Monday, June 23, 2014

Grocery Run and a Pleasant Surprise

Saturday 21 June.... we drove over to Lexington because Jim needed some beer!  He looked on line and knew it was sold at Kroger's in Lexington.  It's just a short drive on the interstate.  Most of the time we don't like traveling on interstates but all that we've been on through these various southern mountain states have been really pretty.  Not straight like I-10 in Texas and across the southern United States.  These wind their way up and down and curve through the valleys.  Around every bend in the road you see vistas, clouds and forests.

We did not check on the city before arriving and we were pleasantly surprised to drive right by VMI  and soon we saw signs for Historic Downtown.  We decided to stop and check it out. 

Beautiful!  We walked up and down the main drag and took in a couple of the side streets.  This little city is full of shops and restaurants and colleges.  Washington and Lee University was down a side street and the buildings and grounds are stunning.  Fraternity and Sorority house here and there.  The architecture is wonderful!

All this walking worked up an appetite so we chose Nikos Grille, a Greek restaurant.  Jim had breakfast (served all day), an omelet with spinach and feta cheese.  I had a Greek Salad.  We shared a pie slice of baklava for dessert.  We both had Mythos a Greek beer.

These two  church steeples caught my eye

After lunch we headed to Kroger's and picked up some groceries and the beer.  Once that chore was done we headed home.  We may have to come back to Lexington and explore a wee bit more.

I think we had BLT's for dinner.

Sunday 22 June.... was a stay at home day preparing for our travel day on Monday.  I got caught up on laundry because our next stop won't have a sewer hookup.  And we movied ourselves to death!  Free HBO weekend and we took advantage of it.  

For dinner I made a chickpea salad with tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumber and onion.  Of course Sunday night we enjoy PBS, first watching a show about what's under the city of London and then the second part of The Escape Artist.

Monday 23 June....because our drive was less than 100 miles there wasn't any hurry to leave Clifton Forge. I made some biscuits for our breakfast and after we both had enough of the Internet we shut er down and started packing up.  We left at 1045 under cloudy skies and enjoyed another scenic drive through the mountains on interstate most of the way.  Then it really got pretty!  Farmland and pastures as we drove through a valley on narrow roads, some without shoulders.

We arrived at Natural Chimneys Campground in Mt Solon, Virginia around 1215 and had a fun time setting up.  Couldn't back into the site because the bike rack was getting ready to dig a trench.  So Jim drove around and came into the site by driving through the site behind us. Well He still dug a trench with the hitch but no damage.  The ground is soggy from recent rains and we had to raise the backside to make it level.  But we're all set up for two weeks with 50 amps, water and TV.  No sewer and no wifi so I may not be around much.  Our signal is low and who knows how long we'll be able to stay online.  Still overcast but the breeze was lovely.  

We sat out with a beer and you could hear the hum of the honey bee's.  There's a lot of clover here and the bees were drinking their fill of nectar.  There are also more flies than we've seen in a long time!  We then went for a walk and found a snake on the trail.  If I can figure out how to share the picture with you, I will.  It's on my phone.  Jim and Boo walked right by it!  We also found the Joust Track and the Chimneys

Settled in for the evening and haven't a clue what I'll have for dinner.  Jim said he'll eat pizza...