Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What a Lovely Area

When I got up yesterday I checked the weather and it looked promising.  It wasn't raining and the skies were clearing.  When Jim got up we made the decision to leave.  We had breakfast and then went to work.

 We left Aberdeen yesterday around 1000 under partly cloudy skies.  It seemed to clear more and more as we got farther down (up?) the road.  The start of our trip had us on state highways with a lot of stops at red lights. We had to pay a toll of $24 ($6 per axle) just after we left Havre De Grace. Just before we picked up I-476 we pulled over and had some pasta salad for lunch.  This was around 1130

We didn't have a destination in mind.  We both knew it would take us two days of driving to get to West Haven Vermont.  So we just wanted to get some miles out of the way.

Didn't happen!  We heard a noise that sounded like a gunshot around 1215 and when we pulled over we discovered we'd blown a tire on the rig, drivers side.  Not much we can about that except call road service.  Must have taken fifteen minutes to get that call completed as the man was having trouble finding where we were on the map.  I-476 north one mile south of the I-76 exit ramp, mile marker 14 7/10,  Pennsylvania.  Finally got a call back saying it would be an hour and a half before road service would reach us.

So we sat in air conditioned comfort in the truck with a nervous dog....The traffic zipping by us rocked the rig and made way to much noise for Boo.  Jim searched for a campground because we knew the day was shot for traveling.  Found one and he called and reserved us a spot for the night.  So we waited and played games and read our books on our tablets.  We each used the toilet and Boo got out and peed all over the place.

Finally!  Road service arrived, changed the tire ($323!) and we were on the road at 1515.....and it was starting to rain! Fortunately it wasn't heavy and didn't last long.  We also ran into some road work that had Jim maneuvering through narrow, tight lanes.  And don't you know there was another toll booth!  This one had us take a ticket and you paid when you exited.  That made Jim find an alternate route and by the time we exited we paid less than three dollars.

We drove on some lovely local roads and I saw three deer in an old corn field that hadn't been plowed since the harvest last fall.  According to GPS our destination was only eight miles by this time and it would take us about 15 minutes to get to the campground.

Well it may have taken us a wee bit longer.  After we got on the Allentown road it seemed to get narrower and twisty and up and down.  Even had to cross a one lane bridge.  It was beautiful!  But it was a new road and we were both watching the road....mostly.

It was shortly after 1600 when we arrived.  Homestead Campground in Green Lane, Pennsylvania is a family campground.  Not to many folks here but we managed to get checked in and set up quickly.  Had a problem with the refrigerator.  Jim had to run an extension cord to get it running.  And we discovered other outlets that didn't work, all in the slide above the blow out.

Our site is on a cinder, gravel bed with a cement patio.  Full hook ups and the site has a picnic table with some flower beds with roses.  In the above picture that's our rig on the right.  Discovered this morning that once the sun tops the trees we are in full sunlight.

These Iris are in the bed at the base of the flag pole

Only two blooms but they sure were pretty

After we got set up we were tired and hungry so we headed out and found a grocery so I could get some coffee creamer.  Then a restaurant, Boston Market for some comfort food.  Next stop was for fuel where we paid $2.55 for diesel.

This is advertised as a family campground and there are two play sets for children.  This one is for the 3-5 age group

Once home I jumped into the shower, then it was Jim's turn.  He spent the evening reading while I was online and then played games.

I took all these pictures this morning as we strolled around.  The campground is quite large and has ten areas, places for small rigs, this pond and we discovered a swimming pool being readied for the summer

Throughout the back is the wooded area that small rigs can get into along with tenters.  It looks like most sites have electric and water.  We found bathhouse #2 with a laundry

 Our walk was just over an hour up and down slight grades, nothing strenuous but very serene with all the bird song we heard along the way

And waiting for us at home was Boo! 

We're staying one more night.  Jim discovered why we don't have electric in the slide....missing cord.  Sure hope he and Scotty can fix it once we get to West Haven.  We don't have TV and it will be a long summer without it!

All is right in our world?  :-)