Monday, December 23, 2013

Glorious Weather

After that last front went through we've been enjoying wonderful weather! Low to mid 80's during the days and gradually warming at night.  Except for the fact that our neighbors think this is campfire weather we could have sat out every day.

Saturday we had dinner plans, meeting up with Sonsearae and Chris at Corky Bells.  She had to work that morning and when she got off she piled into her car and drove to Lake City...then she and Chris drove to East Palatka....can you tell we are loved?

We left around 1700 and arrived before they did which gave us time to show Kathy and John the river and decide if we should eat inside or out.  Outside it was!  After the sun went down it was a little cool but some of us had jackets.  This was our Christmas dinner and we exchanged our gifts of food.  Sonsearae always makes up food that can be gifted in containers and this year we got red beans and rice and some vegan powdered 'chicken' broth.  She also made some yummy fudge (that I shouldn't be eating!)

We had a lovely dinner and Jim and I brought home not only our leftovers but Sonsearae's also! Kathy and John managed to take some home too.  Why is it restaurants have such large servings?  Only one dessert was ordered, a slice of key lime pie that some of us shared.  Perfect!  one or two bites and no one is stuffed...

Sunday was a disappointing day...The New Orleans Saints lost to the Panthers...We enjoyed our leftovers and we could have sat outside except for the smoky fire pit next door.

The temperature is supposed to get into the 80's today but later this evening thunderstorms are predicted.  Another front is about to come our way...

Are you ready for Christmas?  I have two packages coming for Jim, they should be here tomorrow.

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