Friday, November 27, 2015


Yesterday was a slow and relaxed Thanksgiving.  No meal prep, no messy kitchen to clean up and no hassle to get a meal on the table.

We dined out at the Sailor's Return, a lovely restaurant at the Marina in Stuart.  The four of us had reservations for a 1300 seating.  Unfortunately Chris had an emergency and he drove to Crestview Florida yesterday to be with his family.  His mother is ill and this will be a chance for him to see his son and daughter.

My morning had the normal chores of laundry, bed making and dishes.  After that is was just relaxing and watching the Macy Parade until time to dress and drive to town.

We left around noon and the weather was perfect.  We parked and started our stroll to the restaurant but found our way blocked! We parked by the railroad tracks and normally you can walk under the tracks by the river but high tides and excess rain had flooded this passage.  Jim slogged through and managed to soak one foot.  Sonsearae and I found an alternate route by trespassing! There's a gap in the fence which from the looks of it many people have used.  We had to climb the embankment and that was tricky because of the rocks and she was wearing sandals.  But we arrived dry!

We decided to have a bottle of Chianti with our meal.  We all enjoy the smooth red wine.  A basket of mixed rolls and butter was brought for us to enjoy.  We ordered some stuffed mushrooms for a starter.  Quite tasty done up with a mild cheese and sausage served with a marinara sauce on a bed of mixed greens.  We all enjoyed them and we ladies ate the greens.

For our main meal Jim ordered the beef tenderloin, I had the turkey dinner and Sonsearae ordered Mahi Mahi.  On each plate there was mashed potatoes, asparagus, green beans and half a carrot.  On my plate I also had stuffing and cranberry sauce.  My plate was half turkey!  Both white and dark meat and I brought home enough for us to enjoy another meal.  Jim also brought home about a third of his tenderloin.  Sonsearae cleaned up her plate.  Jim and Sonsearae got dessert.  Jim had cream brule while Sonsearae ordered a chocolate panache (she brought half home).  Both were very tasty.  And yes, we finished the bottle of wine!

We had planned on walking the boardwalk but as we arrived at the truck it started raining on us so we just headed home.  Jim was all for walking in the spitting rain.  What did he care, his feet were already wet!  He was outvoted. 

Nap time for Jim when we got home and changed.  I read for awhile not even bothering to turn on the TV.  At one point we did walk Boo and Sonsearae and I walked a bit.

Not much of an evening meal.  Jim has medicine he takes with food, his choice was a couple of shortbread cookies.  I had a bowl of cereal and later some nuts.

Car shows, Star Trek and flipping back to check scores on the Panther game was how we spent the evening.

Now about this Black Friday shopping.  Do you head out today and shop?  I wouldn't even if I needed to to save money.  The deals will still be there tomorrow and the next day.  Sure some stores will sell out of items.  But why join the hoards when you can get your shopping done online? I've been getting emails for the past week a
telling me about the Black Friday bargains to be had online. Why buy into the hype of advertising?

After we crawled into bed and turned off the lights last night I heard a rains shower.  The wind and rain pelted us for a few minutes then went away.  This morning we have mostly clear skies and it looks to be a lovely day to be outside.   Not shopping!

All is right in our world