Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Patio Spray

Yesterday we left Damascus and had a beautiful drive (even if most of it was on interstate) to Clifton Forge Virginia.  We got a primo site! After we set up I stayed indoors staying cool, while Jim had a cold beer and tried to snooze in the lounger.  When that didn't work he came inside and napped.

When he woke he was hungry so I suggested red beans and rice.  It was already cooked and just needed to be heated.  That didn't appeal to him so we headed out after he decided on Western Sizzlin....we arrived and right across the street was a Mexican Restaurant.  Allrighty then!  It was pretty good!  South of the border food and beer.

We were back home just after 1800 so I went ahead and showered.  Not sure what we watched on TV...guess it wasn't memorable.  We went to bed at the usual time and one thing I'll say about this place, it's quiet at night.  Fairly dark too!

Today was all about laundry.  I was up shortly after 0600 and read awhile before getting on the computer.  After Jim got up a little after 0800 I was already eating breakfast but soon I started on the laundry. I stripped the bed and in total did 4 washer loads.  It's all done and the bed is made

The water here at Buckhorn Country Store and Campground smells and tastes metallic.  Just another reason why we won't be back.  In case you didn't see my post on Facebook, our site is small and we're parked right behind the dump station.  So far today it's been used twice.  Not the best way to meet new folks.

We'll be leaving next Monday, so we can tolerate it until then.  And what's up with the weather?  We're still in the mountains (hills) and yesterday it hit 90, same today.

Jim cleaned a couple screens and two windows and the glass doors in the bedroom, we took the bikes off the rack and he stowed them.  After lunch he napped and I watched a video on Amazon Prime.

With our afternoon coffee we finished off that spectacular cake I bought for him on Father's day.  My goodness we don't need any sugary treats for awhile!      Maybe ever!!

Not sure what we'll have for dinner tonight. We have leftovers...beans and rice and Mexican...decisions decisions....or we could grill something!

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Now that outdoor weather is here this spray could come in handy!  

Patio Spray


1 teaspoon grain alcohol or 1 teaspoon high-proof vodka
20 drops lemon eucalyptus essential oil 
10 drops citronella essential oil 
5 drops grapefruit essential oil 
5 drops cedar wood
4 ounces distilled water 


Place alcohol in a spray-mister bottle. Add the essential oils and shake. Add water, cap and mist the atmosphere around your outdoor activities. 

Always shake well before use. Avoid spraying the skin, clothing or garden plants.