Friday, June 13, 2014

Stroll around town

After a morning of chores and lunch we took a stroll around town.  Damascus is know as 'trail town'.  The Appalachia Trail goes right through town and there are plenty of places to outfit yourself for the trek.  The Virginia Creeper Trail passes through here.  You can walk, hike, bike, go birding and the list goes on.  The town also has several shuttle services that will take you and your bike to the top of the trail and for 17 miles you bike downhill and enjoy nature.  I'm told there are places to stop for eating and nature calls.

We are backed on this creek and it's supposedly stocked but so far I haven't seen any fish, just a couple of ducks

This lovely house is across the street from a park and it's for sale!

Laurel Creek is behind the Damascus Old Mill which is now a hotel and restaurant.  The pond above the dam is placid with ducks and geese and a park along side for the use of all.

Some of the ducks have ducklings

It seems none of the creeks are deep enough for rafting but I'm sure it can be refreshing to wade and swim in the summer