Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review

It seems like the blogging world is doing a review of the past twelve months.  We've been here for a year, end of review!

Welaka is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and if you crave excitement you will have to create it or go out and find it.  This place is peaceful and we've both enjoyed the laid back atmosphere.

We have enjoyed many outings and renewed our love affair with St Augustine.  We both love that city and find something new every time we visit.  

We've discovered new places like Deland that needs more exploration.  It's a beautiful university town.

Flagler Beach is an old Florida town with no high rises on the beach.  You have the ocean on one side of the road with houses and businesses on the other side.  Sitting on the upper deck of a restaurant looking out over the Atlantic ocean is pure bliss!

Highway 13 that runs along the St John's river north to Jacksonville is a beautiful drive.  Farmland, new houses, old houses, waterfront homes to die for and more modest digs that suit us.

As with any long stay in one spot, we've gotten comfortable here, but we're ready to move on.  Just 74 more days and the adventure begins again...hopefully my wash machine will be fixed before we leave!

Happy New Year

Friday, December 27, 2013

Rainy Day Doings

Today started out dreary.  We had some sprinkles and of course it was cool.  I changed the sheets out and prepared a load of laundry....what else do you do on a rainy day?

While Jim was doing the dishes Kathy popped in and asked if we needed anything from the store and within the space of two seconds Jim was asking her about heading to Barnes and Nobles.  Decision made!

When John and Kathy returned we all hopped in our truck and headed out.  First stop was getting fuel then we headed to St Augustine in a fine drizzle of rain. During the drive we decided on Cracker Barrel for lunch and we could use our gift cards!  

Who knew the entire county would be there???  Of course the outlet mall across the street didn't have anything to do with it! We had to wait a bit before we got seated but we all enjoyed our meals.  Then we headed to Camping World for popcorn...not really, but they do have free popcorn and some of us enjoyed a bag.  Jim picked up something and John and Kathy looked at 5th wheel trailers.  I think they like our space and I know John would like to 'size up'.

Couple more stops for us, one for coffee cream at a health store and we needed to stop at a Verizon Store to update our military status to get our discount.  Since it was after 1600 Jim and I decided we needed some coffee so we stopped at The Hyppo Cafe.  Three of us had some mighty fine coffee and we shared two delicious cookies.

Never did make it to Barnes and Nobles, perhaps another day..

The drive home was wet but the rain was just a nuisance all afternoon, nothing heavy.

Once home Jim took our laundry up and got it washed and I divided it up and dried it at home.  A quiet evening and there you have it!  Another day in the life of us...

77 days

  • 6,728,819 seconds
  • 112,146 minutes (rounded down)
  • 1869 hours (rounded down)
  • 77 days (rounded down)
  • 11 weeks

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas dishes

Today has been a quiet day...Jim was working and managed to wash our sheets so I can change the linens tomorrow. No, we haven't heard from the I don't know when the wash machine will be fixed.

I cleaned out a cabinet looking for something.  Didn't find it but the cabinet looks better.  Put some stuff away, started taking down some Christmas decorations.  I'll have it all put away before the new year.  How long do keep your decorations up?

I meant to post about these dishes before Christmas so you could check them out.  I picked these up at Walmart and they only cost $2.98 each.  Probably on sale now if they're still available.  These are salad dishes

I really didn't need them but I wanted to make our dinner a wee bit special, to me that's dishes!  Now I'll pack them away and try to remember to use them next Christmas!

78 days

  • 6,814,873 seconds
  • 113,581 minutes (rounded down)
  • 1893 hours (rounded down)
  • 78 days (rounded down)
  • 11 weeks (rounded down)
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Christmas Day

Hope your Christmas was a special one.  We started the day with breakfast at Kathy and John's house.  Kathy made cinnamon rolls and a breakfast casserole.  I brought sliced tomatoes and cantaloupe.  It was wonderful!  We exchanged our gifts and chatted for awhile.

Back home we tidied up the kitchen and kicked back for a bit.  Then Jim thought it would be nice to take the golf cart out for a drive around the area.  The weather was beautiful and the plan sounded good to everyone.  Well the electric cart turned out to be a problem.  It was losing it's charge and going slower and slower.  John had to push us for awhile and we all pitched pedaling like Fred Flinstone!  While the guys nursed the cart back to the office we gals sat and waited.

Soon the fellas showed up with the gas our trip continued...but first we needed to air up a low tire so we went to the gas station...they charge a dollar and no one had money!  Back to Welaka Lodge we go and John came up with a brilliant idea, Let's go to the beach!

So that's what we did.  The four of us piled into John's truck and on  this lovely, beautiful Christmas day we enjoyed the sights, sounds and smell of the Atlantic Ocean at Flagler Beach

the temperature was around 71 but there was a stiff breeze blowing and as you can see by these pictures some of us enjoyed it.

Folks were picnicking and fishing


This young lady was tempting the waves dashing this way and that


my Jim wishing he'd brought a jacket!

John taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him!

This mom with her kids wasn't taking any chances with those waves. While she held on to them everyone got soaked and enjoyed the refreshing waves crashing into them

Pure Joy!

What a wonderful way to spend Christmas afternoon!

We were back home shortly after 1600 and while I enjoyed my coffee I made up the dishes for our dinner.  I made pico de gallo and guacamole, also roasted some Brussels sprouts with cauliflower. Jim helped getting the table ready and placed the dishes.  Kathy and John soon arrived with fresh baked rolls and a sliced ham with a casserole of sweet potatoes.

A lovely way to celebrate, a simple meal and family. 

For dessert we had sweet potato pie with whipped cream and a friendship cake that we received as a gift.

Again we found much to discuss and reflect upon and shortly some of us started yawning...time to end our day.

How did you spend your day?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

No matter where you are or who you're with, enjoy this Christmas

We are blessed by the addition of family this year.  Kathy and John thank you for spending this holiday with us.
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Glorious Weather

After that last front went through we've been enjoying wonderful weather! Low to mid 80's during the days and gradually warming at night.  Except for the fact that our neighbors think this is campfire weather we could have sat out every day.

Saturday we had dinner plans, meeting up with Sonsearae and Chris at Corky Bells.  She had to work that morning and when she got off she piled into her car and drove to Lake City...then she and Chris drove to East Palatka....can you tell we are loved?

We left around 1700 and arrived before they did which gave us time to show Kathy and John the river and decide if we should eat inside or out.  Outside it was!  After the sun went down it was a little cool but some of us had jackets.  This was our Christmas dinner and we exchanged our gifts of food.  Sonsearae always makes up food that can be gifted in containers and this year we got red beans and rice and some vegan powdered 'chicken' broth.  She also made some yummy fudge (that I shouldn't be eating!)

We had a lovely dinner and Jim and I brought home not only our leftovers but Sonsearae's also! Kathy and John managed to take some home too.  Why is it restaurants have such large servings?  Only one dessert was ordered, a slice of key lime pie that some of us shared.  Perfect!  one or two bites and no one is stuffed...

Sunday was a disappointing day...The New Orleans Saints lost to the Panthers...We enjoyed our leftovers and we could have sat outside except for the smoky fire pit next door.

The temperature is supposed to get into the 80's today but later this evening thunderstorms are predicted.  Another front is about to come our way...

Are you ready for Christmas?  I have two packages coming for Jim, they should be here tomorrow.

82 days

  • 7,119,239 seconds
  • 118,653 minutes (rounded down)
  • 1977 hours (rounded down)
  • 82 days (rounded down)
  • 11 weeks (rounded down)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Still without a wash machine and St Augustine

Wednesday was a very long day...we waited and waited and 1500 I'd given up hope of seeing the repairman come.  But he did finally show up ad replaced the board and ran a cycle...everything was good!

After he left Jim put a sheet in the washer and it did wrap itself around the spindle but perhaps he just loaded it wrong.  

John and Kathy came over around 1630 bringing some pumpkin bars to enjoy with our coffee.  We chatted for awhile and when they left I made Mexican Rice Soup for our dinner.

Thursday morning I had an appointment at 0800 with the VA so I was up and out the door by 0730.  Nothing serious, I just wanted to talk to a dietitian about my 'odd' diet.  I'm not a total vegan but I'm trying!  Meanwhile I wanted to make sure I'm getting the nutrients I need.  I kept a food log for five days and we discussed that and the types of food I eat. I learned some new stuff and have a better idea of what I need to do to stay off medication for diabetes and high cholesterol.

I was home by 0930 and I did a load of laundry and all was good.  

After lunch the four of us headed to St Augustine.  Kathy and John had never been so it was fun showing them around.  We never tire of the old city and the shops.  Each time we go we discover something we haven't seen before.  I bought some hot sauces at the Pepper Palace. If you like hot sauces this is the place to see!  There are so many I don't think I could try all of them in my lifetime...

We parked at the Fort but they wanted to see it another time.  The day was gorgeous and the bay was chock full of boats coming and going.

There were Christmas decorations scattered about 

This stag horn fern caught my eye and you can almost see it to the right of the door in the picture below

We ended up having a bite to eat at Pizzalley.  They were handing out samples of pizza and we all wanted more!

One of the reasons we went to St Augustine was to see the Christmas lights.  We had to move the truck or take a chance on getting a ticket.  Since we had time to kill before sunset and the train ride we drove over to Anastasia Island and showed them the lighthouse and drove through the State Park

In one of the parking areas we came across some Wood Storks that didn't seem to mind us taking their picture.  As we were leaving the sun started sinking behind the trees and I was able to capture this picture

We still have some flowers blooming here in Florida

The train ride was fun, there are lots of lights to see and we sang along to Christmas songs and had a good time wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.  When we finally got back and into the truck we decided we needed a pit stop before driving all the way home. We found a fast food place and took care of that and Jim and I bought some coffee.

Once home we just relaxed and settled in for the evening.

I should mention that Thursday was a warm day with very little wind.  Friday was pretty much the same just a little warmer

I did a load of laundry Friday morning and it didn't spin or drain properly.  So we put in another call and he said he'd order a motor and new board and try to get it repaired before Christmas.  I am not fond of having to schlep laundry!  Oh well ....

82 days

  • 7,161,826 seconds
  • 119,363 minutes (rounded down)
  • 1989 hours (rounded down)
  • 82 days (rounded down)
  • 11 weeks (rounded down)
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ta Dah!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!  As promised here is our little tree.  It's easy to store, you just slip it in a plastic bag and tuck it into a corner.

I always have to tidy it up because the ornaments fall off and this year I added the presents.  Of course I could glue the presents down...but I might want to arrange them differently next year!

Monday evening we attended the dinner hosted by the owners.  It started at 1800 down by the roaring campfire (it was cold!) where we had a glass of wine.  Then we walked over to Shrimps R Us and settled into a lovely dinner.  We started off with a drink called a fireball.  Never had one of these and before the evening was over I had at least three.  It involves a shot of Cinnamon Schnapps and an apple cider chaser.  Someone said it supposed to taste like apple pie....didn't taste that but I did like the cinnamon flavor!

There was also wine in carafes and we chose the chardonnay.  Our hosts, Jessica and Kevin pre-ordered some starters to snack on, fried gator tail, mushrooms, green beans and cheese.  Yes, they were all fried and very tasty! We could order anything off the menu and Jim got the surf and turf and I ordered the crab stuffed shrimp (very tasty) but I brought most of them home. We both had the slaw and Jim had French fries while I chose mashed potatoes and gravy.

During all this time we all chatted and had a grand time!  For dessert we had a carrot cake baked by Bonnie...well known for her baked items!

We had a full moon to walk home and I think it was just before 2100 when I stepped into a nice hot shower.  We both slept well under the duvet.

Tuesday was another chilly day, don't think the temperature got above 60 or so.  The sun was out and that does help.

We made a run to Lowe's, Dollar Tree and Walmart in the afternoon, mostly for Christmas items though Jim needed some paint to touch up our sign.  Kathy rode along with us while John stayed home.

Boo is doing better with his scratching.  I sure hope we don't have to keep him on temeril all the time.  He's taking a dose every other day until they're gone.  I've also changed up his flea medicine to Comfortis.  We should know by March if he needs more meds for anything!

Today the repairman will come out and work on the wash machine and cross your fingers and toes that this does the trick!  Both Jim and I have been toting laundry and it's a chore I can do without.

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Monday, December 16, 2013


Saturday started out overcast and warm.  The sun did come out for a bit but the temperature only reached the mid-70's.  Perfect for wandering the main street in DeLand.  The four of us piled into the truck just before 1000 and headed south on US 17 passing through Crescent City.

We found a place to park in one of the public parking spots.  There is a three hour limit but we don't think it's enforced. 

Stetson University is located here and I wonder if this was a student special?

Some of the buildings are interesting, the opera house has apartments on top

DeLand is a very pretty city and well worth a visit.  I know we'll go back

 After wandering up one side and down the other, stopping in a few shops along the way we finally decided on lunch at the Mainstreet Grill.  Very nice menu and you can dine outside on the patio with the walls of water cascading in the background.

Jim decided on sauteed mushrooms and a Cobb salad while I had grilled mahi-mahi with black beans and yellow rice, we both had a draft beer.

Kathy ordered a turkey Ruben and John had a cheeseburger after ordering two cinnamon rolls!  The rolls were small and he did share them  :-)  They had tea or water to drink.

After we waddled our way back to the car we drove around the campus for a bit just looking at all the buildings.  We didn't see any students so we figured they were on Christmas break.  

On the way home a gentle rain began to fall and by 1800 it was a full blown thunderstorm!  We even lost power, but it came back after a few minutes.  Direct TV was out for about 15-20 minutes.

The rain continued all through the evening and as far as I know, all night.  I heard it several times during the night with gentle rain at times and a wee bit more other times.  The deck was so wet that it didn't dry out all day.  

Monday Jim had to work and I did a load of laundry.  Had to change the sheets and didn't have any clean!  Sure will be glad when my wash machine is fixed.  I really don't like schlepping my laundry, I guess I'm spoiled....

The day was a bit overcast but not to bad temperature wise.  I took Boo for a walk after lunch and Kathy joined me.  As the day wore on it did get cooler and by nightfall it was already in the lower 60's.  By 2200 it was in the 50's and we slept quite well under the duvet.

Today Jim is working and it's much colder.  Beautiful, sunny skies but the temperature is only 55 at 1400.  No wind so it's tolerable!

Tonight we're going to the work camper dinner so I don't have to fix dinner.  It's nice to be included but I didn't work a lick this year.
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Saturday, December 14, 2013


Don't you just love sitting around waiting for something?  After being told that a repairman would come out Thursday we waited for the call...that never came...

Kathy and I did go to Crescent City for a grocery run after lunch.  I stopped by Viva la Verde and picked up some fruit and veggies.  Then it was on to Winn Dixie for the rest of our purchases.  

Back home it was more waiting.  Around 1630 Jim called the folks who were supposed to come out...turns out they don't do our area on Thursdays!  She scheduled us for we wait.

Last night the four of us went to the pizza/potluck and Kathy and John made a connection to do some volunteering locally.  There was a big fire going in the fire pit that the 15-16 of us enjoyed and pizza was the main course this night.  I took some chips and salsa and Bonnie brought a couple coconut cream pies.  I think it was Jessica who made the blonde brownie dish and Bob and Beverly brought a pasta salad.  I enjoyed the crisp, clear skies and all the stars, planets and planes flying high above us.  The moon was problem as were the two or three street lights we have here.

Home by 2000 and Jim found a movie to watch while I showered and tidied up the kitchen.

Friday,along with the waiting I made some potato soup.  It dipped into the 40's last night and hot soup sounded real good!  We each had some for lunch.  

After lunch I made a pot of black beans so we can have beans and rice for supper.  Sure made the house smell good! 

The afternoon turned out to be quite nice, sunshine and clear skies.  The repairman came around 1400, truthfully I didn't look at the clock.  He ran some towels through a wash cycle and declared we have a problem....he  thinks it's the circuit board so one was ordered and who knows when that will come in and the repair made.

After he left Jim took the wet towels down to the laundry and washed them.  We brought them home to dry.

We did have beans and rice for dinner and after I did the dishes we joined Kathy and John at their rig for a few rounds of Farkle... Jim didn't do so well, he even let John beat his scores!  I know I won one game.  It was fun!

Back home shortly after 2000 and I folded the laundry and showered.  Jim started playing a game on his tablet and didn't put it down until 2200 when he showered and we both went to bed.

91 days

  • 7,869,382 seconds
  • 131,156 minutes (rounded down)
  • 2185 hours (rounded down)
  • 91 days (rounded down)
  • 13 weeks

Thursday, December 12, 2013

This, That and the Other

Tuesday: John and Kathy went to the beach!  Good thing because by the time they got home the clouds had moved in and the gentle rain we call liquid sunshine had started to fall.

While they were off enjoying their date we stayed home and just did chores.  As I said Jim pulled the belly pan and discovered the moldy, wet insulation. I just putzed around the house.

Still need to get my Christmas tree out.  Do you decorate for Christmas?  Not a lot you can do when you live in an RV. Everything needs to be small

I forgot to mention the gifts I received for my birthday. Often when we sit out to watch the birds the squirrels invade and I've mentioned if I had a slingshot I could chase them away.  Well Jim got me a sling shot!  Nice one with a green handle.  Sonsearae and Chris sent me a huge box of Godiva Chocolates and if I eat one bite a day I can make it last a long time!  Kathy and John gave me a cute card and a poinsettia.  When we went to the party, Sonsearae had another present for me, A Flowering Numi Tea set....Quite fun to watch as the flower opens up and of course the tea is yummy. There was also a card with a set of Harry Potter stamps!  HP stamps....great stocking stuffer for fans  :-)

Wednesday we had to hang around and wait for the repairman to come an fix the wash machine.  So we played games on the computers, read all our emails, read blogs, did chores inside and outside and twiddled our thumbs.  Finally the call came and the repairman showed up after 1400 and he fixed it!  the diagnostic run was agitated and spun and sounded perfect....but after he left the same laundry in the machine with soap wouldn't agitate properly and the clothes wrapped themselves around the spindle and of course it couldn't spin....So before 1700 Jim called them back and another repair company will come out Thursday to check it out.

I did get my little tree out and it's set up.  Even took a picture of it so keep checking back to see when I post it!  I had forgotten about the Snowman container that Pat gave us a few years back.  He's sitting on a shelf and I should find something to put in his tummy...She gave it to us with M&M's I think...I'll try to remember to get a picture and post it.

Even though our weather is cooler the temperature managed to get in the mid 70's Wednesday and with sunshine that's pretty nice! Of course at night we're dipping into the 50's but we like that for sleeping.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The past week

For the past week we've enjoyed lovely weather while we watched the cold front move across our country.  Each day saw our highs go from mid 70's to mid 80's and it was wonderful!

Last Tuesday we finally broke down and took Boo in for a grooming.  I really wanted him to be free from his allergies and itching....but the poor critter was suffering and all that hair couldn't be helping.  While he was there we picked up some temaril to put an end to his scratching and our suffering.

Wednesday Jim worked all day and I made a pot of minestrone.  I can eat soup year round, doesn't matter to me if it's hot or cold outside.

Thursday, while Jim worked, I finally got a much needed 'grooming' too!  LOL  I hate spending the money but I prefer short hair.  Also made a grocery run and picked up some goodies for the Thursday pizza/potluck.  I think the high was around 82 and sitting out as the sun went down enjoying everyone's company at the gathering was very pleasant!

Friday was sunny and it was 73 by 0930 so we knew it was going to be another perfect day.  Meanwhile that cold front is making it's way across the country delivering sub zero temperatures in the north and snow almost everywhere!

The washing machine isn't working again.  Now it won't agitate or spin....Jim put in a call and it won't be until Wednesday before they can come out.  Jim emptied the black tank

We're expecting John and Kathy today.  They are newly retired and this is their first 'snowbird' season.  I made some beef stew to welcome them.  Jim has been looking forward to this visit from his brother John.  

Around 1600 everyday we have coffee and we were going to sit out and wait for them but they arrived while we were making our coffee! 

 Once Jim and Dan told John how to park their rig we finally got to say hello....Kathy joined me while Jim helped get John hooked up.  In no time at all they were ready to relax.

Dinner was a long drawn out fun fest!  I made biscuits to go with the stew and the guys managed to drink a bottle of wine!  After dinner was over the discussions continued.

Saturday turned out to be a busy day.  The guys did man things while we ladies went to Walmart.  They've been traveling for two weeks and needed supplies.

We ended up on the dock for sunset and it turned out to be a beautiful one

During the day there was a Toys for Tots boat parade and they stopped here for lunch and there was still a crowd there, drinking and eating

They forced Jim, John and Kathy to take some Low Country boil home with them.  As you can see Jim didn't have a hard time accepting! 

Sunday was my birthday!  I'm now 66 years young.  For this occasion the four of us drove to Lake City for a cookout.

Not sure what point she's expressing but her hands were a blur of activity

John, Jim and Chris were probably discussing the fine art of grilling.  

From left to right...Jim, Sonsearae, Chris, Kathy, John and Bobby (Chris's son)

We had BBQ chicken, steaks, veggie kabobs, cabbage salad, fruit salad, rolls and for dessert we had ice cream and German Chocolate cupcakes!   all of it was yummy.  Well worth the two hour drive to celebrate with family.

We didn't stay overlong because of the drive and the need to be home in time to watch the New Orleans Saints beat the Panthers!  Of course they have to play them again in two weeks and I sure hope the Saints can do it again.

Monday Jim worked and I did some cleaning and laundry.  John and Kathy came over for dinner.  We finished up the beef stew and had brownies, fruit salad and cupcakes for dessert.

Today while John and Kathy went to the beach we stayed home tending to household chores.  Jim had to pull the belly pan off the front of the rig, we have a water leak but can't find where it's coming from.  The insulation was all wet and moldy.

Jim skipped breakfast so we had a spaghetti and meatball lunch.  Made some garlic bread too.  After lunch we watched Skyfall on Amazon Prime.

Update on Boo, his meds are working but right now he's only getting half the dose and during the night he did some scratching.  I've checked and no fleas to be found...

Again we've had a pleasant day but it clouded up and we had a rain shower around 1500.  I guess that cold front is finally finding Florida!

 95 days

  • 8,219,233 seconds
  • 136,987 minutes (rounded down)
  • 2283 hours (rounded down)
  • 95 days (rounded down)
  • 13 weeks (rounded down)
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Friday, December 6, 2013

Help! I'm falling behind again!

It's those darn games I play...they're addictive!  Well that's my excuse and I'm sure it's part of my problem  :-)

Black Friday...I've always hated that term, I understand it means businesses are out of the red due to the sales that day.  But now it's just a day for us to avoid the stores.  There is nothing, I repeat nothing I need that badly that I'd go shopping on this day.  I value my safety and sanity to much!

We're still having problems getting onto Facebook.  Everyone in the resort is having this problem.  According to Jim the office (which has separate internet) doesn't have this problem. Oh well, I guess it means I spend to much time on Facebook.

Our water was off for a couple hours this day, apparently there was a leak that needed fixing.  Then it was time to do laundry.  Jim cleaned off the roof, being under a tree he keeps an eye on this.  He also emptied the black tank and raked the yard.  We both took Boo for a walk.

Our neighbor brought home enough logs to build a four foot fence behind our house!  Dan's truck bed was full and I sure hope he didn't have to load it because he had to unload it all by himself.

On Saturday wasn't as chilly, I guess the front is moving on.  
Do you ever click on the ads?  I get paid when you do!  So thank you and just for fun click on one now :-)

Sunday came and went, Jim worked.  Football games were just so-so.  Nothing we cared about

On Monday I was up at 0330! I just could not sleep.  Did some reading and of course game playing.  When it did lighten up with daybreak it was mostly cloudy.

I stripped the bed and got everything washed and back on, but it took all day!  Mostly by choice as I just kept putting it off.

The Saints did not do well against the Seahawks and we went to bed at halftime.

We've been enjoying cooler nights and sleeping under the duvet.  We both sleep much better!  But the nights have to be chilly...55 or below.  If not we have to run the AC to make it cool enough.  Do you have favorite blankets or quilts?

99 days <<< woo hoo

  • 8,587,448 seconds
  • 143,124 minutes (rounded down)
  • 2385 hours (rounded down)
  • 99 days (rounded down)
  • 14 weeks (rounded down)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Wednesday was a Busy Day!

Last Wednesday was a very busy day!  We don't usually have so much going on.  But sometimes you just can't help it.

I had a 1030 appointment at the VA.  Just a normal 'how ya doin' kind of thing.  The repairman was due to come after 0800 and before 1600 kind of thing.

I did a load of laundry, getting that out of the way. Jim didn't want to burden me with pumping fuel so he went and put some diesel in the truck. After breakfast I dressed and made the bed. Not sure if I folded the laundry before I left but it gone done sometime during the day!

Since the VA wants you there thirty minutes before your appointment I left around 0930 and headed to Palatka.  It's about a twenty five minute drive through town to the west side.

After I left Jim took care of getting the washer disconnected and unmounted from the slide mechanism so the repairman could work on it.  I don't recall doing dishes so he probably washed and dried the breakfast dishes.

After waiting nearly forty minutes I finally saw the nurse and doctor and fifteen minutes later I was done.  While sitting in the waiting area I shared the space with several men.  Only one bothered to take his cap off.  I guess I'm old school when it comes to former military and men in general. I think they should remove their hats when inside.  Used to be you never wore a hat inside, now everyone does.

When I left I headed to Publix for a few grocery items.  I can get a few items there that can't be found in Winn-Dixie.  I had my coupons ready and headed down the isles I needed.  Thirty minutes later I was heading home.

I pulled into the resort and what a sight to see!  There's my wash machine on the deck...and a man laying there working on it.  Mind you, it's a bit chilly outside but he said he didn't mind. Jim carried my purchases inside and I put it away.  I was hungry and grabbed a bite to eat as did Jim, I think we both had a peanut butter sandwich.

It wasn't long afterwards when the job was done and Jim helped bring the machine back inside.  They hooked it up and ran a cycle.  Works like a charm!  Since it was still under warranty there was no charge, just papers to sign.

Once the washer was firmly bolted onto the slider I started doing laundry and Jim remembered to check his clothes for something to wear for Thanksgiving dinner.  Good thing!  In this lifestyle we don't get dressed up very often.  Jim had a pair of dress slacks that no longer fit.  He has plenty of nice shirts but we thought it would be nice if he wore a tie.  OK, he has a long sleeve shirt (think cold weather) but needs a pair of trousers. we go to JC Penny's at the fabulous Palatka Mall.  Same place the VA is located!  They had what I'm guessing is their summer, light weight slacks on sale.  He tried on a couple and we went home with two pair, charcoal and black.  Also some new socks.  About this time I mentioned I was hungry and apparently he was too because he drove to Popeye's where we indulged in some yummy fast food.  I know I shouldn't but I really lack willpower sometimes!

Back home I continued with the laundry because the bin was full and tomorrow we won't be home.

Because we had a freeze warning we gathered up the plants I wanted to protect and got them covered.  I'm sure we had some dinner, but I didn't cook it.  Probably soup or leftovers.

Thanksgiving Day!  

We had to leave around 1100 to drive over to Ponte Vedra to join Sonsearae and Chris at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse <<

We both took our time getting ready and we should have taken a picture because we both looked so nice!  It was chilly so we took jackets, a cooler bag for leftovers and a bag off goodies for them.  Sonsearae and I always exchange a bag of goodies...magazines, dishes, food, silverware...

We arrived first for our 1300 seating but they arrived just as we got our drinks in the bar.  Not to long afterwards we were seated and had a wonderful dinner that took us about two hours to consume.  Three of us had a traditional turkey dinner which included a starter of gumbo for Jim and I, while Chris chose the house salad, plus turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce.  We had a choice of sides and I got green beans, Jim had sweet potato casserole and Chris got mashed potatoes.  Sonsearae opted for crab cakes with a sliced tomato salad and au gratin potatoes.  The turkey dinner also came with a dessert of pumpkin cheesecake and ice cream.  Sonsearae got a chocolate coffee drink that was wonderful!

I did not finish all of my turkey (three slices!) and there were other bits of leftovers that our waitress packed up.  As we were finishing up and waiting for our check our waitress came out with our leftovers!  Apparently everyone who had the turkey dinner got some to take home.  A little turkey, dressing and green beans plus small containers of gravy and cranberry sauce.  Except for one leftover container Jim and I got to take everything home with us!

It was a wonderful dinner and it was my first time dining at this establishment.  Except for the cost we could do it often!  Great food and wonderful service.

When we left both couples headed south on A1A to St Augustine to walk off that fabulous dinner and see the sights.  Chris and Sonsearae had never been to the Castillo de San Marcos so we treated them to a tour. :-)

Man was it cold!  It's located on the water, the wind was blowing and the stone structure made for a chilly exploration.  While peeking into the jail cell I found it to be the warmest place!  Hot air was pouring of the only window in the door.  We then walked over to the old city and got tickets for the train ride to see the Christmas lights. Thanks Sonsearae and Chris for treating us to this ride. 

We still had an hour or so kill and since we were chilled we stopped and got some caffeine to warm us.  Three of us had coffee while Chris chose a coke.  We then wandered over to Ripley's where the train ride embarks from.  Since it was so chilly and it would be a long walk back to the vehicles after the ride and it would be dark and colder we convinced the guys to walk back to the Castillo and get said vehicles!  Which turned out to be a great idea because we were all very cold from riding in the open train.

The ride was fun!  They handed out some HoloSpex viewers to each rider.  These are like the 3d glasses you get at the movies.  It turned the lights, any light into gingerbread men!  St Augustine is pretty all lit up but we all agreed that more color should have been used.

Once the train ride ended we shared hugs and headed home.  They had to drive to Lake City while we drove to Welaka.  This time they had the longer drive.  

It was a wonderful afternoon and it didn't  involve football!

103 days

  • 8,948,375 seconds
  • 149,139 minutes (rounded down)
  • 2485 hours (rounded down)
  • 103 days (rounded down)
  • 14 weeks (rounded down)