Thursday, May 19, 2016

Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland

We left Richmond yesterday under overcast skies but no rain.  While Jim was at the dump station I spied this blooming was a huge bush so I wasn't sure about it.  Posted this picture on Facebook and asked if it was a is! You see it's been awhile since I've seen one and they were spindly trees.

The other day in Spotsylvania we stopped for fuel paying $1.96 for diesel....I love small towns away from the interstate!  Anyway I saw this barber shop.

G.R.A.C.E.  Giving Respect  And quality Cuts to Everyone

Isn't that clever???

Our drive to Aberdeen was uneventful except for all the potholes on I-95....if I never have to drive this interstate again it will be to soon.  Unfortunately we still have a few more mile before we reach our destination.  Oh and we paid $12 to drive through a tunnel in Baltimore and it was creepy.  

We're here for four nights and we've been here before. October 2014 on the drive south to Florida.  We have TV this time, we're in site 5 with a good view of the southern sky for the satellite dish. Only eleven sites and each one has a 60 foot concrete pad with a patio and picnic table. We have a big tree.  I'll try to post a picture, I meant to take one today. It's on the outskirts of base housing.  No traffic back here except those who live here.

Someone in housing has a barking dog that Boo was annoyed with last night after we went to bed.  He kept grring and since he sleeps on my my chest it kept me awake for awhile.  There's also a train that we hear often, day and night.  Doesn't bother us, we like trains.  But I'm not fond of barking dogs...

Tomorrow Boo and I are getting groomed!  I had planned on getting a haircut two or three stops ago.  But when I caught that cold I didn't care!  And now I'm overdo and I sure want to look nice when we get to Anne and Scotty's.  
Jim is about over his cold.  Yesterday's pack out and drive didn't help but he's doing better after taking a nap mid day.  He also went for short walk.  As did I, three times!  I'll probably be sore tomorrow  :-(

I also did laundry most of the day.  I stripped the bed and remade it and fixed an easy meal of spaghetti.  Whew, I'm tired!

All is right in our world!