Friday, December 27, 2013

Rainy Day Doings

Today started out dreary.  We had some sprinkles and of course it was cool.  I changed the sheets out and prepared a load of laundry....what else do you do on a rainy day?

While Jim was doing the dishes Kathy popped in and asked if we needed anything from the store and within the space of two seconds Jim was asking her about heading to Barnes and Nobles.  Decision made!

When John and Kathy returned we all hopped in our truck and headed out.  First stop was getting fuel then we headed to St Augustine in a fine drizzle of rain. During the drive we decided on Cracker Barrel for lunch and we could use our gift cards!  

Who knew the entire county would be there???  Of course the outlet mall across the street didn't have anything to do with it! We had to wait a bit before we got seated but we all enjoyed our meals.  Then we headed to Camping World for popcorn...not really, but they do have free popcorn and some of us enjoyed a bag.  Jim picked up something and John and Kathy looked at 5th wheel trailers.  I think they like our space and I know John would like to 'size up'.

Couple more stops for us, one for coffee cream at a health store and we needed to stop at a Verizon Store to update our military status to get our discount.  Since it was after 1600 Jim and I decided we needed some coffee so we stopped at The Hyppo Cafe.  Three of us had some mighty fine coffee and we shared two delicious cookies.

Never did make it to Barnes and Nobles, perhaps another day..

The drive home was wet but the rain was just a nuisance all afternoon, nothing heavy.

Once home Jim took our laundry up and got it washed and I divided it up and dried it at home.  A quiet evening and there you have it!  Another day in the life of us...

77 days

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