Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Random Goodness

When you live in RV Parks you get to see all manor of rigs.  As we've traveled around the country we have seen the different sizes and shapes of RV's.  Some are cool, some are beyond our budget and some make you scratch your head.  When you make the decision to become a full time RV'er you have to accept you can't have it all.

But then you see something like this.  It must cost a small fortune to begin with.  Having a matching trailer is an expense most do without.  I don't think I've ever seen a trailer like this.  It housed his little car and his three wheeled motorcycle.  I suppose if you're into riding, this part of Texas would appeal to you.  The winding, rolling hills around here are fun to drive in our truck.  And no matter where you park a rig, to drive and get groceries is a must.  Taking the rig would be a pain, though some do it.  Just unhooking and then hooking back up would deter me.  

Lately our bird population here at Spring Branch RV Park have varied.  But the return of the lesser Goldfinch is a treat!  We have the chickadees and titmouse to entertain us, the occasional cardinal.  One titmouse thinks he's a woodpecker.  He spends some time at the dining room window pecking at the corner...So far we haven't a clue why.

Not the best picture, shot through the window

We also have doves and of course squirrels.  A pair of purple finches also visit.

After several days of 100+ temperatures we're back in the mid 90 range.  Doesn't sound like a great difference but at least the AC shuts of now and then.  

Few errands this morning and we were home before noon.  Jim did get up at 7 when his alarm went off.  But he's not been very consistent the past few days.  For some reason I was up at 0300!  Went back to bed at 0530 and slept til his alarm went off. I could have slept more.

We've been enjoying DVD's from the library.  Foyles War and a Prime Suspect.  Also watched Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.  If you're a fan of Harry Potter this is a must see!

Last Friday we went to the Alamo Drafthouse and saw The Lion King.  What fun!  If you get a chance, see this movie.  This is our closest theater and they serve beer and food.  Chairs are pretty decent and the two times we've been I've been comfortable.

All is right in our world

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Day Trip, Boerne

Jim has changed his sleeping pattern.  He now sets his alarm for 0700 and he’s been getting up! 

Last Saturday he was up and we shared a breakfast of pancakes.  After chores of dishes and laundry we headed out to pick up his prescriptions and then drove to Boerne.  They have a city park that runs along the Cibolo Creek.  After we secured our parking spot we walked to The Dodging Duck Brewhaus &Restaurant.  Jim had a bison burger with fries and I had fried green tomatoes.  We both enjoyed a cold beer, it’s a brewery!

The sauce was excellent as was the breading

We definitely needed to walk off our lunch!  We crossed the street and began our walk along the water.  The weather was perfect, just warm enough for this fine summer day. 

We saw some pretty vistas, some critters and other folks strolling

There are quite a few ducks wandering around

Turtles!  Lots and lots of them, in the water and on logs

My honey posing with the ducks

It was a very pleasant outing and I hope we do it often!

All is right in our world

Saturday, July 13, 2019


Friday around here is bed day.  I stripped the bed and washed the sheets then put them back on the bed.  Not a difficult chore, but king size sheets in an apartment size washer just twist themselves into knots.  So I do one at a time.  I also wash in hot water so it’s a delicate balance between dishes and bedding!  Since Boo is house trained I also wash pads in hot water each morning.  So it’s pads, then a load of clothing in cold water and I do dishes at this time.  Then I can start on the bedding.

Jim has been busy cleaning the air conditioning vents.  He put reusable filters in them to collect the dust.  They were really dusty!  While doing this he discovered quite a bit of dust so he spent some time dusting, especially higher spots.

Are you thinking about moving? Perhaps to another state?  Our friends Anne and Scotty are selling their land in Vermont.  Not only is the area lovely but they’ve also built on it.  But rather than tell you about it, check out the listing and see what they’ve done in Fair Haven, Vermont.  We have visited them and for a fact I can tell you the views are stunning especially in autumn.  While we haven’t seen the whole state, the areas we visited are beautiful, with interesting things to do.

Another triple digit day here.  Last time I looked it was 102 degrees at 5 pm.  Air conditioners are working hard to keep us comfortable.  When we have heat like this I water the plants twice a day if they need it.  I have two plumerias, a tomato and three smaller pots with flowers.

Wednesday we went to a puppet show!  It was held at the library and from what we saw most everyone enjoyed The Ugly Duckling performed by The Magic Theater.  There were three principle players and one man on the production side.

This young lady played the ugly duckling.  An interesting note is that they interspersed Spanish into the dialog

We ended our day with Foyles War and a Murdoch Mystery.  Both  courtesy of the library.  Do you utilize your local library?  You should check it out.  There's a whole world of possibilities to be gained by making a visit

All is right in our world

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Have you ever wondered about living in San Antonio and the surrounding area during the summer? Here we are mid July and let me tell you, it’s hot!  Right now at a quarter after three it’s  91 and climbing.  Humidity isn’t a factor, it’s generally low during the day.

Last night we had a whiz bang of a storm roll through.  First thing I was aware of was the wind.  Haven’t had much wind recently and this was noisy enough to wake me.  Our flags are on the front of the rig and they were slapping away!   Then I could hear some creaking, like the rig was twisting.  And then the rain came.  As far as I can recall, it all lasted ten, fifteen minutes.  I promptly went back to sleep, as I need my beauty sleep.

Not much has changed medically.  Jim is wearing a heart monitor for another few days.  When he had  the cancer removed he had afib while recovering.  This is to make sure it’s gone.  He has this persistent cough and we had a talk with his PA today.  Boils down to: it could be this, it could be that. One of his meds might be causing it but he’ll stay on that until the cardiologist says to stop.  So, we’ll wait and see.  The follow up on the monitor results will be later this month.

The scars from my skin cancers are almost nonexistent.  My nose is still reddish but if you didn’t know better you would think it’s from the sun.  My forehead is clear, at least I can’t see it.  But then again I need new glasses.  The spot on my leg is iffy...I used a cream to heal it, but it wasn't quite gone when last I saw the dermatologist.  August is when I'll return and have it looked at.

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge
or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

11 July 2019 171 cards

These four cards are made from cut aparts.  Easy, quick way to make cards.  I love the lavender and it went well with the Stampin’ Up! paper, I chose very vanilla as the card base. It’s softer than the whisper white.  The stamps are SU along with the ink.  The little dots are Nuvo Drops

The next six cards are from a Paper Pumpkin kit.  I get one a month From Stampin’ Up! And it’s the perfect way to make quick cards.  The kits are designed so you only need scissors and a stamp block.  They're stamped inside and on the envelopes

All is right in our world

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Lounge Lizards

Just thought I’d let y’all know we’re still here.  Our daily lives aren’t all that exciting.  Chores that I need to do on a daily basis get done. Jim does a few things and then we sit around watching dvds or TV.  Which is why I we’re lounge lizards, because yesterday we watched Air Force One, Foreigner, part of a Mission Impossible movie and a couple episodes of Bleak House.

Our weather has been pleasant enough.  Not extremely hot but enough to keep you indoors for a few hours in the afternoon. I expect as summer passes it will get hotter. 

Did I mention we had to put four new tires on our truck?  It seems like we’re trying to spend all of our money lately.  I guess being lounge lizards is good on the wallet!

You know I like frogs right?  The pond up by the office has some!  Leopard frogs.  I haven’t seen them the last couple of times I looked.  I wonder if the fish ate them?

No matter, I have a few pictures of them.  The water lilies look good too

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge
or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

3 July 2019 161 cards

These three cards are from a Paper Pumpkin Kit from  Stampin' Up!  They are note card size

All is right in our world