Monday, November 30, 2015

Oh My Goodness! I did It!

My Sunday started out with the usual laundry, breakfast,dishes and bed making. Jim asked if I wanted to go into Stuart to the Green Market and I said yes knowing this would get us out into the fresh air for a walk on the river.  They've extended the boardwalk and we wanted to see this new section.

It was a superb morning to be walking.  We both walked every section except I skipped the floating docks because with the wind and wave action I didn't want to get wet.  However I did walk back and forth waiting for Jim to rejoin me.  Oh, didn't buy anything at the market.

After this brisk walk we drove to Publix and picked up some groceries then headed home.

Once home I turned on the oven so we could have pizza for lunch.  I put away our purchases and it was almost time for lunch and football.  A cold beer along with the pizza was mighty tasty.

Football was a disappointment...none of the teams we watched or care about won...Jim napped after lunch.  And I managed to get more steps in taking out the trash and walking Boo.  You see, Sonsearae challenged us using the Fitbit app.  Just a one day challenge that included the four of us.

After Jim woke he had some coffee, I fed Boo and then he said 'feel like walking some more'.  So we put on our walking shoes and I told Sonsearae and the three of us headed out and walked the compound until I thought I was going to collapse!  I was in the lead with steps and Jim was trying to take away my lead....I couldn't let that happen.  

It was fun as we talked and spotted the owls.  The streetlamps were on as we ended this exhilarating walk, darkness was descending.  In the end I had over 11,000 steps and I won the challenge!  Jim came in second, Sonsearae third.

For dinner we had sushi, Jim had a California roll while I had a veggie roll

TV watching ended our day but I don't remember what we watched.

All is right in our world

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Another Saturday

Despite the fact that our Saturday was a beautiful day, with not a drop of rain falling, we stayed home and mostly indoors.

It was sheet day so right after breakfast I stripped the bed and started laundry.  Did the dishes too and while I was wrist deep in sudsy water Jim went for a walk!  He was gone quite awhile.

For lunch I fixed a couple new recipes for us and that didn't work out so well.  The Meatloaf bites (made with beans, not meat) were not a hit....won't be doing that again.  And the mushroom gravy (what could go wrong? we love mushrooms!) had a strange flavor that I think was the nutritional yeast....I can easily leave that out and try again.  Both of these recipes are from Happy Herbivore light & lean. Along with this we had green beans and boiled potatoes.  I packed up the bites and gravy and gave it to Sonsearae to try.

Reading, game playing and TV watching filled our afternoon.  We took Boo for a walk, I checked the mail.  Jim emptied the Black tank....ahh the life of old, retired people is so exciting!  :-)

Our evening was filled with TV viewing...watched RED but I can't remember what else.  Oh, Netflix was showing a series we wanted to see but the internet kept cutting out.  Another time then.  I had some cheezy mac for dinner, Jim pulled a TV dinner our of the freezer.

The bed finally got made, the evening dishes were done and it was time for popcorn!  I swear, I could eat it every day but I'm sure my waistline would expand even more.

I planted some garlic in a pot and it's coming up nicely.  The greens are about 4-5 inches tall but some critter decided to explore the pot last night and made a mess.  At least he didn't dig up the whole pot!

All is right in our world

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Same Old Chores

Do you have a set way of living your life?  I mean everyday I do the same things.  My day starts with coffee and alone time.  I get up sometimes hours before Jim.  So it's quiet and I get to watch the day begin.  

Sunrises are usually pretty because there's a bank of clouds for the sun to rise above.  I hear the birds calling to one another. Sometimes that starts before I get up.  The Owls were hooting this morning.  Boo didn't like it but it made me smile.  Not a bad way to wake up, it sure beats an alarm clock! 

Right now I'm watching the painted bunting on the feeder.  He visits daily.

Yesterday I did the daily chores of dishes, bed making and laundry.  Jim changed out the windshield washer fluid in the truck.  For the most part he just sat around doing nothing all day except when he took a nap before noon.

We had leftover turkey along with sweet potato casserole and beets for our midday meal.  Around 1300 the rain started.  Nothing real heavy but bands of rain would come through then the sun would come out and present us with a rainbow.  We spent the afternoon reading.

Early evening we watched a program called How it's Made.  It's an interesting show.  For my dinner I made some Daiya cheezy mac.  A vegan mac and cheese. I'm sure I didn't need this but it sure tasted good. Jim sliced up his leftover tenderloin and made himself a sandwich.

We ended the evening watching Andrea Bocelli on PBS.  What a heavenly voice!

I need for Jim's friends to come poke him with some sticks.  All is not right in our world!

Friday, November 27, 2015


Yesterday was a slow and relaxed Thanksgiving.  No meal prep, no messy kitchen to clean up and no hassle to get a meal on the table.

We dined out at the Sailor's Return, a lovely restaurant at the Marina in Stuart.  The four of us had reservations for a 1300 seating.  Unfortunately Chris had an emergency and he drove to Crestview Florida yesterday to be with his family.  His mother is ill and this will be a chance for him to see his son and daughter.

My morning had the normal chores of laundry, bed making and dishes.  After that is was just relaxing and watching the Macy Parade until time to dress and drive to town.

We left around noon and the weather was perfect.  We parked and started our stroll to the restaurant but found our way blocked! We parked by the railroad tracks and normally you can walk under the tracks by the river but high tides and excess rain had flooded this passage.  Jim slogged through and managed to soak one foot.  Sonsearae and I found an alternate route by trespassing! There's a gap in the fence which from the looks of it many people have used.  We had to climb the embankment and that was tricky because of the rocks and she was wearing sandals.  But we arrived dry!

We decided to have a bottle of Chianti with our meal.  We all enjoy the smooth red wine.  A basket of mixed rolls and butter was brought for us to enjoy.  We ordered some stuffed mushrooms for a starter.  Quite tasty done up with a mild cheese and sausage served with a marinara sauce on a bed of mixed greens.  We all enjoyed them and we ladies ate the greens.

For our main meal Jim ordered the beef tenderloin, I had the turkey dinner and Sonsearae ordered Mahi Mahi.  On each plate there was mashed potatoes, asparagus, green beans and half a carrot.  On my plate I also had stuffing and cranberry sauce.  My plate was half turkey!  Both white and dark meat and I brought home enough for us to enjoy another meal.  Jim also brought home about a third of his tenderloin.  Sonsearae cleaned up her plate.  Jim and Sonsearae got dessert.  Jim had cream brule while Sonsearae ordered a chocolate panache (she brought half home).  Both were very tasty.  And yes, we finished the bottle of wine!

We had planned on walking the boardwalk but as we arrived at the truck it started raining on us so we just headed home.  Jim was all for walking in the spitting rain.  What did he care, his feet were already wet!  He was outvoted. 

Nap time for Jim when we got home and changed.  I read for awhile not even bothering to turn on the TV.  At one point we did walk Boo and Sonsearae and I walked a bit.

Not much of an evening meal.  Jim has medicine he takes with food, his choice was a couple of shortbread cookies.  I had a bowl of cereal and later some nuts.

Car shows, Star Trek and flipping back to check scores on the Panther game was how we spent the evening.

Now about this Black Friday shopping.  Do you head out today and shop?  I wouldn't even if I needed to to save money.  The deals will still be there tomorrow and the next day.  Sure some stores will sell out of items.  But why join the hoards when you can get your shopping done online? I've been getting emails for the past week a
telling me about the Black Friday bargains to be had online. Why buy into the hype of advertising?

After we crawled into bed and turned off the lights last night I heard a rains shower.  The wind and rain pelted us for a few minutes then went away.  This morning we have mostly clear skies and it looks to be a lovely day to be outside.   Not shopping!

All is right in our world

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving is a Day

For family, friends and food.  for some Football.

Today I hope you're celebrating with loved ones and while you're enjoying the bountiful food before you, remember those who cannot be home with their loved ones.  Our military serving around the globe, our first responders the Police, Firefighters and Medical people

As a nation we have a lot to be grateful for

For myself I'm grateful for our health and being with family at this time.

All is right in our world

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Change is good....right?

I guess our 'cold' weather is over.  It's 72 degrees outside at 0720 this morning.  It's also overcast.

Yesterday after breakfast I finally got the notification that I could download Windows 10!  Who knew there would be so much information that it would tie up the computer for hours.  We'll see how much of an improvement it is for me.  As long as I can get online and check my emails life is good.

I did my usual routine of dishes, bed making and laundry.  For lunch I fixed a stir fry and after dishes and laundry folding we headed out.

Our first stop was Walmart where Jim got some items for the truck and we got some personal care products.  I finally found some Zatarain's shrimp boil.  I like the liquid and if you've ever been to Deanies you know about the boiled potatoes they serve.  Apparently folks in this part of Florida haven't a clue about this product.  You can find the dry bags but those are for large pots of crabs and shrimp.  The liquid you can use for just a touch of flavor or small pots of shrimp and potatoes...yum.  I bought two bottles because they're small!

Our next stop was Sam's Club, which is right next door.  Jim filled the tank with diesel at a cost of $2.24.  I'm curious, what does diesel cost where you are?  It sure is nice having it this low.  I'm sure it will go up in price once we start to travel.

Next up was the Goodwill store.  I like to browse and see if I can find bargains.  No luck today all I left with was dirty hands.

Our next stop was to be the boardwalk in Stuart so we could stroll the waterfront.  But I'm telling you the traffic on Federal Highway was stop and go and by the time we reached Stuart Jim was ready to come home.  So we headed home.

By this time we were ready for our afternoon coffee and we needed to feed Boo.

Dinner was bruschetta with a side of olives.  

We have Amazon Prime and there is a series they're showing called The Man in the High Castle.  It's a 'glimpse into an alternate history of North America'.  We've watched two episodes and find the show intriguing.

NCIS was our viewing choice for Tuesday evening.  We also watch the show that follows  NCIS New Orleans.  Last night was a reminder of Katrina.  Still saddens me.....

All is right in our world

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blowing Rocks Preserve

On Monday with all the sunshine we headed to the beach.  It was a beautiful day and even if it was a bit windy and chilly we enjoyed strolling along the beach and climbing over the rocks.  Who knew there were limestone rocks on the beach?  Apparently at extreme high tides the waves can crash against them and shoot 50 feet into the air!  I'm glad it wasn't happening yesterday as that would have been wet and very cold.  The Nature Conservancy has done quite a bit in restoring this shoreline, read more about it here.

I'm not sure what the surf temperature was.  Jim and I were wearing shorts and the wind was out of the north. The blowing sand stung our legs!  I don't think I would have enjoyed the water.  This photographer must love her job!

This inviting trail will be explored another time.  It runs parallel the shore northward.  I can see more visits to this unique beach because I want to walk the waters edge and take pictures...might need a water proof camera.

After all the fresh sea air it was time for lunch so we headed to Guanabanas for some yummy food.  We've been there a couple times and enjoy the outdoor dining along the waterfront.  During the day you can see boaters and paddle boarders.  The menu, as you can expect, is heavy on seafood.  I had a couple of shrimp tacos and Jim ordered fried shrimp that came with sweet potatoes and black beans and rice.  We both enjoyed a refreshing cold beer

After lunch we drove to the Post Office!  It's  the one where Sonsearae works and boy was she busy.  We didn't stay long.

We did make a stop at the drug store but didn't find what we were looking for so headed home.  As soon as we got home and changed Jim was taking a nap...not me...
 it was a banner day for me!  Our new vacuum cleaner arrived along with a box of goodies from KAF.  In the mail I also got a box of crafting goodies from Club Scrap!  Just like Christmas....

Speaking of Christmas, why do the retailers start it earlier and earlier each year.  I swear there was some advertising out before Halloween.  And now it's all about Black Friday!  A lot of stores have their sales going on now.  I get emails from some and it's terrible...the season isn't about buying.  Don't fall into the trap of overspending because of the advertisements.

In all of this advertising we lose Thanksgiving.  We have plans for eating out.  I hope whatever your plans are for Thursday you share your meal with loved ones and give thanks for all the blessings in your life

Monday, November 23, 2015

Cooler Temperature in our future

Woke up to clear blue skies!  Not a cloud in sight.  I sure hope this means the rains are over for a few days.  It was 59 degrees outside....I love it.

Yesterday was mostly over cast with a few light showers here and there.  Gloomy most of the day and that does nothing for our moods.

I stripped the bed, did laundry and dishes.  Also went shopping with Sonsearae.  What a madhouse!  We went to BJ's, we're both members.  Apparently Sunday morning is not the time to go.  Fortunately we only needed a few items and got out of there quickly.

While I was gone Jim continued washing and drying the sheets.

Ravioli and tortellini for lunch along with a Caesar salad.  We watched some football but most of the teams we like are not doing well.  It was a by week for the Saints

How was your Sunday?

All is right in our world

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Repeat of Yesterday

I did the same things Saturday, laundry, dishes and bed making.  Our plans for the day fell through so we just stayed home.

We both walked over to visit with Chris and Sonsearae...but Chris was out getting his car serviced so we didn't get to see him.  We didn't stay long because Sonsearae needed to get ready for work

Jim took a nap before noon.  I baked a couple potatoes for our mid day meal.

I read a couple magazines.  Have you checked my library page recently?  That list is getting longer.  I also read some of my book.

Jim played games and read throughout the day.  When he plays games or reads time just slips away from him.  

Around 1530 the gloomy day got worse.  A heavy storm moved through and dumped a ton of rain on us. It's been raining almost steadily since.

We took Boo for a walk between showers.  He sure likes this cooler weather and runs when given the chance.

Do you think about the future?  We're in limbo and I have no idea what or where we'll be in the future.  Usually we're up to our elbows researching and plotting our travels.  But we no longer do that.  Perhaps we should just find a place to settle down.

After Jim showered last night he went to was only 2030.  Not sure what's up with that!

All is right in our world

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Routine Day

Friday was a dull, boring day.  If it weren't for chores I could have sat as a lump all day.

Dishes, bed making and a load of laundry.  Didn't even have to cook as we have leftovers to take care of.  Jim emptied the black tank

We walked Boo and later just before dark we took a wee walk.  It was beautiful, the clouds were tinged pink with the setting sun.

Right before bedtime we heard some rain and I'm guessing we had showers all night because it's really wet out there.  And it's raining as I type this.

A dear friend of ours has shingles.  Marilyn my heart goes out to you!  Nasty rash and I hope the meds at least make you comfortable.

If you have had chicken pox this virus is in you and you can break out at any time with this painful rash.  You've probably seen the adds on TV....get the shot!  I did last year.

According to what I've been reading there are 3 million cases a year and it's preventable with the shot.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Domestic Goddess Day!

Because we had no plans Thursday I was slow to start my day.  I sat far to long in front of my laptop!

Reluctantly I got dressed, I love sitting around in my pajamas, don't you?  Once dressed I made the bed.  Tossed another load in the washer.  Then I wandered over to say good morning to Sonsearae who was already dressed for work and she was cooking her lunch.  Smelled mighty good!

Back home I did the dishes.  Jim was still doing his morning routine of emails, blogs and Facebook.  This can take him a couple hours

The new rug we bought cannot be vacuumed so I think we'll need to shake it about every couple of days, if not every day, to keep it tidy.  Also walking on it smashes it down like the shag rugs of the past.  So Jim and I gave it a shake yesterday.  I also picked up the other rugs for him to shake out while I swept the bare floor.

For lunch Jim had chicken tortellini while I tried my vegan spinach ricotta ravioli with marinara sauce.  We enjoyed a Caesar salad and I had a glass of Luiano chianti.

Around 1330 the first band of rain came through.  Nothing heavy just a steady downpour.  I cleaned up the kitchen then made it messy again!

Made some peaches and cream scones and while it was baking I gathered the ingredients for a pot of pea soup.  It made a lot so Sonsearae got a small container of it and  froze a container for future enjoyment.

Once again I cleaned up the kitchen.  I know Jim raked some pin needles but I'm not sure if he did any thing else other than play games and read.

During the afternoon and evening we had more rain but we were inside so it didn't matter.  Watched some TV

All is right in our world

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Family Time

Goodness me what a busy afternoon we had yesterday!

Jim and I knew we'd be heading out and shopping with Sonsearae.  She wanted to go to Costco and Whole Foods which is south of here about an hour's drive.  We just didn't know the time for leaving.

I was up just before 0700 and enjoyed my coffee while writing the blog.  Jim was up just after 0800.  I had my breakfast and sent a text asking when we should leave.  Before we know it our lovely daughter is visiting with us and we're making plans.

About this time I noticed a Painted Bunting on the feeder!  First time this season.  Migration must be happening and I look forward to seeing more of the pretty birds

Anyway plans were made and we decided to leave around 1000.  That means I had to dress, make the bed and do dishes in a thirty minute window.  Jim also had to wash the windows on the truck and since he parked under cover he had to remove some Owl poo from the cover on the truck bed.

I even had time to fill the feeders!

We were on the road shortly after 1000.  Beautiful sunny skies with only a few puddles and wet spots to get the truck dirty.

Our first stop was Costco where I restrained myself but Sonsearae managed to buy some dishes.  She's replacing some old dishes so I guess she 'needed' them.  After walking all over this warehouse of a store we were more than ready for lunch.

Cucina, Pizza by Design was the next stop.  Just a few doors down from Whole Foods.  You order the pizza by picking and choosing the ingredients passing in front of the prep station. A glass window/wall separates you from the workers and it's a bit difficult to communicate what you want because it's so noisy and they can't hear you.  Jim and Sonsearae each ordered a pizza while I chose a salad.  The salad is ordered the same way.  You pick the lettuce you want as the base then add ingredients, I built a Greek type salad.  We all had water to drink and we ate everything.  The pizza's were maybe 10-12 inches and my salad was very big and filling.

Next stop was Whole Foods but it was raining a bit and blowing on us so we ducked into a Pier One to browse the colorful displays and wait out the rain.  I found a new rug for the living room!  Bright colors that we both like

While we were in the store the bulk of the rainstorm came and went.  Jim took the rug to the truck while we ladies went to Whole Foods.

I managed to find some new to me items to buy.  More and more you can find vegan options and I have to try them to make sure they're edible!  In this case it was ravioli's made with Kite Hill vegan cheese.

While we shopped Jim had coffee and sat in the lounge, people watching.  We checked out and Jim took the purchases to the truck and we got ourselves some coffee to go with the treats Sonsearae bought.  Chocolate dipped Madeline's and Russian tea cookies.  Yum

The drive home was uneventful.  We have noticed that there is more traffic now as more and more out of state visitors arrive.  There were a few wet spots as we drove, chasing the storm.  Jim's newly washed truck is now spotted with road grime.

We arrived home just a little late for Boo's dinner time.  No matter, he was glad to see us.  I guess Boo likes the rug because he didn't even bark at it when I put it down.

Jim set up the new recorder.  Dinner was a vegan burger for me and Jim had a sandwich.  We spent the evening watching TV

Apparently during the night we had more rain because the picnic table is all wet.  I didn't hear it

All is right in our world

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Traipsing around Stuart

Tuesday turned into an errand day.  I mentioned to Jim that I wanted a haircut.  I decided the Treasure Coast Mall would be the place because Jim could walk while I got groomed!

Once Jim got up I started my chores.  I always do a load of laundry while we both have breakfast.  Once my food was gone and I had checked emails etc I headed up to get dressed and made the bed.

Then it was over to visit with Sonsearae.  She had me watch a segment of Ellen that had a very young James Bond fan.  He was so cute dressed like Bond.  He was also a very lucky fan because Ellen sent him to the Premier in Mexico to meet Daniel Craig and watch the  new film.

Back home Jim was shaving and getting dressed while I did dishes.  We discussed all the places we wanted to visit and the list kept getting longer.

First stop was the mall.  Master Cuts was empty, perhaps I was the first client of the day.  In any case I got my fur removed and I look much, much better.  Jim managed to do two circuits of the mall before calling it quits.

Next stop was Chili's for some lunch.  We had a gift certificate that covered our meal.  We both had water to drink.  From the lunch menu Jim ordered a couple of pork tacos and he had a bowl of soup.  I ordered a chipotle chicken bowl and went with a green salad for starters.  We brought home most of my chicken.

Next stop was Target where I dashed in and paid my bill.  I have one of the cards so I can save 5 percent when I shop there (which isn't much).  I pay the balance off each much.

Then it was off the the Humane Societies thrift store where I scored a Serape, two regular size pillow cases and a book of postcards for only 6 bucks.  The Mexican Serape was $2.50 and for some reason they called it a beach towel, I suppose it could be used as such.

I also popped into Habitat for Humanity's store across the street.  I don't recall ever going into one and I wanted to see what they carry.  This particular store had a lot of big furniture with bits and pieces of construction stuff.  Alas I left empty handed because the tub I had my eye on would not fit in the rig!

Our final stop was Nobile Shoe Shop.  Jim wanted to see about getting some inserts for his shoes.  We've stopped in before and they are most helpful with matters of the feet.  While we were there they built up his new insert to support his arch better.  I hope this helps his foot and his painful Plantar Fasiitis.

What are you reading?  I'm re-reading the Outlander Books.  Kindle offered them up for $1.99 awhile back and I snapped them up!  Having all 7 books makes me very happy.  Didn't get any reading done on this day

Back home Jim had to get the pine sap (remember I said the truck was parked outside?) off the truck and ended up washing it.  It's been parked under cover again.  It was 83 degrees outside when he did this task.  

We watched a few recorded shows.  Trying to catch up because we have to replace the DVR which arrived yesterday.  I guess the shows are IN the box and not IN a cloud.  I don't know.  We also watched NCIS,  Gibbs sure is looking scruffy not like his former Marine self.

During the night we had a rain shower.  Nothing heavy but it woke me and lulled me back to sleep.  When your roof is only a few feet above your head to tend to hear it when it rains.

All is right in our world

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Critters and chores

Monday was chore day for me.  

I started the day by taking out the trash and recycles. 

While having my coffee I noticed a couple of Blue Jays at the feeder.  Beautiful birds but a bit on the noisy side.  No worse than the flock of boat tail grackles that stops by everyday.  The woodpecker is fun to watch also.  Sometimes he works mighty hard for that sunflower seed.  But the raccoon is by far the largest seed eater at the feeder!

After Jim got up I started on the laundry. Then stripped the bed and got dressed for the day.  Dishes were next and then I settled in and waited for either the washer or dryer and continued most of the day shifting clothes from one machine to the other.  It isn't hard work....

I visited with Sonsearae before she had to go to work.

For lunch we had some leftover Mexican noodle casserole along with guacamole and pico.  A glass of sangria had both of us yawning while we watched a slew of recorded shows all afternoon.  At one point we took Boo out for a walk.

Do you exercise?  It isn't high on my list of favorites.  We each have a theory it should motivate you to walk....not in my case.  Yesterday I managed to get a whopping 1700 steps.

Jim took Boo for another walk and that was the extent of his chores for the day.  Oh, he did get in touch with Direct TV about our recording devise.  It isn't working properly and they're sending us a new one.

We checked on a couple of area campgrounds.  One was priced high.  If we plan on coming back to this area next winter we need to think about reservations.  I'd like to visit the campground to see if I approve!

Have I mentioned the owls lately?  We've two Barn Owls in the garage out back.  Jim likes to park the truck there but those pesky owls don't care.  Poo and pellets everywhere!   Jim bought and put up two tarps to keep this debris off the truck and to some extent that works. You should see one spot where their poo is eating a hole in the tarp!   Meanwhile the owls hit everything on the perimeter.  Which means items that were stored have gotten a wee bit yucky and made more work for Jim.  For the past week or so the truck has been sitting outside.

I hear the Great Horned Owls almost every evening.  I can even locate them in the trees if I take the time to look.

All is right in our world

Monday, November 16, 2015


On Sunday's we've gotten into the habit of checking out the Green Market in Stuart and walking the Boardwalk over to the Sunset Marina and back.  This time we skipped the market as I didn't need anything  :-)

Our walk was invigorating!  Very windy and the temperature was probably in the mid 70's.  The walkway goes under the bridge and we wandered down there to see the folks fishing. While we were there no fish were caught.  Perhaps the choppy water kept the fish deeper in the water.

We did get to see an itty, bitty train....we noticed all the boats lined up to pass through but the train bridge was down.  I'm sure the boaters were really impressed with the length of the train...three cars, including the engine.

Up and over the highway to the marina and because it wasn't hotter then Hades I walked with Jim on a couple of the arms of the marina.  We managed to walk almost two miles by the time we returned to the truck.

Our next stop was Publix.  Because we're so far out in the country we always need something from the grocery store!  We picked up what we needed along with some sushi for lunch.

Back home we turned on the Saints game.....not sure why but I managed to watch the  whole debacle....Jim decided a nap was better.  

I saw a Cardinal at the feeder!  First time in along while....not sure where they went for the summer but it will be nice to watch them at the feeder again.

The rest of our day was spent watching more football games and a variety of TV shows we've recorded.  Oh and games on the computer and tablet...

All is right in our world

Sunday, November 15, 2015


We've had some cooler weather move this far south!  It's's in the mid 70's right now (0830) but there's no sun.  The breeze is wafting through the house and I love it.

When I started this blog it was to keep ya'll updated on our travels.  We aren't doing much of that any more and daily I find it difficult to find anything to write about.

Our daily life is not exciting.  We sit and read, play computer games or go grocery shopping.  I have a daily routine of laundry, cooking and doing dishes.  Jim's routine is much less strenuous.  As I've mentioned before, we do eat out but even that has lost it's thrill.

I've heard some gunshots this morning and I wonder what is being hunted?  

Do what you can

with what you have

where you are

I think I see a museum or two in my future...perhaps a botanical garden and more time at the beach

All iis right in our world

Monday, November 9, 2015

Eating out

This morning I read an article about Homemade meals that got me wondering about how much we eat out.  Lately it seems that's our main entertainment.  Don't get me wrong!  I love eating means I don't have to cook it or clean up afterwards.  And usually the meals are big enough for left overs, which is another meal for us.

The problem for me and for Jim, is the calories and fats.  I'm pre diabetic and as the article states, food in restaurants can be bad for me as they contain added sugars, salt and fats.  All of those ingredients make the food taste great but overall these ingredients are bad for my health.  Perhaps you too?

We don't usually eat at fast food places, we usually have a nice lunch, along with a beer.  This has been our choice over dinner out because lunch menus are less expensive.  But apparently restaurants are starting to charge more for this meal!

I think we need to have more picnics!

All is right in our world

Monday, November 2, 2015


In our travels the other day I spotted this unusual marriage of trees.  The Palm tree is being enveloped by a Strangler Fig

The day was very overcast so my pictures are a bit dull