Thursday, November 19, 2015

Family Time

Goodness me what a busy afternoon we had yesterday!

Jim and I knew we'd be heading out and shopping with Sonsearae.  She wanted to go to Costco and Whole Foods which is south of here about an hour's drive.  We just didn't know the time for leaving.

I was up just before 0700 and enjoyed my coffee while writing the blog.  Jim was up just after 0800.  I had my breakfast and sent a text asking when we should leave.  Before we know it our lovely daughter is visiting with us and we're making plans.

About this time I noticed a Painted Bunting on the feeder!  First time this season.  Migration must be happening and I look forward to seeing more of the pretty birds

Anyway plans were made and we decided to leave around 1000.  That means I had to dress, make the bed and do dishes in a thirty minute window.  Jim also had to wash the windows on the truck and since he parked under cover he had to remove some Owl poo from the cover on the truck bed.

I even had time to fill the feeders!

We were on the road shortly after 1000.  Beautiful sunny skies with only a few puddles and wet spots to get the truck dirty.

Our first stop was Costco where I restrained myself but Sonsearae managed to buy some dishes.  She's replacing some old dishes so I guess she 'needed' them.  After walking all over this warehouse of a store we were more than ready for lunch.

Cucina, Pizza by Design was the next stop.  Just a few doors down from Whole Foods.  You order the pizza by picking and choosing the ingredients passing in front of the prep station. A glass window/wall separates you from the workers and it's a bit difficult to communicate what you want because it's so noisy and they can't hear you.  Jim and Sonsearae each ordered a pizza while I chose a salad.  The salad is ordered the same way.  You pick the lettuce you want as the base then add ingredients, I built a Greek type salad.  We all had water to drink and we ate everything.  The pizza's were maybe 10-12 inches and my salad was very big and filling.

Next stop was Whole Foods but it was raining a bit and blowing on us so we ducked into a Pier One to browse the colorful displays and wait out the rain.  I found a new rug for the living room!  Bright colors that we both like

While we were in the store the bulk of the rainstorm came and went.  Jim took the rug to the truck while we ladies went to Whole Foods.

I managed to find some new to me items to buy.  More and more you can find vegan options and I have to try them to make sure they're edible!  In this case it was ravioli's made with Kite Hill vegan cheese.

While we shopped Jim had coffee and sat in the lounge, people watching.  We checked out and Jim took the purchases to the truck and we got ourselves some coffee to go with the treats Sonsearae bought.  Chocolate dipped Madeline's and Russian tea cookies.  Yum

The drive home was uneventful.  We have noticed that there is more traffic now as more and more out of state visitors arrive.  There were a few wet spots as we drove, chasing the storm.  Jim's newly washed truck is now spotted with road grime.

We arrived home just a little late for Boo's dinner time.  No matter, he was glad to see us.  I guess Boo likes the rug because he didn't even bark at it when I put it down.

Jim set up the new recorder.  Dinner was a vegan burger for me and Jim had a sandwich.  We spent the evening watching TV

Apparently during the night we had more rain because the picnic table is all wet.  I didn't hear it

All is right in our world