Thursday, June 28, 2018

Our Site at Twin Lakes Camp Resort

As promised here is the site we're on.  Our back window looks out over Lake Holley.  After several attempts Jim managed to get our rig situated on the site.  Looking face on, there is a 6-8 inch drop off on the right side of the slab.  The water hook up was close too and we had to make sure our slide would come out.  So back and forth he went.  I'm so proud of him!  He didn't get real surly and he missed the trees, the drop off and the fence.  We had to take the bikes and rack off the rig and he then backed it almost to the fence.

The sun comes up to the left so mornings are brilliant! Double blinds to keep the heat out.We can see sunset out the side dining room window over on Lake King  Last night it was quite pretty but we weren't dressed for strolling around.

As you can see there isn't room for the truck, we're up the hill in overflow parking.  Good exercise and so far it hasn't rained!

In this picture you can see how our site and others are right next to the lake

Here's the truck...

Yesterday we had a productive day.  Jim was up early Like 0600 early!  Doesn't happen often and after breakfast, dishes and other chores we headed to Walmart for some groceries.  Once home the early hour got to him and Jim took a nap.

After his restorative nap Jim put the kayak together and we hope to get it in the water soon.  That sucker is heavy and we'll have to carry it to the launch because the tires are flat on the dolly to tote it.  After working on it much of the afternoon he decided a dip in the pool would be refreshing.  The water was we didn't stay long and once home we showered and changed into our jammies and that's why the sunset eluded us.

For out mid day meal Jim grilled some zucchini, onions and a pork steak.  Along with the potato salad and BBQ beans we ate pretty good.  While he's napping I'm doing the blog.

We like this place and who knows we may return sooner rather than later.

Sonsearae and Chris are coming over this weekend.  It sure will be nice to see them.  Chris has a daughter that lives just west of here in Crestview. It's going to a family reunion!

All is right in our world

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


What kind of water do you have?   Which do you prefer?  These past few weeks traveling we’ve noticed a change in the water.  In the Rio Grande Valley we had hard water.  Leaves spots on every surface and a ‘calcium/mineral buildup on fittings.

We do have a filter at the source of water outside and inside we’ve another at the kitchen sink.  All RVers generally have water filters because you never know what the local water will taste like.

But a couple of our stops had soft water.  I do not like it because I can't seem to rinse off the soap when I shower.  At least that's what it feels like...I feel slick or slimy.  Also when doing dishes I had to be real careful because, again they were slippery to handle.  A lot of our dinnerware is glass and I sure didn't want to break anything.

Speaking of water that is our view out our back window.  Last night we were serenaded by the frogs.  I love it.  

We left Gulfport around 1000 yesterday and landed here mid afternoon.  Our site is small and backing into it, between the trees, was tricky but Jim managed it without to much surliness.  Having me in sight helps, but with drop offs, fences and trees I wasn't always seen.  I promise I'll take a couple pictures and show you.

Twin Lakes Camp Resort is pretty.  Nestled between two lakes I'm sure every site has a view of water.  They offer free WiFi which at this time of day is spotty.  Comes and goes. Free cable TV also.  You can fish the lakes if you have a Florida Fishing License.  But no motor boats!  so it's quite peaceful to sit and watch 

We stopped at two welcome centers as we drove along I-10.  This picture was taken at the Florida center where we both enjoyed a glass of juice.

At the Alabama welcome center I wandered a bit inside and finally had to ask about the age of the building.  I was told it was only two years old.  No wonder I couldn't remember it!  

We're here for two weeks then on to Tallahassee.  Today we're just settling in and checking out the place.  I'm told that Sonsearae and Chris will meet up with us this weekend...Can't wait!

All is right in our world

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Spring Branch to Gulfport

Bet you thought I abandoned this blog!  I do think of writing everyday, so here I am.

When we left Spring Branch we landed in Houston.  The Highway RV Resort didn't really appeal to us but we stayed for three nights.  Enjoyed lunch at an Olive Garden one, another day shopping and fueling up at Walmart.  The resort may become lovely one day when trees mature.  But right now it's just a glaring concrete jungle...They do have free popcorn in the club house!  Club house isn't correct, it's a weight room, with a TV lounge in one corner, a pool table and Foosball.  Along one wall is a mini kitchen and vending machine.  The laundry is also a few steps away.  The pool area is said to be sprayed three times a day for mosquitoes.  This area is planted nicely.  There is a big pond in the center of the resort with a fountain and some ducks and water birds.

From there we headed to Kinder, Louisiana and stayed at Red Shoes RV Park.  Jim and I had a discussion about how fast we needed to get to Tallahassee and this was the last time staying for three nights!  I'm getting to old for this breaking down and setting up...moving furniture is tiresome!  And Jim isn't doing much better with the outside chores for traveling.  The heat and humidity take their toll.

We did make one trip to the casino for some fried catfish.  The senior prices made this meal under twenty bucks and that was nice.  We didn't stay long as the smoke was heavy and we just can't stand it!

From Kinder we headed east on I-12 to Livingston Louisiana and stayed a week at Lakeside RV Park.  It's a very nice place.  Fairly good size pond with a pair of swans and a flock of Canadian Geese.  Some folks are permanent but we saw a lot of rigs come and go.  It was nice to settle in and relax.  Unfortunately I think we had rain everyday, along with couple of thunderstorms!  Of course we made a trip to Barnes and Nobles, twenty miles back towards Baton Rouge.  We had lunch  Another Broken Egg.  My goodness but the meal I had was wonderful!  Brunch Bruschetta is enough to feed four people.  I enjoyed it for several days.  And Jim enjoyed his also, of course he chose Shrimp and Grits.  As first time customers we were treated to biscuit beignets...Now if you've ever been to Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans you're familiar with Beignets, puffy deep fried dough covered with powdered sugar.  Well the biscuit beignets are the same concept.  Deep fried biscuit dough doused with powdered sugar.  Truthfully after having this I could have skipped my meal!

We're now in Gulfport Mississippi at Shield's RV park on the Naval Construction Battalion (CB's) Center.  Just a four night stay and we leave tomorrow.  On a positive note it hasn't rained!  Of course it's hot and humid, this is the south! 

We've not been in this area much since Hurricane Katrina.  It is looking much better!  But there are gaps and new houses are being built HIGH...As a matter of fact if you want some land there are parcels available but we both agree the building codes have been beefed up and I'm sure insurance will be an arm and a leg.  The price you pay for beachfront.

As we drove west on highway 90 we noticed a restaurant that appealed to us in Pass Christian...Shaggy's, overlooking the Gulf.  It didn't disappoint!  Built after Hurricane Katrina flattened the area this business is doing so well they've opened more along the coast.  Jim ordered a pitcher of Abita Amber.  We both had seafood...his was fried and mine was kind of like a shrimp boil, called Royal Reds it featured shrimp (1/2 pound), sausage and red potatoes in a wine seafood broth...We'll enjoy it again today.  We ended with Key Lime Pie.

Jim has taken advantage of days with no rain to clean the truck and rig.  Working mostly in the mornings.  

Last night we headed to the beach to wade the shoreline and watch the sunset.  Very relaxing.  We both like salt water therapy!

We even found Jim an Island!

So there you have it, just driving to get somewhere isn't very exciting.  Our days are filled with chores and not much excitement.  :-)

All is right in our world!