Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maclay Gardens

With the possibility of Tropical Storm Beryl dumping a load of rain on us we left around 1000 to tour  Maclay Gardens.  Each time we visit Tallahassee we seem to run out of time!  Sonsearae and Chris picked us up around 1000 and we spent maybe two hours strolling the grounds.  I'm sure this place is gorgeous when the azaleas, camellias and other plants are blooming in the spring.  Even so, we managed to find plenty of interesting things to take pictures of.  All of the pictures have been posted on Facebook.

small lake
driftwood outside the house
reflecting pool

don't have a clue what this flower is but it sure was delicate looking

the only lily left blooming!
even had some Autumn color

there were several potted plants lending color to the gardens

After we left the garden Chris dropped us off at Starbucks for a refreshment while he ran and errand.  When he came back we sat outside a minute or two then headed home.  They dropped us off and we had lunch, did some chores and Jim took a nap.  We did get some rain from Beryl but nothing to write about!

Just before 1600 we packed up the dog and everything we needed for the evening and headed over to have dinner with Sonsearae and Chris.  Jim likes lasagna, as does Chris, so Sonsearae made a vegan lasagna that Chris already approved of.  Turned out to be very tasty!  Jim liked it and said he'd eat it again...Of course I've never been a fan of this dish so I'm not sure I'd make it.  We also had a salad and some lovely bread to go along with the meal.

After dinner Jim got his Father's Day present early.  A Sony Blu ray player and I'm proud to say he has it all hooked up!  Needless to say he's a happy camper...he loves electronics!

We left around 2000 so we could drive home before dark.  Even though it was still light out Jim complained about driving in the dark!  Both Chris and Sonsearae had to work today and I figured they'd like some alone time because Chris is going out of town for a couple days.  We caught up on emails, blogs and Facebook.  After showering we went to bed around 2200....

We'll be doing chores today.  I've stripped the bed and Jim just hooked up the Blu ray.  Later I'm fixing dinner for the three of us.
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Monday, May 28, 2012


We left Pensacola Saturday morning and I think both of us would like to go back to Oak Grove Park.  I think I mentions before that the park had close sites and it was a typical Florida campground with Oaks, Pines and scrub.  But the closeness to the beach area was heaven.  Its like having your own private beach, no crowds!

Our drive over was an easy, but boring one on I-10.  We made one stop for lunch and passing into the Eastern  Time zone we arrived around 1500.  When I put out our front slide I noticed we had a gargoyle!  Hope y'all aren't squeamish....

As we were setting up in Tallahassee RV Park Sonsearae and Chris came by to keep us company.  From that point on we only did what was necessary as we both had to clean up to go out to dinner.  Our destination was Osaka where they have Sushi and Hibachi.  Randy and Maggie, friends of Chris and Sonsearae joined us and we were treated to a  wonderful dinner.  We were invited to go see Men in Black with them but declined.  Stuffed and tired they dropped us off at home.  Around 2130 we just couldn't stay awake so off to bed to get some much needed rest!

I slept until 0700!  And Jim got up around 0800.  I'd hate to think we're turning into old people who require hours and hours of sleep!  It had to be the drive that made us so tired, that and the good food and drink!  

We both had breakfast and did some chores then it was off to visit with Sonsearae and Chris.  While the guys watched a movie we ladies went grocery shopping, something we both love to do!  Earth Fare is a nice size health food store and I could shop there always for our food.  I think Sonsearae does!  Anyway, we strolled the aisles and picked up what we needed then headed home to cook.

We had been invited to a cook out and although we were told not to bring anything we did.  As it turned out we didn't need to Rick and Karen had a large spread of food for the six of us.  Vegan and non vegan burgers were grilled and we had several salads to choose from and two desserts.  We had a good time meeting this couple (Chris's boss) and getting to know them.  Rick is a retired Marine so he and Jim had plenty to talk about.  I think Chris felt left out!  We ladies had more than enough to talk about too!

We left around 2000 and truthfully we didn't know it was that late.  Back home we showered, entertained Boo and relaxed.  Soon we had droopy eyelids and headed to bed!

So there you have it....not sure what we're doing today.  Tropical Storm Beryl came ashore last night and although we have mostly cloudy skies it's not raining

Please remember what this day is about.  Memorial Day is for remembering those who have fought for our freedoms.  Some gave their all

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eating, Drinking and just enjoying the day

Yesterday we made plans to head out early to have breakfast at the Coffee Cup in the downtown area of Pensacola.  We had stopped here a long time ago and we remembered the grits as being wonderful.  We found it with no problem and settled in to enjoy breakfast.  Jim had eggs, bacon, grits and a biscuit washed down with coffee.  I had sliced tomatoes, grits and hash browns washed down with water.  I'm not sure how they prepare the grits (may not want to know all ingredients) but they sure a creamy and tasty and for me didn't require any added seasonings.

After breakfast we headed to the historic part of downtown.  Drove around and stopped at a park near the marina.  We were able to pick out the lighthouse way off in the distance but I couldn't get a decent picture.  We made a quick stop at Ever'Man Natural Foods store where I managed to pick up a couple items.

We left downtown then headed over to Pensacola Beach and Ft Pickens.  The drive out to the Fort is beautiful with much of the beach area part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and protected.

There isn't much left to the Fort and it didn't take long to see it.  I like the old brick and this fern apparently likes the mortar.  

Across the bay you can see the lighthouse...

There is camping at Ft. Pickens with electric and water.  Some is nestled in trees and some has cleared spaces.  At the end of the spit of land it's like being in the middle of nowhere.  None on the beach but it's just a short walk away

Driving back we decided we needed some lunch so we stopped at McGuire's Irish Pub.  If you've never been here it is a must!  The menu is varied, they have their own brewery plus other beers.  The ceiling and walls are covered with dollar bills.  The decorations are over the top and the wall of fame has many notables.  Jim had a wild raspberry beer while I chose the Irish Red Ale.  We both enjoyed our drinks. They brought out a small loaf of bread that was warm and drenched in honey.  Jim had a Shepherds  pie with carrots on the side and I got the corned beef and cabbage (half a head), two potatoes and a side of carrots.  Neither one of us could finish our meal.  

After we waddled out of there we stopped at the Pensacola Brewery to taste our way through their offerings.  We opted for nine samples, each four ounces and I must say we enjoyed all of them

After that we were ready to head home where Jim curled up on the bed while I chose to examine the inside of my eyelids on the lounger.  Being a tourist wears the body out!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Yesterday we packed up and hit the dump station then pulled out around 10am....our drive wasn't a long one so we didn't need to hurry.  We took highway 190 to interstate 12 and headed east....again these interstates in Louisiana are awful.  Some road work going on but not fast enough!  I-10 was no better.  Once we got to Mississippi it smoothed out some.

Our plan was to stop at the welcome centers in each state and we hit the one in Mississippi just to breathe  a sigh of relief !  walked around a bit then planned on the stop in Alabama for was closed.  :-(

So we drove across Mobile Bay and stopped in a shopping center in Spanish Fort and had our Waldorf salad for lunch.  From here it was a short, easy drive to Pensacola Naval Air Station and the Oak Grove Park Campground.  

This is the street we're on and as you can see it looks like a typical Florida Campground.  Lot's of Oak trees, sand and patchy grass.  we're backed into a site with a lot of greenery out the back window.  Oh, this campground is near the Aviation Museum if you've ever been to that.

But we do have a beach!

And a light house

Once we set up and had our beer I got busy doing laundry.  Only did a couple loads last night because the bin was full.  We had leftover chili for dinner.  We're using the cable they have here for our tv.  The trees are blocking our signal.  They have internet but you have to pay for it so we're using our phones to connect 

Today has been a typical day after driving.  Jim washed the truck and I continued catching up on the laundry.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Sunday, Mother's Day, we packed up and headed east to Madisonville.  When we travel we try to avoid the interstates as much as possible.  They are boring and tend to make us sleepy.  Interstate 10 through Louisiana can be pretty but the road surface is awful and in need of repair.  We chose highway 190 as we've traveled this road before and it's interesting driving through small towns.  Well there's a section that they're working on and we know why!  Jim got an upper body work out just trying to keep us between the lines.

After two stops, one to stretch and relax from the bumpy ride and one for lunch we finally made it to Fairview Riverside State Park in Madisonville, Louisiana.  Nestled in the pine and live oak trees on the Tchefuncte river it's one of our favorite places to stay.  We always stop here when in the New Orleans area.

home sweet home
As you can see we are among the oaks just dripping with Spanish Moss

our backyard
 We chose this site, back by the boat launch because it's so pretty
bald cypress on the Tchefuncte River
 There's a boardwalk along the river with benches set up so you can watch the river.  We saw some folks water skiing and towing tubes Sunday afternoon.
my fellas sitting on a  live oak

bald cypress on the Tchefuncte river
Jim spent Monday morning cleaning bugs off the front of the rig and the washing the truck.  No matter which road you travel it's springtime in Louisiana and that means bugs!

Tuesday we drove across Lake Pontchartrain and visited a couple of our favorite places.  We found diesel for $3.70 so we filled up the tank.  Then we headed to the Brick Oven for a pizza....but everyone else decided they wanted to eat there too.  So we headed to another favorite spot Deanie's in Bucktown.  We each had a schooner of Abita Amber (we should have split one!) and enjoyed the boiled potatoes they offer as a treat to get you started.  Jim ordered fried shrimp and catfish and I had a delicious bowl of seafood gumbo.  I was so full when we left that it hurt!  And we still had another stop....

As many people know Whole Foods Market is my favorite grocery store in the whole wide world!  That's where we headed next.  We picked up a few necessary items and some not so necessary but delicious items.  I was surprised by our restraint!  But perhaps that was due to the meal we just ate  :-)

Yesterday Jim cleaned up the trikes.  They get nasty riding on the back of the rig.  I've been informed that a weld or two on the rack is in need of fixing so the trikes will be riding on the bed until we can find a welder.

Today is our last day here, we would have liked to stay longer but this state park is a popular place and they stay booked up on the weekends.  So we'll head out in the morning and head east.

Friday, May 11, 2012

moving day

wildflowers on the side of the road
We left Galveston Bay RV Resort around 0930 yesterday and almost immediately we had to stop....the rig was braking right.  I guess the plug came out.  But at least I had some pretty flowers to look at!

We took Hwy 146 along the coast and crossed this bridge at Baytown. From a distance it looks golden and up close you can see the wires are indeed yellow.
Finally connected with I-10 and just headed east stopping for lunch before heading into Louisiana on Hwy 12.  Louisiana roads are just awful!  Lots of bouncing around before we finally made it to Kinder and the Riverbend RV Park.  Linda and Howard Payne stayed here so we thought it worth checking out.  Counting us there are three rigs here but only two have occupants


nobody home....
We met the owners and after we set up we sat with a cold beer enjoying the outdoors.  We can't get satellite tv, so for three nights we have to entertain ourselves....I think we can handle it.  Another problem we have is the water pressure, it seems to be very high!  We did enjoy our showers with the water coming out like needles....can't remember the last time I experienced that sensation.  As a precaution Jim disconnected the water before we went to bed last night.

Not sure who's wifi we used last night but it was gone this morning so we're using our phones to access the internet.

This morning we awoke to the sound of a light rain which continued until after our lunch.  We left around noon and headed into Kinder for some lunch and to run errands.  By the time we finished lunch the rain had stopped.

There you have it, we're on the move again, so stay tuned!
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