Monday, June 30, 2014

A lot of folks started showing up in the morning and continued throughout the day.  Some were grouped together, I'm assuming family and friends.

Jim washed the truck.

We had tacos for dinner.  I had some meat for Jim in the freezer leftover from the last time we had tacos.  I used pinto beans for my tacos.

I think this is the night we watched Treasure Island with Jackie Cooper.  I'd never seen the whole movie.  Of course we had popcorn


Just a stay at home day except for going to the post office for our mail.  That took all of 10 minutes.  I love getting mail!  Upon returning I noticed a banner at the entrance to the campground that said there was a Renaissance Fair being held today and Sunday.  After lunch we wandered over to check it out.  Not very big but there were folks in period costumes and booths to try your luck at archery and swordsmanship.  One booth had the 'Falconers' and they had three birds of prey that are used, a barn owl, red tail hawk and a peregrine falcon.  I was permitted to pet the owl!  So soft and fluffy. 

I made an unremarkable pasta dish for dinner that I will not make again.  I think this is the night we watched Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.


We went for a drive through this lovely valley. It's full of farms, big and small.  We saw fields of corn, kitchen gardens, pastures full of cows (some beef, some diary), horses, baled hay, fresh cut hay.  We drove up through the George Washington National Forest to Todd Lake only to find out we had to pay to get in.  Jim's National Park pass only allowed for half price!

So we continued on to the other side of the mountain.  We really didn't have a destination, we just kept following signs and the gravel road....that ended up taking us full circle.  But instead of heading towards home we picked up a Subway sandwich and drove into Staunton to have a picnic at Gypsy Hill Park.  "214 acres of multi-use recreation"  It was a beautiful afternoon for a picnic.  Afterwards we just drove around the city and admired all the old buildings and homes.  Up and down the narrow historic streets we traveled and just marvelled at the architecture.  We were both rubber necking and pointing!

Jim let Ethyl take us home and she found us a back road through more beautiful countryside.  Some of it appeared to be farm land taken over by private home owners.  It looked like a great big subdivision.  Big houses plopped down in the middle of one or more acres.  We both remarked on how much grass needed to be cut!

Of course Sunday evening is PBS night at our house.  We watched Last Tango in Halifax staring Derek Jacobi followed by Endeavor


Today has been mostly a lazy day.  Using the blue boy Jim emptied the black tank.  I did some ironing.  Of course we did some gaming and I did some reading.

Saw a squirrel today!  A bit bigger than their cousins south of here.  Most of the birds we have here are not all that exciting to report about...crows, blue jays, grackles.  But we do have fire flies...

For dinner I made some fried rice.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Staunton, Va

Tuesday was a stay at home day. Because we have to use the data on our phones to get online I'm trying to stay off and only doing the necessary things to stay up to date.  I get a lot of emails and it can take me thirty minutes just to go through them.  And I read a few blogs and so far I'm doing good staying current with my friends and interests.

Jim was up around 0900 and he said he had a good signal on his phone, so I got online and did my thing.

Jim took the ceiling fan apart and cleaned it and tightened the screws.  We've been having some vibrations that are noisy and annoying.  Just part of the maintenance required to make our lives comfortable.

Only a few sites have been occupied since we arrived.  Tenters and a pop up pleases me.  These folks are camping and it's good to know there are folks who still enjoy the outdoors without the use of modern conveniences.  It's been warm here and with the humidity I don't like to be outside midday.  

During Tuesday night we had some rain which apparently Boo didn't like, he started barking and woke me up.  Just a small shower and going back to sleep was easy.

Here's the little snake we saw the other day...cute little bugger.

After Jim got up Wednesday I got busy changing the sheets on the bed, doing dishes and when he'd had breakfast we changed and headed into Staunton.  A lovely city with some beautiful architecture.  We parked right where the farmer's market was set up but I passed on checking it out. Didn't want produce wilting in the truck.  We just started walking around with no destination in mind.  We stopped in the visitor center and the gentleman manning the desk was very informative.  After we walked around the main street and weighed our options for lunch we opted for the Cranberry's Grocery and Eatery.  I had a delicious Mediterranean salad and Jim had a turkey Ruben with a strawberry smoothie.  I tried a Virginia beer, Full Nelson.

After lunch we walked around some more and made our way back to the truck.  The market was closing down but I managed to buy some red onions and purple green beans, I know what you're thinking...purple? green?   Well they were purple and the lady said when you cook them they turn green and they did!

Does this building front remind you of a wedding cake?  

This is the front of a theater.  Those are not stained glass windows, I think they were tiles.

One more stop for some groceries (we are in the middle of nowhere!) and then home.

Thursday has been a lazy day.  Reading, gaming etc.  I've done dishes and cooked.  I had pinto beans and rice for breakfast, big old garden salad for lunch.  Boiled some potatoes for potato salad.  Made some blueberry scones.

Jim emptied the black tank today taking advantage of the sewer hook up a couple sites away.  But now it's occupied.  Maybe they'll leave before next Monday when he will have to empty it again...otherwise it's all the way to the dump station, half a block away.

Potato salad and corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes for dinner.  

Did I mention we have flies?  I'm so tired of them buzzing me and trying to land on my coffee cup and food...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sunny Start

 Our Tuesday has started out with sunshine...quite different from the overcast skies we had yesterday.  It looks like we'll have the sun all day on the door side.  Good thing we have 50 amps so we can run the AC!

This recipe is so simple!  Spinach salad and you have a meal.

Corn Pancakes

2 cup fresh corn kernels
1 cup flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
1 tablespoon sugar
3/4 cup milk {I will use coconut milk}
2 eggs
butter for the griddle

Place 1 cup corn kernels, the milk, eggs, salt and flour in a blender and give it a whirl until the batter is smooth. 
Fold in remaining 1 cup of corn kernels.

Butter your grill, pan or griddle.

Pour 1/2 cup servings of batter on to the grill and cook like you would pancakes.

Serve with maple syrup or sour cream.

Wrap the leftovers in the refrigerator for a late night snack.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Grocery Run and a Pleasant Surprise

Saturday 21 June.... we drove over to Lexington because Jim needed some beer!  He looked on line and knew it was sold at Kroger's in Lexington.  It's just a short drive on the interstate.  Most of the time we don't like traveling on interstates but all that we've been on through these various southern mountain states have been really pretty.  Not straight like I-10 in Texas and across the southern United States.  These wind their way up and down and curve through the valleys.  Around every bend in the road you see vistas, clouds and forests.

We did not check on the city before arriving and we were pleasantly surprised to drive right by VMI  and soon we saw signs for Historic Downtown.  We decided to stop and check it out. 

Beautiful!  We walked up and down the main drag and took in a couple of the side streets.  This little city is full of shops and restaurants and colleges.  Washington and Lee University was down a side street and the buildings and grounds are stunning.  Fraternity and Sorority house here and there.  The architecture is wonderful!

All this walking worked up an appetite so we chose Nikos Grille, a Greek restaurant.  Jim had breakfast (served all day), an omelet with spinach and feta cheese.  I had a Greek Salad.  We shared a pie slice of baklava for dessert.  We both had Mythos a Greek beer.

These two  church steeples caught my eye

After lunch we headed to Kroger's and picked up some groceries and the beer.  Once that chore was done we headed home.  We may have to come back to Lexington and explore a wee bit more.

I think we had BLT's for dinner.

Sunday 22 June.... was a stay at home day preparing for our travel day on Monday.  I got caught up on laundry because our next stop won't have a sewer hookup.  And we movied ourselves to death!  Free HBO weekend and we took advantage of it.  

For dinner I made a chickpea salad with tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumber and onion.  Of course Sunday night we enjoy PBS, first watching a show about what's under the city of London and then the second part of The Escape Artist.

Monday 23 June....because our drive was less than 100 miles there wasn't any hurry to leave Clifton Forge. I made some biscuits for our breakfast and after we both had enough of the Internet we shut er down and started packing up.  We left at 1045 under cloudy skies and enjoyed another scenic drive through the mountains on interstate most of the way.  Then it really got pretty!  Farmland and pastures as we drove through a valley on narrow roads, some without shoulders.

We arrived at Natural Chimneys Campground in Mt Solon, Virginia around 1215 and had a fun time setting up.  Couldn't back into the site because the bike rack was getting ready to dig a trench.  So Jim drove around and came into the site by driving through the site behind us. Well He still dug a trench with the hitch but no damage.  The ground is soggy from recent rains and we had to raise the backside to make it level.  But we're all set up for two weeks with 50 amps, water and TV.  No sewer and no wifi so I may not be around much.  Our signal is low and who knows how long we'll be able to stay online.  Still overcast but the breeze was lovely.  

We sat out with a beer and you could hear the hum of the honey bee's.  There's a lot of clover here and the bees were drinking their fill of nectar.  There are also more flies than we've seen in a long time!  We then went for a walk and found a snake on the trail.  If I can figure out how to share the picture with you, I will.  It's on my phone.  Jim and Boo walked right by it!  We also found the Joust Track and the Chimneys

Settled in for the evening and haven't a clue what I'll have for dinner.  Jim said he'll eat pizza...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Waterfalls and Bridges

Yesterday after breakfast and my morning chores we headed out to play tourist.  Within thirty minutes of here via the interstate were a couple things we wanted to see.

Heading west on Interstate 65 we exited in Covington to take highway 220 north.  The signage could have been better, or Jim's eyes because we ended up going left at the fork in the road and enjoyed a scenic drive all the time wondering where the water fall was.  You see, according to the brochure it's seven miles north on 220 and visible from the road.  So we back track and continue on highway 220 and guess what?  There it is, just like they said.  It can be seen from the road and there's a small parking area and a walkway to view the falls.  

  Falling Spring Falls used to be higher but it was relocated to accommodate mining interests.  If you click on the link you'll see what it looks like in Autumn

Even at 80 feet it's gorgeous

As we drove through Covington we both saw signs of diesel fuel being $3.65 or $3.69 so once we got back to the city Jim stopped and purchased some at Valero, choosing the lower price.  Then it was time for some lunch.  We saw a restaurant with a lot of cars outside so we pulled in.  Turned out Cucci's is a pizzeria.  We ordered a 14 inch pizza and a couple beers.

I really think the pizza was larger than 14 matter we brought half of it home for Jim to enjoy.

Continuing on we hop back on the interstate and drive a little further west to find the bridge.  Great signage this time!  

The Humpback Bridge is the fourth one to span the Dunlap Creek.  And it had to be restored after being neglected for so long.  

If you click on the link above you can watch a five minute video that gives a brief history

Once again you can see graffiti inside the structure

Land was acquired for the wayside park and it looks like quite a few people enjoy coming here to picnic and play in the water

Looking back towards the park.  To bad we didn't pack a picnic!  You cross the bridge to leisurely enjoy the water on the gravel shore.  On the park side you can climb down the rock wall.

These boys were enjoying this hole for diving.

Since we were this far west we decided to drive to West Virginia!  Friends we met in Welaka own Greenbrier River Campground so we headed over to surprise them!  Even driving on the interstate the views are spectacular!  We took the exit for Lewisburg heading south on highway 219.  Once we left the 'city' the scenery just kept getting better as we rolled through farmland with lovely homes, barns with attached silos and pastures with cows.

When we arrived Bob was heading out, shuttling some boaters and said he'd be back soon.  We popped in the office and Beverly thought she was hallucinating!  Her word for this encounter...

We chatted with her between customers until Bob returned and then he gave us a tour of their little gem on the river.  They do have some seasonal folks, one of which works there and keeps an eye on the place during the winter.  The campground is closed 5 months during the colder months.

If you like the water and all the fun that entails consider giving them a call.  

After a nice visit we had to head back.  We know how busy a Friday afternoon can get at a campground!  We left shortly after 1600 and our total drive back was only an hour.

Boo was glad to see us...he was one hungry puppy.  Jim had some leftover pizza and I enjoyed a garden salad for dinner.  It's a free HBO Cinemax weekend on Direct TV but we didn't see anything exciting to watch. 

Had wee storm roll through that didn't last long.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

By Accident

We discovered a lovely drive yesterday

I was up shortly after 0600 and did my normal routine of reading and gaming and catching up on the computer.  I also wrote some postcards to send.  Do you write letters or postcards?  I find it fun and who doesn't like to get mail?

I woke Jim at 0800 but he snoozed until 0845.  I was eating breakfast when he got up.  Boo had already finished his.  By the time Jim had his coffee and read all the blogs he asked if I wanted to go for out and about.  Sure!

I got busy with dishes while he shaved, then I dressed and made the bed.  Now we were both ready to hit the road.

We located the Kroger grocery store.  Easy find as it was just inside the city limits of Clifton Forge.  The iron industry and the railroad make this area historic.  The C&O Railroad was big here until the advent of the diesel engine and at that time the headquarters were moved to West Virginia. We are in the Alleghany Highlands

There is a small historic downtown with a couple of restaurants, shops and museums.  We drove around checking out the housing, winding our way up and down the hillsides and narrow streets.  I'm sure when this area was built and in it's heyday the bigger homes were magnificent.  Some are well maintained but others are in need of some TLC.  Apparently there are just under 4000 living here, but I'm not sure where they all work.

As we exited one neighborhood we kept driving into the countryside, ever upward.  Finally came across a sign that said something about trucks over 25 should not travel this way because of the narrow and winding road and lack of GPS signal.  Well we like narrow and winding roads so we just kept going!

It was quite beautiful and they weren't lying when they said it was narrow.  Two small cars can easily pass each other, but it was tight in a couple places with our big hipped beastie.  Some of the hairpin turns were interesting also!  Not much traffic so that was pleasant.

We traveled up, up, up through the forest but there wasn't any place to pull over and enjoy the views.  There were driveways so some folks live up there.  When we came down that mountain we found ourselves on Sam Snead Memorial Highway (220) and heading towards Hot Springs.  This is a very posh area!  The population is under 1000, has golf courses and big homes.  The Homestead is located here and on this day there were a gazillion Austen Healys being displayed!  We'd seen several as we were driving but this place was full of them and I'm sure if we could have found a place to park Jim and I would have enjoyed viewing every one of them.

We continued our drive eventually arriving back in Clifton Forge where we stopped in at Jack Mason's Tavern where we had a fine lunch and a cold beer.  Jim ordered a special of Shepard's pie in wrap form while I had fish and chips. Afterwards we headed to Kroger's and from there headed home.

I put our purchases away, changed into comfy clothes and read for a bit on the lounger.  Meanwhile Jim napped.  We both enjoyed our coffee while Boo had his dinner

For dinner I fixed us some bruschetta.  Such a light, easy dinner!  TV and gaming rounded out our evening.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Patio Spray

Yesterday we left Damascus and had a beautiful drive (even if most of it was on interstate) to Clifton Forge Virginia.  We got a primo site! After we set up I stayed indoors staying cool, while Jim had a cold beer and tried to snooze in the lounger.  When that didn't work he came inside and napped.

When he woke he was hungry so I suggested red beans and rice.  It was already cooked and just needed to be heated.  That didn't appeal to him so we headed out after he decided on Western Sizzlin....we arrived and right across the street was a Mexican Restaurant.  Allrighty then!  It was pretty good!  South of the border food and beer.

We were back home just after 1800 so I went ahead and showered.  Not sure what we watched on TV...guess it wasn't memorable.  We went to bed at the usual time and one thing I'll say about this place, it's quiet at night.  Fairly dark too!

Today was all about laundry.  I was up shortly after 0600 and read awhile before getting on the computer.  After Jim got up a little after 0800 I was already eating breakfast but soon I started on the laundry. I stripped the bed and in total did 4 washer loads.  It's all done and the bed is made

The water here at Buckhorn Country Store and Campground smells and tastes metallic.  Just another reason why we won't be back.  In case you didn't see my post on Facebook, our site is small and we're parked right behind the dump station.  So far today it's been used twice.  Not the best way to meet new folks.

We'll be leaving next Monday, so we can tolerate it until then.  And what's up with the weather?  We're still in the mountains (hills) and yesterday it hit 90, same today.

Jim cleaned a couple screens and two windows and the glass doors in the bedroom, we took the bikes off the rack and he stowed them.  After lunch he napped and I watched a video on Amazon Prime.

With our afternoon coffee we finished off that spectacular cake I bought for him on Father's day.  My goodness we don't need any sugary treats for awhile!      Maybe ever!!

Not sure what we'll have for dinner tonight. We have leftovers...beans and rice and Mexican...decisions decisions....or we could grill something!

If you need to order the oils click here

Now that outdoor weather is here this spray could come in handy!  

Patio Spray


1 teaspoon grain alcohol or 1 teaspoon high-proof vodka
20 drops lemon eucalyptus essential oil 
10 drops citronella essential oil 
5 drops grapefruit essential oil 
5 drops cedar wood
4 ounces distilled water 


Place alcohol in a spray-mister bottle. Add the essential oils and shake. Add water, cap and mist the atmosphere around your outdoor activities. 

Always shake well before use. Avoid spraying the skin, clothing or garden plants.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

To all the dads out there, I hope your day was special.

We took a drive this afternoon and ended up in North Carolina!  It was a beautiful drive up the mountain on highway 58, known as the Jeb Stuart Hwy and we stopped in Bear Tree Recreation Area.  There are two camping areas and one of the camp hosts had a Mobile Suite so I'm sure we could fit.  But it is just the basics unless you're the host.  And no cell service or satellite TV...just camping!

We continued driving upward and like I said, we ended up in North Carolina.  When the sign said end of paved road we turned around and retraced our drive.

This odd couple hangs around on Laurel Creek behind our rig...not sure what their relationship is but they like each others company

Once we got back into Damascus we headed to the grocery so I could pick up a tasty treat for Jim.  I know he's not my father, but he is a good dad to Sonsearae, so I treated him to a peanut butter cake.  Of course I ate some too!  Talk a about sweet.....It gave me a sugar high and a headache...

Jim dropped me off then went and fueled up the truck $3.89 for diesel.  Not bad for this small town of 600 (or so we've been told).

This beauty dropped in yesterday while we sat out but didn't stay long...a smaller bird chased it off.

This little family entertained us for awhile.  Of course Jim was feeding them and it was fun watching them drifting along in the current.  The little ones even did some diving tricks for us

Since we've already had dessert, it's time for dinner.  I made some Cajun red beans with rice and along with some garlic bread we should be full in no time.

Tonight it will be PBS viewing for us!  

Friday, June 13, 2014

Stroll around town

After a morning of chores and lunch we took a stroll around town.  Damascus is know as 'trail town'.  The Appalachia Trail goes right through town and there are plenty of places to outfit yourself for the trek.  The Virginia Creeper Trail passes through here.  You can walk, hike, bike, go birding and the list goes on.  The town also has several shuttle services that will take you and your bike to the top of the trail and for 17 miles you bike downhill and enjoy nature.  I'm told there are places to stop for eating and nature calls.

We are backed on this creek and it's supposedly stocked but so far I haven't seen any fish, just a couple of ducks

This lovely house is across the street from a park and it's for sale!

Laurel Creek is behind the Damascus Old Mill which is now a hotel and restaurant.  The pond above the dam is placid with ducks and geese and a park along side for the use of all.

Some of the ducks have ducklings

It seems none of the creeks are deep enough for rafting but I'm sure it can be refreshing to wade and swim in the summer

Small is Better

Why do we always want more?  Advertising plays a role, always nudging us to do better, think bigger and have more that our neighbor, parents etc.  But when is enough good enough?

The American dream is to grow up, get an education, marry and buy a home.  Not necessarily in that order, but I remember my mother saying, 'when you have a house of your own you can do what you want, in this house you obey my rules'.  So from a very young age I wanted a house!  

When we retired from the Navy and settled down in New Orleans we bought a house.  A four bedroom, two bathrooms with an open plan living area.  Space!  While living in Scotland, we had a small home compliments of the government and looking back it was perfect for our family of three.  Downstairs was an entry that included a closed porch for entering, keeping the cold out. I remember the space along the stairwell, we had a dartboard.  180!  if you ever played darts you're familiar with that number.  A living room with coal fireplace that opened into the dining room and a kitchen.  In the kitchen was the washer and dryer.  Upstairs were three bedrooms...the third being no bigger than some master bedroom closets!  And the only bathroom.  Doors closed off all rooms to contain heat.  You only heated the room you were in.

But it was enough for us.  So what if our queen size bed was almost wall to wall?  And after all this time I do not recall closets...I'm sure we had them.  Even with the tub I don't think the bathroom was much bigger than what we have now in our RV.

So when we got back to the states Jim wanted to buy a house and to some degree I did too.  At least I thought I did, it's the dream of everyone right?  Our first rental was an apartment while we searched for a bigger place and waited for our household goods to arrive.  It was early summer and Sonsearae went to stay with her papa in Florida.  We slept on a mattress on the floor and dreamed of something bigger.

When our goods arrived we had secured a rental on a house that was huge!  Four bedrooms up with two full bathrooms.  Downstairs two living rooms, a kitchen and a dining room with a half bath and a grand entry (for us).  Big is good!  We didn't have enough furniture to fill the rooms!  I'm pleased to say that we didn't buy any either.

So while Jim worked I scoured the ads looking for a home for the three of us.  We looked and looked and finally bought a brand new 4 bedroom house with two bathrooms.  The living, dining and kitchen were all open with a cathedral ceiling.  Space!  A nice sized yard that grew to be a burden.  It's hot in New Orleans and it rains a lot.  Cutting the grass and maintaining the yard was a full time job that Jim grew to detest. 

As the years passed and we grew tired of the everyday maintenance of this money pit we looked into RVing.  We dreamed of the day we could retire and sell the house.

Downsizing was the best thing we ever did!

It doesn't matter if our lifestyle is right for you or if your home is bigger or smaller.  But look around and see if there is a way to do with less.  If you're not using something perhaps someone else needs it.  We tend to cling to items that 'we might' use some day.  I'll be you have some in your home, when will the day come when you'll need it?  Let it go, let someone else have it.  I promise you'll feel better!

We're in Damascus Virginia at Creek Side RV Park.  After a short drive of around 140 miles yesterday through some of the prettiest mountains we arrived around 1400.  Had a bit of a problem setting up as the owner kept engaging us in conversation!  No matter, Russell and his wife Susie are nice folk and we set a spell with them on the porch.  We all had cold drinks and the conversation was interesting.

Jim and I ended up eating at the local pizza buffet where I ate way to much pizza.  Jim managed to slip in a salad between pizza slices. 

We watched PBS, This Old House hour and Endeavour

“Having a dream is never a bad thing. The ambition that drives it, the inspiration that fuels it, and the milestones that make up the journey make for a rich life.”
~Michelle E. Black

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Moving on

Today was all about traveling.  One more run to get fuel, $3.85 for diesel and a stop for groceries.  Laundry is caught up.  Jim did some work outside making sure tires are ready for travel.  Stowing items that can be done ahead of time like the grill and propane tank

This is blooming out back, a tall bush but I've no idea what it's called.  Do you?

We haven't had a lot of 'wild' life here.  Just birds like American goldfinches, chickadees, a titmouse or two.  In the last few days grackles, blue jays and cardinals have stopped by.  Of course once the seed hit the ground there were doves.  And a squirrel!

We've had the random dog wander through and yesterday I saw a was wearing a collar.  I have seen ground hogs on almost every drive in the area.

We've had some rain almost every day this past week.  Sometimes it's just a brief shower that pops up when you're in the mountains and sometimes it due to weather systems moving up from the south west.

Tomorrow we head to Damascus, Virginia, just a short drive to Creek Side RV Park.  We'll stay four nights.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blue Ridge Parkway Revisited

My day didn't start as early as yesterday, I got up at 0630.  But it wasn't because I wasn't awake!  I refused to open my eyes and I kept my head covered and snoozed.

Sometime during the night we had rain, I heard it but went right back to sleep.  Everything was sparkly this morning.  When Jim got up at 0800 he noticed but said he didn't hear a thing.

So far today I've done laundry, it's bed day and getting the sheets clean can take awhile.  I only wash one sheet at a time in the small washer.  I've tried washing both but they get all tangled and I don't see how they get clean that way.

We decided to take one more drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway today.  So I packed us a lunch of potato salad and a sandwich for Jim.  A box of snack crackers and water rounded out our meal.  Before we hit the parkway we stopped at a farmers market where I picked up some fruit and veggies.  Local blueberries at $1.99 a pint are hard to pass up!

Our drive covered the same route we took about a week ago, that drive was full of clouds and fog and part of the drive wasn't visible.

Today was perfect!  We had the windows open and enjoyed the fresh air.  As we climbed higher in elevation I had to close my window and not to much later Jim closed his!

We found a pretty overlook to have our lunch

I'm going to miss this area when we move on Thursday

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sleep Habits

What time do you get up?  How many hours of sleep do you get each night?  The reason I ask is because as each day gets longer, I get up earlier.  Today I was up at 0550!  It's annoying because I don't need to be up that early, I can't do anything but read and spend time on the computer...Not bad things, but I don't want to make any noise because it would disturb Jim, not to mention Boo.  If he's startled he barks, which wakes Jim.

Generally we go to bed around 2200 so I'm getting plenty of sleep, but we're retired and I really don't need to get up that early!

It's 0900 on Monday and outside the temperature is kind of morning.  Bed is made, dishes are done and the second load of laundry is washing.

According to everything we've read about summers in this area it looks to be a good place for an extended stay. We may just find ourselves here next summer.  That would be fine by me.  There's still so much to see and do. Right now the only firm plans we have covered is the next week or so and in December we will be in Kerrville, Texas for the winter.

It won't be as pretty as this view but we'll be on the Guadalupe River at By the River RV Park

Today has been pretty ho-hum.  Stayed at home doing the daily chores of our life.  Played some games, I did some crocheting, Jim planted an air plant...we walked Boo

Life is good under partly cloudy skies, the temperature is 77 and our expected low is 62...good weather for sleeping

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hendersonville North Carolina

On Saturday we drove about thirty minutes south of here to pretty little town.  Hendersonville has a beautiful main street that we enjoyed strolling.  The weather was perfect

The courthouse has an interesting museum that is free.  We both enjoyed hearing about the local area and the apple orchards. Who knew they grew apples hereabouts?  They even have the North Carolina Apple Festival over Labor Day that would be fun to attend.

Like a lot of small towns there were flowers everywhere and they were sprucing up the beds with new mulch. The trees all along the serpentine street were in full leaf.

On almost every corner there were bears!

Some were in front of the shops and were dressed accordingly

Because of the trees and winding road it was difficult to take decent pictures of the architecture, but some of it was quite pleasing to the eye

While I was browsing an antique shop, Jim was searching for a restaurant, reading reviews and chose the West First Pizza for our lunch.  We've both been craving pizza and as we walked around we could smell some wonderful aromas from the restaurants on Main Street.

Jim did have a pizza and he ranked it as number two after Pizzeria Rustica in Old Colorado City.  I opted for a Greek Salad.  We both had a draft beer.

After lunch we walked a bit more just meandering towards the truck. I am much taken with this town and would like to see more of it and the surrounding area.

I guess we'll just have to come back!

this poor little plant was clinging to life against the even had a couple flowers on it

I hope it makes it through the summer

Friday, June 6, 2014

Lexington Avenue Brewery

Did I mention that we've stayed in this area before?  I can't remember how long ago it was but as we were driving south on Pisgah Highway to Stony Creek RV Park (6 sites) we passed the place we stayed before, Hominy Valley RV Park (5 sites).  Both are similar, on the side of the road with only a few sites.  Hominy is all gravel and looks to be long term campers now.  When we stayed I don't recall any neighbors. The rates are $25 daily for Good Sam and there's no wifi. Stony Creek has hard packed gravel and stone pads with grassy sites and a creek!  The trees and landscaping make it more homey. We're paying $16 a night using Passport America and we have wifi, which is pretty good with the use of our booster.  We're giving serious thought to coming back next summer to stay awhile and explore the area.

What are fuel prices where you are?  We've been here a couple weeks and diesel has be $3.85.  Better than Florida prices!

Thursday we headed to Lexington Avenue and had lunch at Lexington Avenue Brewery.  They have an interesting menu catering to the many younger people that come here.  I had a Portobella Caprese Sando with fries and Jim had Hawaiian Andouille Wrap with fries.  Both meals were huge!  Of course we had beer!  Jim got a glass of Honey Wheat while I tried the Hop Burst.  He also got a sample of 1st Gear a cream ale, I thought it was good but it reminded me of a soda.  

After lunch we walked up and down Lexington checking out the shops but only popping into one, Downtown Books and News.  This is a real bookstore!  Old, new, used, collectibles, magazines and name it and I'll bet they had it or could find it for you.  There was scattered seating in the form of school desk chairs, a section of old theater seating and it looks like maybe two or three shops combined. A step up here, two steps down there.  Real funky and both of us could spend more time in there.

Finally it was time to head back to the truck, we only paid for two hours and time was running out.  When we got in the truck my phone was dead!  I left with a full charge and the last time I looked at it, in the bookstore, it worked fine.  After plugging it in and trying several times to make it come on (by both of us) Jim headed to a Verizon Store.  

You should have seen the crowd there!  We waited maybe 15 minutes to be seen and it was an easy fix.  Did you know you could force your phone on by holding the on button and upper volume button?  Me neither, but apparently that's what Willis did and he checked and called my phone and all was well.  He said they sometimes shut themselves down...

A stop at the post office and grocery before we arrived home around 1400.  Boo was glad to see us, well truth be told, he's always glad we come home!  I wonder if he thinks we won't?  I put groceries away and fed Boo then we both had some coffee. It looked like rain so we just stayed indoors. 

Speaking of groceries, we RV'ers get to shop at different grocery stores across the nation. Have you ever popped into the Dollar General Market?  Small selection of produce, meats and dairy, it's like a convenience store without high prices.  I wouldn't want to do my weekly stock up there.  Today we stopped at Food Lion.  I don't recall shopping there before and since I didn't have a store card I got one.  Saved over $6 buying things I needed...I like that!

We did get some rain!  It was pretty how it just fell straight down.  Didn't last long and it made everything sparkly.  

We watched PBS, on Thursday they have This Old House and it was followed by Mystery.  They're showing the first season of Endeavour, the second season starts June 29th so this will refresh our memory.  We both like British Mysteries and look forward to the summer shows. In another week or so The Escape Artist with David Tennant starts and I want to see it.  Also Hercule Poirot and Breathless