Thursday, December 23, 2021

You’re not Listening!

 Wednesday we were out and about enjoying the sunshine in the cool temperatures. We both had sweatshirts on and the day was perfect.  After having a bite to eat at the Breakfast Station in Crawfordville we were ready for our next stop.  We visited with Christy and Rik, dropping off presents.  Both are feeling better and Christy is into the holiday season with trees and decorations everywhere!

Temperature climbing into the 60’s we were happy campers. Next stop at Publix for last minute items to get us through Christmas Day. Lovely drive home, winding our way through the countryside. Sun peeking in and out of the trees like twinkling lights.

Once home and everything put away I enjoyed a cup of coffee. Meanwhile Jim was out back taking care of the black tank (the weather helped with that, being so nice). Once he came in he made his coffee.

As the afternoon wore on, the temperature was dropping. The sun went down and with clear skies it got even colder, quickly.  By the time we went to bed around 2200 it was in the low 40’s.  Predicted low was 38 degrees.

This morning when I got up at 0600 it was 34 degrees outside.  Listen up! We don’t like these northern temperatures so please stop sending them! Are you listening? The temperature continued to drop and stopped at 32.  There was frost! I’m so glad I put my poinsettias in the compartment. Being a tropical plant they would not like these temperatures! So stop sending them.  I’m sure my friends Anne and Marilyn are just trying to share ‘their’ cold weather with us for Christmas. Not quite the present we want. 

Are you ready?

All is right in our world 

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Ya’ll have to stop!

 Seriously! You people up north can keep your cold weather.   We’ve had enough of it. Cold and rain….wearing long pants and socks! And it’s not winter.   Or!   If you’re sending us cold weather the least you can do is make it cold enough for snow.  Dreary, rainy days that are cold is demoralizing. Just makes us sad and eat.

It has to stop!

We have been out and about. Some shopping and visiting Sonsearae and Chris. We had our Christmas with them Sunday because they’re heading out of the country! Friends are renewing their vows and invited them. And since it’s warmer in Puerto Rico they said yes.  Should be a fun trip

Total for the year 426

Sweet as a Peach from Stampin’ Up!  Needed a break from Christmas cards.

A couple of weeks ago it was nice enough to have lunch on the river.  Fall was in the air.  Sure was nice.

Did you see the Saints shutout the Bucs?  I was wonderful!

All is right in our world

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Are You Ready?

I don’t generally decorate for Christmas but Sonsearae thought I needed to.  She gave us the little tree with decorations and the two trees by the gnome. She also gave me the gnome for my birthday. I love gnomes and this one is special as it was hand made by a friend, Marge.  The cards are the ones I’ve received from crafty friends.

Do you go all out for the holidays. Or are you content with minimalism?

Total for the year 424 if you count the star

All Stampin’Up!

echo park

                    Star or snowflake made with Stampin’ Up!

                                            Stampin Up!

Since Boo passed I’ve not done very many cards. Slowly coming out of my funk. 

We have been going out and visiting with our girls and I’ll share in another post. Just wanted to let y’all know we’re still here

All is right in our world….at least it’s getting better!