Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jim will live also!

I think Jim is over the worst of his cold.  He slept most of Friday and after a good nights sleep that night he awoke sounding better yesterday.  He's still coughing and taking meds.

I haven't had any medication since Friday night and I feel good.  I've even made some meals and made donuts for a treat.

We've decided to stay here until Wednesday just to get over this ickyness.  Oh,by here I mean Richmond, Virginia.  We're at a small campground on a military installation.   Only 6 sites and we have one other neighbor.  A family of four came in Friday.  

A wee bit of a storm came through yesterday and played havoc with our slide topper....then it quieted and rained for a bit.  But it came with cooler temperatures and I awoke to 48 degrees this morning.  Finally turned on the furnace because the sun wasn't warming us fast enough!  We might reach 65 it's long pants and sock time. 

Since we haven't ventured out I don't have much to write about.  

All is right in our world