Friday, May 27, 2016

We made it!

Wow! It's Friday already and I'm still recovering from our long drive on Wednesday.  We drove all day long and arrived at Anne and Scottys around 1600.  Along the way we paid many fees for tolls, saw 5 deer dead on the side of the road in Pennsylvania and made several stops to wake our butts up!

It took Jim and Scotty awhile to get our rig level, we're parked almost exactly where we parked last time here.  But the site is more level if that makes sense.  I'll get a picture to show you how it was leveled! 

Of course Anne and I chatted, I fed Boo and then Miss Anne started dinner when the guys were finishing up.  The guys showered and we sat outside and enjoyed meatloaf, baked potatoes and peas.  Wine (with dinner) and some smooth tequila (after dinner).

We talked forever!  But soon we had to call it a night.  No matter, we'll be here for awhile and probably get talked out before we leave...

Thursday was spent doing laundry, running errands etc. More tweaks on setting up and repairing some problems.  The flusher died Wednesday night right as we went to bed.  The part to repair it has been ordered and hopefully we'll get it today.  Jim and Scotty got us rewired and now we have electric in the big back slide.  YAY!

Another shared meal, they had steak we had portobello mushrooms grilled, salad and baked beans.  We'll share most of our evening meals.

After dinner Anne and I went for a walk.  She has lilac and honeysuckle blooming.  Walking along the road and peeking into other yards I was pleased to see the flowering lilacs, iris and as the spring wears on and Summer rolls around there will be more flowering bushes and plants to see.

These horses were way off in the pasture but saw us and came up to greet us

Such pretty colors on this Iris

These flowers were on the side of the road

By the time I tidied the kitchen, did the dishes and took my shower it was 2030 and almost ready for bed.....I think an hour or so later we were in bed.

So far we're enjoying temperatures in the 80's during the day and it looks like it will continue through the weekend.

And there ya have it.  It feels like we are home

All is right in our world