Monday, November 16, 2015


On Sunday's we've gotten into the habit of checking out the Green Market in Stuart and walking the Boardwalk over to the Sunset Marina and back.  This time we skipped the market as I didn't need anything  :-)

Our walk was invigorating!  Very windy and the temperature was probably in the mid 70's.  The walkway goes under the bridge and we wandered down there to see the folks fishing. While we were there no fish were caught.  Perhaps the choppy water kept the fish deeper in the water.

We did get to see an itty, bitty train....we noticed all the boats lined up to pass through but the train bridge was down.  I'm sure the boaters were really impressed with the length of the train...three cars, including the engine.

Up and over the highway to the marina and because it wasn't hotter then Hades I walked with Jim on a couple of the arms of the marina.  We managed to walk almost two miles by the time we returned to the truck.

Our next stop was Publix.  Because we're so far out in the country we always need something from the grocery store!  We picked up what we needed along with some sushi for lunch.

Back home we turned on the Saints game.....not sure why but I managed to watch the  whole debacle....Jim decided a nap was better.  

I saw a Cardinal at the feeder!  First time in along while....not sure where they went for the summer but it will be nice to watch them at the feeder again.

The rest of our day was spent watching more football games and a variety of TV shows we've recorded.  Oh and games on the computer and tablet...

All is right in our world