Saturday, December 14, 2013


Don't you just love sitting around waiting for something?  After being told that a repairman would come out Thursday we waited for the call...that never came...

Kathy and I did go to Crescent City for a grocery run after lunch.  I stopped by Viva la Verde and picked up some fruit and veggies.  Then it was on to Winn Dixie for the rest of our purchases.  

Back home it was more waiting.  Around 1630 Jim called the folks who were supposed to come out...turns out they don't do our area on Thursdays!  She scheduled us for we wait.

Last night the four of us went to the pizza/potluck and Kathy and John made a connection to do some volunteering locally.  There was a big fire going in the fire pit that the 15-16 of us enjoyed and pizza was the main course this night.  I took some chips and salsa and Bonnie brought a couple coconut cream pies.  I think it was Jessica who made the blonde brownie dish and Bob and Beverly brought a pasta salad.  I enjoyed the crisp, clear skies and all the stars, planets and planes flying high above us.  The moon was problem as were the two or three street lights we have here.

Home by 2000 and Jim found a movie to watch while I showered and tidied up the kitchen.

Friday,along with the waiting I made some potato soup.  It dipped into the 40's last night and hot soup sounded real good!  We each had some for lunch.  

After lunch I made a pot of black beans so we can have beans and rice for supper.  Sure made the house smell good! 

The afternoon turned out to be quite nice, sunshine and clear skies.  The repairman came around 1400, truthfully I didn't look at the clock.  He ran some towels through a wash cycle and declared we have a problem....he  thinks it's the circuit board so one was ordered and who knows when that will come in and the repair made.

After he left Jim took the wet towels down to the laundry and washed them.  We brought them home to dry.

We did have beans and rice for dinner and after I did the dishes we joined Kathy and John at their rig for a few rounds of Farkle... Jim didn't do so well, he even let John beat his scores!  I know I won one game.  It was fun!

Back home shortly after 2000 and I folded the laundry and showered.  Jim started playing a game on his tablet and didn't put it down until 2200 when he showered and we both went to bed.

91 days

  • 7,869,382 seconds
  • 131,156 minutes (rounded down)
  • 2185 hours (rounded down)
  • 91 days (rounded down)
  • 13 weeks