Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Crepe Myrtle

Are you familiar with these beautiful trees?  There are about 50 genus of these bushes and trees, native to Southeast Asia.  When we lived in New Orleans we saw them everywhere.  But they were kept small or it was a small species and every year trimmed to retain a certain height. 

Here at Twin Lakes Camp Resort there are several tall, tall trees!

They flower in several different colors

But I like the bark too

When all this bark sheds the tree trunks look naked

All is right in our world

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Sunrise, Sunset

Reminds me of a song....

Here at Twin Lakes Camp Resort we're on a peninsula, sort of, at the end of Holley King Rd.  So named because the sun rises on 

Holley Lake 
and sets on 

King Lake

There's a small dam between the two, which I keep meaning to ask about, where water from Holley Lake is diverted into King Lake.

It burbles up and is mesmerizing to watch.

I think I mentioned before that we've not seen a lot of water birds. Not sure why as the lakes have fish in the clear waters so I'm sure herons and egrets could find something to eat.  There are lot's of turtles!  And I'm always looking for gators.  It is Florida and gators are everywhere

We've had a lot of rain and as far as I remember summertime has it's showers most every afternoon.  Believe it or not it helps lower the temperatures.  But then you have the humidity!

We had a good time in Tallahassee with Sonsearae and Chris.  Of course they both worked during the week and we didn't intrude to often.  We enjoy spending time with them and I think they like us!  We shared several meals, some in their beautiful new home and some at the local restaurants.  We went to the movies!

Also while in Tallahassee we attended a 50th birthday bash for Jim's daughter Christy.  It was held at her feed store and her place of residence, Country Feed Store and Garden Supply.  What fun!  Of course there were a lot of people, a lot of food and from what I saw everyone had a good time.  We also got to see Jim's son William, his grandchildren Callie and Jack, and a great grandson!  Callie lives south of here in Destin and I expect we'll see more of here and that sweet baby.

We've been here since last Thursday and plan to stay two months.  Then we'll head west to our wintering spot in Spring Branch Texas

Travel days wear us out!  Breaking camp an setting up is no longer fun, just something to get through.  We've mostly settled in.  Jim has most of the kayak ready to hit the water.  But the trikes are pretty much stored under the slide.  Gravel here isn't good for the tires.

Yesterday we headed to Crestview to get my coffee cream.  I can only find it in Publix.  Here in De Funiak we have Walmart and Winn Dixie so groceries aren't a problem.  Though I haven't been inside, we also have a Piggly Wiggly express store..

Jim is up from his nap and the thunder is getting closer.  Some rain has started to fall.

All is right in our world