th.  But, bless their hearts, they fit me in.  It was just a follow up on the spot on my leg.  Took ten minutes and we were on our way.

It’s 9 am so we stopped at the mall to get some walking in, about a mile of air conditioned bliss.  Then home.  
Laundry was calling me while Jim caught up on the computer.  For lunch we had Cioppino, crusty bread and a salad.  As soon as that was over, out the door again for my hair appointment at the Aveda Institute.  Got me a new do! About 1 1/2 inches off the length.  And more layers so it should be curlier too.  

Back home just in time to feed Boo, continue with the laundry and have some coffee.  Jim assembled a dolly type thing for our new wash machine so it will slide out of the closet.  It should make it easier for me to do the laundry.

Now we’re watching Foyles War.  It takes place during the Second World War.  Foyle is a police officer solving crimes at home.  It’s quite interesting.  The British went through a lot of hardship.

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

9 August 2019 184 cards

Only two cards today.  Just pretty pineapple paper with card stock  and stamps from Stampin’ Up!

All is right in our world

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Remember that Challenge?

 Jim and I have started walking again.  Our old bodies don’t move enough!  I started a week or so ago because my back was troubling me and sleeping was hit or miss.  I must say those experts are right, you need to use it or lose it.  Anyway, I’m getting a mile or so in the mornings four days out of seven.  Jim just started and he’s popping out the door every hour and getting 250 - 300 steps.  He managed over 7000 steps on Monday .  Sometimes we actually walk together!

I like to walk early, around seven in the morning.  Jim gets up at seven...

Tuesday we headed to the mall after a visit to the library.  Lot cooler there to walk.  It's about 20 miles from here so we haven't gone often.  Stopped at Panera Bread for lunch.  Instead of my usual Greek Salad I opted for the ten veg soup.  Pretty tasty though the base reminded me of Campbell's vegetable soup.  Jim had half a sandwich and French onion soup.

This morning I got in a walk of just over a mile, it was humid out and just didn't want to do a third lap.  Jim's been popping in and out about every hour.  

Do you remember Hamburger Helper?  Well that's what Jim had for lunch today.  I fixed myself a bowl of noodles with carrots, edamame and spinach.  We watched Foyle's War.

In my last post I mentioned a Facebook Challenge.  Here are the rest of the cards.

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

7 August 2019 182 cards

I've read that some gals make and send 100 cards a month.  Not sure I could do that, but I'll think on it!

All Stampin' Up! supplies.  The challenge part is pick your paper and cut it according to the template we're given.  I really had a hard time using this DSP, Designer Series Paper.  I chose it because I like it.  But coming up with the stamps to use and how to coordinate the design was the problem.  But I got er done.  Oh, I also decided to do two sets!

It's hot out there folks!  Almost four pm and it's 104 degrees and 43% humidity.  Days like this makes me wish I had a pool, in the shade.

All is right in our world

Monday, August 5, 2019

Great News!

It seems like all we’ve done is fix and repair since we arrived last November.  Good thing we’ve settled here for now.  Much easier to get our medical issues (fixing us) under control. Repairs to the rig are easier when we sit in one place too!  

The medical issues are ever expanding it seems.  Great News!  Jim is finally cough free!  While in hospital he was given a low dose of a blood pressure medicine. Apparently it has a side affect of coughing for some people!  Imagine having part of your lung removed and trying to cough.  Even a normal cough can be painful.  You don’t want to even move because of the pain, so coughing shouldn’t be high on the list of things to do.  Now he’s getting back to normal (whatever that is).  The cpap is another story.  Obviously if you’re coughing all the time, wearing a mask is not fun. But even so, Jim cannot manage more than a couple of hours each night.  He can’t sleep on his back and the hard frame work of the mask is uncomfortable when he sleeps on his side.  Can’t sleep! I thought it was supposed to help.

Next month I see my medical team. First up is the dermatologist.  Follow up on my skin cancer and I’m pretty sure they’re going to see more of me.  I have a small spot on my jawline that will probably need to be removed.  Then I have labs and evaluations with my primary doctor.

Summer is hot here.  Reminds me of New Orleans but less humidity.  Overnight the humidity climbs but drops incrementally during the mornings until it’s in the 30’s.  I’ve been walking around 0700 and I’m pleased to say that Jim is joining me.  Oh do you want to know the high temperatures?  Around the 105 area.  Of course it’s a dry heat, but it’s like sticking your head in an oven. So we stay in and watch DVD’s.  Currently Murdoch Mysteries. Or Jim naps and I make cards.

Speaking of cards

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge
or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

5 August 2019 175 cards

These first two cards were part of a challenge using a One Sheet Wonder Card Sketch.  I belong to a Facebook Group that has a new sketch each month to challenge you to use your paper wisely.

Stampin' Up! paper and ink, but the stamps are from May May.  If you look you can see the white layer is embossed.  Again with Stampin' Up! folders

The next two are Echo Park and Stampin' Up!

All is right in our World