Sunday, May 29, 2016

Up Early

This was how my day started.  A layer of fog in the valley

Sometimes I resent waking so early...there's no need for me to get up to see the sunrise.  But now and then I really find joy in what I see

Our Boo is enjoying the sun

Same view, just zoomed in a bit.  It's hard to tell but the sun is peeking over that ridge

We went to some yard sales yesterday and this Iris was blooming out front of one of the stores.  Just gorgeous!

Today was a do nothing day for me...Other than laundry, dishes and cooking.  I didn't go for a walk or exert myself in anything.  Jim managed a long walk, then showered and watched movies all afternoon.  

We had dinner with the Scott's but we didn't see much of them today.  They ran around picking up lumber and items they bought at the yard sales.

Some rain has moved in but I don't mind.  Cools it off nicely for sleeping 

All is right in our world

Friday, May 27, 2016

We made it!

Wow! It's Friday already and I'm still recovering from our long drive on Wednesday.  We drove all day long and arrived at Anne and Scottys around 1600.  Along the way we paid many fees for tolls, saw 5 deer dead on the side of the road in Pennsylvania and made several stops to wake our butts up!

It took Jim and Scotty awhile to get our rig level, we're parked almost exactly where we parked last time here.  But the site is more level if that makes sense.  I'll get a picture to show you how it was leveled! 

Of course Anne and I chatted, I fed Boo and then Miss Anne started dinner when the guys were finishing up.  The guys showered and we sat outside and enjoyed meatloaf, baked potatoes and peas.  Wine (with dinner) and some smooth tequila (after dinner).

We talked forever!  But soon we had to call it a night.  No matter, we'll be here for awhile and probably get talked out before we leave...

Thursday was spent doing laundry, running errands etc. More tweaks on setting up and repairing some problems.  The flusher died Wednesday night right as we went to bed.  The part to repair it has been ordered and hopefully we'll get it today.  Jim and Scotty got us rewired and now we have electric in the big back slide.  YAY!

Another shared meal, they had steak we had portobello mushrooms grilled, salad and baked beans.  We'll share most of our evening meals.

After dinner Anne and I went for a walk.  She has lilac and honeysuckle blooming.  Walking along the road and peeking into other yards I was pleased to see the flowering lilacs, iris and as the spring wears on and Summer rolls around there will be more flowering bushes and plants to see.

These horses were way off in the pasture but saw us and came up to greet us

Such pretty colors on this Iris

These flowers were on the side of the road

By the time I tidied the kitchen, did the dishes and took my shower it was 2030 and almost ready for bed.....I think an hour or so later we were in bed.

So far we're enjoying temperatures in the 80's during the day and it looks like it will continue through the weekend.

And there ya have it.  It feels like we are home

All is right in our world

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What a Lovely Area

When I got up yesterday I checked the weather and it looked promising.  It wasn't raining and the skies were clearing.  When Jim got up we made the decision to leave.  We had breakfast and then went to work.

 We left Aberdeen yesterday around 1000 under partly cloudy skies.  It seemed to clear more and more as we got farther down (up?) the road.  The start of our trip had us on state highways with a lot of stops at red lights. We had to pay a toll of $24 ($6 per axle) just after we left Havre De Grace. Just before we picked up I-476 we pulled over and had some pasta salad for lunch.  This was around 1130

We didn't have a destination in mind.  We both knew it would take us two days of driving to get to West Haven Vermont.  So we just wanted to get some miles out of the way.

Didn't happen!  We heard a noise that sounded like a gunshot around 1215 and when we pulled over we discovered we'd blown a tire on the rig, drivers side.  Not much we can about that except call road service.  Must have taken fifteen minutes to get that call completed as the man was having trouble finding where we were on the map.  I-476 north one mile south of the I-76 exit ramp, mile marker 14 7/10,  Pennsylvania.  Finally got a call back saying it would be an hour and a half before road service would reach us.

So we sat in air conditioned comfort in the truck with a nervous dog....The traffic zipping by us rocked the rig and made way to much noise for Boo.  Jim searched for a campground because we knew the day was shot for traveling.  Found one and he called and reserved us a spot for the night.  So we waited and played games and read our books on our tablets.  We each used the toilet and Boo got out and peed all over the place.

Finally!  Road service arrived, changed the tire ($323!) and we were on the road at 1515.....and it was starting to rain! Fortunately it wasn't heavy and didn't last long.  We also ran into some road work that had Jim maneuvering through narrow, tight lanes.  And don't you know there was another toll booth!  This one had us take a ticket and you paid when you exited.  That made Jim find an alternate route and by the time we exited we paid less than three dollars.

We drove on some lovely local roads and I saw three deer in an old corn field that hadn't been plowed since the harvest last fall.  According to GPS our destination was only eight miles by this time and it would take us about 15 minutes to get to the campground.

Well it may have taken us a wee bit longer.  After we got on the Allentown road it seemed to get narrower and twisty and up and down.  Even had to cross a one lane bridge.  It was beautiful!  But it was a new road and we were both watching the road....mostly.

It was shortly after 1600 when we arrived.  Homestead Campground in Green Lane, Pennsylvania is a family campground.  Not to many folks here but we managed to get checked in and set up quickly.  Had a problem with the refrigerator.  Jim had to run an extension cord to get it running.  And we discovered other outlets that didn't work, all in the slide above the blow out.

Our site is on a cinder, gravel bed with a cement patio.  Full hook ups and the site has a picnic table with some flower beds with roses.  In the above picture that's our rig on the right.  Discovered this morning that once the sun tops the trees we are in full sunlight.

These Iris are in the bed at the base of the flag pole

Only two blooms but they sure were pretty

After we got set up we were tired and hungry so we headed out and found a grocery so I could get some coffee creamer.  Then a restaurant, Boston Market for some comfort food.  Next stop was for fuel where we paid $2.55 for diesel.

This is advertised as a family campground and there are two play sets for children.  This one is for the 3-5 age group

Once home I jumped into the shower, then it was Jim's turn.  He spent the evening reading while I was online and then played games.

I took all these pictures this morning as we strolled around.  The campground is quite large and has ten areas, places for small rigs, this pond and we discovered a swimming pool being readied for the summer

Throughout the back is the wooded area that small rigs can get into along with tenters.  It looks like most sites have electric and water.  We found bathhouse #2 with a laundry

 Our walk was just over an hour up and down slight grades, nothing strenuous but very serene with all the bird song we heard along the way

And waiting for us at home was Boo! 

We're staying one more night.  Jim discovered why we don't have electric in the slide....missing cord.  Sure hope he and Scotty can fix it once we get to West Haven.  We don't have TV and it will be a long summer without it!

All is right in our world?  :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Change of plans

I'd rather be at the beach...

It was raining when Jim got up this morning and after he had breakfast he decided that we were not going anywhere.  It's really a pain and it gets messy when you pack up in the rain.  AND he's still trying to recover from his cold.  

So even though we couldn't get a hold of anyone in the office on Friday or by dropping by on Saturday to extend our stay we sit.  

After a morning of rain it started to clear up and by mid afternoon it was dry enough for me to go for a walk.  I managed to get over a mile in.  Sure was chilly though with the wind coming out of the north.

It started raining again a couple hours after I returned.  

At this point I don't know when we're leaving Aberdeen.  In the morning we'll check the weather and if necessary see if we can stay longer.  If we have to leave, we will.

We're RV'ers....our plans are set in jello!

All is right in our world

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Havre De Grace Maryland

Rain!  All day it's been raining...

I've been walking more and more each day and sometimes I just have to take a picture

Wouldn't you like to stroll through here?  Perhaps have a  picnic or just lay down and take a nap?

Yesterday we took Boo to his grooming at 1130, dropped him off and then headed into Havre De Grace to have lunch on the Susquehanna River at Tidewater Grille.  It was a lovely day to be on or near the water.  Full sunshine and a light breeze.  All the outdoor tables were taken and we didn't want to wait for a free table and chose to eat inside but we still had this nice view.

Over to the left was an Amtrak train trestle and we got to see several passenger trains cross the river in both directions.  Jim saw a big bird (bigger than an Osprey) hit the water and come up with a fish and we both saw him land on a rocky spit of land to eat it.  I think it was a juvenile Eagle.   Big lovely, brown bird.

I had crab cakes, garlic mashed potatoes and steamed veggies for lunch...ate about half of it and brought the rest home to enjoy 

Jim ordered the mixed seafood grille that included Salmon, scallops, shrimp and small crab cake, steamed veggie and fries.  He also brought home some of his lunch.  Not sure why restaurants serve such large portions but we usually get two meals out of it.

We splurged and had a dessert that was wonderful but I don't remember what it was.  Needless to say we left stuffed

One the back to pick up Boo we stopped at Target for a few groceries.  I'm looking for some coffee creamer and apparently the stores only carry the flavored kinds...I may have to give up coffee

Here's Boo with his new doo!  From PetsMart we drove to get fuel and paid $2.19 for diesel

So it was a busy afternoon and we got home in time for Jim to nap.  For about 15 minutes I rested before I had to feed Boo his dinner.

Not sure when this rain is going to end!  Because it was raining we headed to an inside mall to get some walking in and to get me a haircut.  Mission accomplished!  We also stopped in at Jimmy John's for some lunch.  

After lunch we headed to Barnes and Nobles for reading and coffee.  We like spending rainy afternoons this way.

Tomorrow we're on the road again, but still haven't picked a place to's that for planning?

All is right in our world

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland

We left Richmond yesterday under overcast skies but no rain.  While Jim was at the dump station I spied this blooming was a huge bush so I wasn't sure about it.  Posted this picture on Facebook and asked if it was a is! You see it's been awhile since I've seen one and they were spindly trees.

The other day in Spotsylvania we stopped for fuel paying $1.96 for diesel....I love small towns away from the interstate!  Anyway I saw this barber shop.

G.R.A.C.E.  Giving Respect  And quality Cuts to Everyone

Isn't that clever???

Our drive to Aberdeen was uneventful except for all the potholes on I-95....if I never have to drive this interstate again it will be to soon.  Unfortunately we still have a few more mile before we reach our destination.  Oh and we paid $12 to drive through a tunnel in Baltimore and it was creepy.  

We're here for four nights and we've been here before. October 2014 on the drive south to Florida.  We have TV this time, we're in site 5 with a good view of the southern sky for the satellite dish. Only eleven sites and each one has a 60 foot concrete pad with a patio and picnic table. We have a big tree.  I'll try to post a picture, I meant to take one today. It's on the outskirts of base housing.  No traffic back here except those who live here.

Someone in housing has a barking dog that Boo was annoyed with last night after we went to bed.  He kept grring and since he sleeps on my my chest it kept me awake for awhile.  There's also a train that we hear often, day and night.  Doesn't bother us, we like trains.  But I'm not fond of barking dogs...

Tomorrow Boo and I are getting groomed!  I had planned on getting a haircut two or three stops ago.  But when I caught that cold I didn't care!  And now I'm overdo and I sure want to look nice when we get to Anne and Scotty's.  
Jim is about over his cold.  Yesterday's pack out and drive didn't help but he's doing better after taking a nap mid day.  He also went for short walk.  As did I, three times!  I'll probably be sore tomorrow  :-(

I also did laundry most of the day.  I stripped the bed and remade it and fixed an easy meal of spaghetti.  Whew, I'm tired!

All is right in our world!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Terry and Mark

It has been raining all day!  

Started around 0730 and has rained or sprinkled all day and it's still raining.  We've been entertaining ourselves reading and playing games.  I didn't go outside at all and Jim only went out to refill my laundry detergent bottle.  He had planned on checking the pressure in the tires for our trip tomorrow.....nothing happened to get ready for our next move.

I spent the day doing laundry and cooking.  I made a loaf of cinnamon brown sugar bread and a pot of Black Bean and Salsa soup.  Both helped keep us warm as I don't think the temperature rose above 60 all day.

Saturday Jim finally felt well enough to clean the bugs off the front of the rig from our trip here.  Then slept the afternoon away as he wasn't in top form.  They say it takes long to recover from illness when your older and I'm here to tell does!  Even though I've been over the symptoms I look forward to going to bed each night.  Jim is just now getting over the symptoms.  And he'll be doing outside prep in the drizzly rain tomorrow morning.

Sunday we were ready to venture out for groceries and decided lunch out would be nice.  We chose Carrabbas and had a lovely Italian meal.  Since it was in a mall parking lot we decided to walk the mall because we haven't gotten any exercise since these colds brought us so low.  We only walked once around and we barely got 5000 steps for the day...

Then we headed for groceries and it was one of those super Kroger's, you know the ones with clothing and household goods.  I managed to find the few items I needed but having never been in this store before it was dash here and return there before we got everything.  We were bushed when we left and Jim napped when we got home and I collapsed on the lounger and checked my eyelids for light leaks.

We rested that evening because we Monday we were driving to Spotsylvania to meet up with friends we haven't seen in four years!

Monday was a beautiful, sunny day and our drive was just over an hour to Spotsylvania.  Terry and Mark are staying in Quantico and we figured this was about halfway for both of us.  This city is the county seat and has a lot of beautiful brick,  official looking buildings.  It's Virginia after all....the buildings look fabulous.

We arrived first at the Courthouse Cafe, a quaint diner next to the courthouse!  Within 10-15 minutes Terry and Mark arrived!  How nice to see their smiling faces and after hugs we sat down and eventually ordered some drink and food.  The three of them had breakfast (it's served all day) and I ordered green beans, mashed potatoes and pickled beets.  We had a wonderful time chatting and catching up.

I hope we get to meet up again and sooner than four years 

Tomorrow we're on the road to Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland.  We don't like traveling in rainy weather but we've got reservations.

All is right in our world!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jim will live also!

I think Jim is over the worst of his cold.  He slept most of Friday and after a good nights sleep that night he awoke sounding better yesterday.  He's still coughing and taking meds.

I haven't had any medication since Friday night and I feel good.  I've even made some meals and made donuts for a treat.

We've decided to stay here until Wednesday just to get over this ickyness.  Oh,by here I mean Richmond, Virginia.  We're at a small campground on a military installation.   Only 6 sites and we have one other neighbor.  A family of four came in Friday.  

A wee bit of a storm came through yesterday and played havoc with our slide topper....then it quieted and rained for a bit.  But it came with cooler temperatures and I awoke to 48 degrees this morning.  Finally turned on the furnace because the sun wasn't warming us fast enough!  We might reach 65 it's long pants and sock time. 

Since we haven't ventured out I don't have much to write about.  

All is right in our world

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lazy Acres Campground

Neither one of us felt like traveling but on Monday we left Parris Island.  Most of this trip north is being done on I-95 and parts of it aren't in the best shape.  This leg of the trip is our longest to date,roughly 240 miles

We stopped for lunch at a rest area and choked down a peanut butter sandwich.  Back on the road quickly so we could get to Fayetteville North Carolina and rest.  But....we had a tire blowout on the passenger side of the rig. And I might add that we were in the middle of nowhere!  There were a couple of small towns and a prison on the map.  Called road service and they quickly set us up with a new tire and a young man who knew what he was doing and shortly we were back on the road.  Less than two hours total delay.

When we arrived here it was almost 1700.  And all three of us were ready to call it a day!  We did the basic set up, fed Boo and went out to dinner.  A buffet with a lot of southern comfort foods and we probably ate to much but it was good.

Back home we showered and let me tell you I was brain dead and we went to was still daylight outside!  I slept until 0730.  Jim got up during the night, he was restless and when he came back to bed he didn't get up until almost 1100.


We had some running to do....we stopped in Camping World to get a new handle for the front door.  Ours broke and it needed replacing just so we don't fall up or down the steps!  We needed fuel so we stopped in a BP station that had diesel for $2.09 a gallon.  Food Lion for some groceries was the last stop.

Neither one of us have much of an appetite and we're relying on freezer food and soups to sustain us.

Two years ago we stayed here on our trip south, this post has some pictures.  

Today we are just hanging around and resting.  We'll be back on the road tomorrow but for the life of me I don't know where we're going!  Jim has told me but I've forgotten.

I don't like being screws up my brain  :-)

All is getting better in our world

Saturday, May 7, 2016

I think I'll Live

I mentioned in my last post that we both were having trouble with allergies...Well for me it wasn't, I caught a cold.  I spent a lot of time resting, crawling back into bed by 0900 Monday and Tuesday.  

Of course on Wednesday we left Kings Bay and headed to Parris Island, South Carolina. As soon as possible I was resting.

Wednesday night I was in bed by 2030 and didn't get up until 0730 the next morning.

During all this my darling husband did my chores and took care of me.  

The cold has settled in my chest but I'm not coughing often.  Now Jim is suffering with the runny nose.

On a happy note, I've lost two pounds!  Just not eating, no appetite.

So far today I haven't felt the need to nap.  I feel almost human again!

We ventured out yesterday to the Post Office in Port Royal.  Sonsearae mailed me a Mother's Day package. While I was inside Jim found a boardwalk with a tower so we headed there and enjoyed a nice walk and climb.
We then took a short drive around Beaufort looking at moss draped oak trees and southern mansions.  No pictures this time...didn't bring a camera.  We were here before and you can read about it here

If we venture out again I'll take my camera, promise!  Every bend in the road is picturesque

Our weather has been a few degrees cooler than our last stop. I like.... We've had the windows open with a slight breeze blowing. Right now it's only 79 degrees 

All is right in our world