Saturday, June 21, 2014

Waterfalls and Bridges

Yesterday after breakfast and my morning chores we headed out to play tourist.  Within thirty minutes of here via the interstate were a couple things we wanted to see.

Heading west on Interstate 65 we exited in Covington to take highway 220 north.  The signage could have been better, or Jim's eyes because we ended up going left at the fork in the road and enjoyed a scenic drive all the time wondering where the water fall was.  You see, according to the brochure it's seven miles north on 220 and visible from the road.  So we back track and continue on highway 220 and guess what?  There it is, just like they said.  It can be seen from the road and there's a small parking area and a walkway to view the falls.  

  Falling Spring Falls used to be higher but it was relocated to accommodate mining interests.  If you click on the link you'll see what it looks like in Autumn

Even at 80 feet it's gorgeous

As we drove through Covington we both saw signs of diesel fuel being $3.65 or $3.69 so once we got back to the city Jim stopped and purchased some at Valero, choosing the lower price.  Then it was time for some lunch.  We saw a restaurant with a lot of cars outside so we pulled in.  Turned out Cucci's is a pizzeria.  We ordered a 14 inch pizza and a couple beers.

I really think the pizza was larger than 14 matter we brought half of it home for Jim to enjoy.

Continuing on we hop back on the interstate and drive a little further west to find the bridge.  Great signage this time!  

The Humpback Bridge is the fourth one to span the Dunlap Creek.  And it had to be restored after being neglected for so long.  

If you click on the link above you can watch a five minute video that gives a brief history

Once again you can see graffiti inside the structure

Land was acquired for the wayside park and it looks like quite a few people enjoy coming here to picnic and play in the water

Looking back towards the park.  To bad we didn't pack a picnic!  You cross the bridge to leisurely enjoy the water on the gravel shore.  On the park side you can climb down the rock wall.

These boys were enjoying this hole for diving.

Since we were this far west we decided to drive to West Virginia!  Friends we met in Welaka own Greenbrier River Campground so we headed over to surprise them!  Even driving on the interstate the views are spectacular!  We took the exit for Lewisburg heading south on highway 219.  Once we left the 'city' the scenery just kept getting better as we rolled through farmland with lovely homes, barns with attached silos and pastures with cows.

When we arrived Bob was heading out, shuttling some boaters and said he'd be back soon.  We popped in the office and Beverly thought she was hallucinating!  Her word for this encounter...

We chatted with her between customers until Bob returned and then he gave us a tour of their little gem on the river.  They do have some seasonal folks, one of which works there and keeps an eye on the place during the winter.  The campground is closed 5 months during the colder months.

If you like the water and all the fun that entails consider giving them a call.  

After a nice visit we had to head back.  We know how busy a Friday afternoon can get at a campground!  We left shortly after 1600 and our total drive back was only an hour.

Boo was glad to see us...he was one hungry puppy.  Jim had some leftover pizza and I enjoyed a garden salad for dinner.  It's a free HBO Cinemax weekend on Direct TV but we didn't see anything exciting to watch. 

Had wee storm roll through that didn't last long.