Sunday, December 30, 2012

Welaka, Florida

We left Low Key Hideaway last Thursday and headed east and a little north to Welaka Lodge and Resort, ( in Welaka, Florida.  The weather was perfect, sunny skies and cool temperatures.  After one stop for lunch we arrived arrived 1400.  The office was closed but a work camper told us to set up and pay later.  

We're in site # 9 with the sun on our patio in the afternoon.  That helps keep us warm when Jim leaves the awning up.  There are 15 RV sites here and 5 cottages.  The sites are 'grassy' with a cement pad for the patio and each site has a picnic table.

On Thursdays they have a pot luck dinner around 1800 and we were invited.  We met most everyone but remembering names at this time isn't an option!  I'm horrible with names.  There was a big campfire and because it was cold that's where we sat most of the time.  The food and drinks were set up in the outside kitchen/dining area next to the pool.  I'll get some pictures of this because I think it's super!

We've settled in, even drove around a bit making a grocery run into Palatka and Jim got some propane down the road.  This is not a tourist destination unless you're into boating and fishing.  Just a laid back, old Florida type of campground.

our Christmas cards...

This cottage overlooks the Saint Johns River

The Tiki Bar is on the river with docks that you use...but it isn't open!  Not sure if this is good or bad....

There are a lot of old oaks just dripping with Spanish Moss!  Also palm trees and orange trees that I've been getting some tasty oranges from

Even though the day we arrived was chilly there was a guy fishing and this lady just bundled up enjoying the view

We're here until the end of February and I for one am enjoying it so far
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I hope this day is filled with family, festivities and fabulous food!

We have been enjoying our stay here at Low Key Hideaway.  This place is just made for relaxing.  We did drive over to Williston on Saturday to visit with friends.  The RV park, Williston Crossing is huge and has some nice amenities...but I'm thinking it won't be on our itinerary any time soon.

Today Jim and I had dinner at the Island Hotel and it was delicious.  I had the Mahi Mahi while Jim chose the Beef Tenderloin

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter Solstice

Boy did winter come storming in!  Thursday evening as we sat at the Tiki Bar we all kept an eye on our phones, watching a storm approach.  Will we get rain?  Cindy says no, it never rains here in Cedar Key, it always moves around us...oh no!  What's this?  There's some drops of water on the windows.....and the wind is picking up...

Jim and I left before the worst of the storm hit and the wind and rain continued through the night.  I don't think we got that much rain, but the wind!  It made the temperature drop and continued to blow with gusts up to 35 mph and coming across the water made for a chilly day Friday.  The Sun was out and except for the howling wind it was a beautiful day.  Jim took Boo out for a walk, bless his heart and I stayed in, keeping warm.  

We got a knock on the door and a lovely young lady delivered some yummy treats from Cindy and Pat, though I'm sure Pat didn't help in the making of them.  I had heard Cindy spent three days making cookies and candies for gift baskets...and we were lucky enough to get some.  Alas, half of them are gone and I've eaten enough sugar for the month!  Not sure the goodies will last much longer...

Speaking of Friday, December 21st...the Winter Solstice and according to the Mayans, THE END OF THE WORLD....well that obviously didn't happen!  But we had a good time celebrating with friends at the Tiki Bar.  I made some marinated mushrooms and most everyone brought something to eat.  There were ribs, pulled pork, buns, slaw, orzo salad, bacon wrapped goodies, stone crab claws, dessert platter, etc, etc, etc...I think everyone ate their fill!  Of course having a party at the bar means the alcohol and beer were flowing....We went over around 1700 and came home a couple hours later.  Once the sun went down that wind just froze us half to death!

Sometime during the night the wind let up.  As I type this it's 41 degrees outside with a wind chill of 36 and the winds are out of the north gusting to 25 mph.....yep, winter is here!  But from now on the days get longer!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Cold and Chilly here in Cedar Key

Well, we've been doing a whole lot of nothing!  Our weather has continued to be cold and damp.   So we mostly stay indoors venturing out only to do necessary head to the Tiki Bar!  Actually we've only been a couple times and seeing old friends and meeting new ones is fun.  They've installed a wood burning stove to help keep it warm but the small bar is hardly sealed.  Pat has filled in all the window gaps with bottles and it's a great place to sit and just take it all in.

 Yesterday we went to the Pickled Pelican,, for lunch.  Jim had a shrimp po-boy and I had a veggie burger.  Both plates came with home made chips and a pickle.  Of course we washed it down with a cold brew...

The pictures below show how foggy Wednesday was.  I thought everything looked cool


Pat has been busy with the bottles and 'little men'!  This is the water side of the Tiki Bar

Not sure if all these action figures are trying to get in or waiting for the tide to come in so they can swim out to sea

This bottle wall is part of the fence that gives Cindy and Pat privacy from the motel grounds.  They do recycle in Cedar Key but a lot of empties are finding a home here at Low Key Hideaway!

New at site 5 is this deck, we've actually sat out there once or twice!

Across the way is this beautiful green house that overlooks the water.  Shrouded with fog it looks better in black and white.

Yesterday after our lunch we drove into Chiefland to get some groceries at Walmart.  We finally broke down and bought a carpet cleaner....yuck!  I look forward to the day we can rip out this carpeting!

My heart is sad tonight....the senseless shooting in Connecticut of the children and adults just breaks my heart....

I keep thinking about all those gifts left unopened this holiday.
 Or all those trips not being taken. 
All those parent's, grandparents, family members, not having a 'Happy Holiday'. 
I think I need to burn a candle on Christmas for everyone that lost their life today, that way I won't feel so..... I don't know the word for it but I don't want to be so 'happy' when they are so torn apart. It's not fair. My heart aches for everyone there....
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Last week was a whirlwind of activities for us.   Visiting with Sonsearae and Chris in Tallahassee is always fun.  We swapped meals and ate out.  Of course they had to work too so I'm sure they were exhausted by the end of the day.

Jim and I also spent what seems like days of shopping.  We'd been at a COE and needed a big city to restock and buy ahead for our stay in Cedar Key.  I even managed to lose weight despite all the good food we ate. 

I turned 65 on the 8th and Jim and I were treated to dinner at Harry's, a New Orleans style restaurant.  Boy was my dinner good!  I had crab cakes and they were very tasty.  Everyone cleaned up their plates and three of us got dessert...Key Lime pie for me and the slice was huge!  I could only eat part of matter, it tasted just as good yesterday when I finished it off.

Monday we left Tallahassee and headed for Cedar Key.   A short drive on I-10, then a right on highway 19 and we were passing some pretty country side.   The farther south we got, the darker it got and we ran into the first raindrops in Chiefland.

I was hoping we'd arrive before the rain but that wasn't to be.  Jim had to set up between rain showers.  I popped over to the office to say hello to Cindy and Pat and soon after the rains came down in earnest.

I did manage to get one shot of my favorite boat...

This morning I awoke to overcast skies, the sun did try to come out but it failed and before long the fog started rolling in. The tide was out and I enjoyed watching the birds catching their breakfast. It's still foggy as I type this.  All we need is a fog horn sounding off in the distance.

Jim has been busy cleaning compartments and the truck bed.  The pass through compartment was untidy so he took care of that.  The truck bed isn't water tight with the cover so he's removed and dried what he could.  I've done laundry and dishes...

We'll be here until the 27th, I only wish it could be longer.  We both love it here and the people we've met have become friends
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Saturday, December 1, 2012


Wow!  It's December already and you know what?  In one week I'll be 65 years young....I don't expect gifts but give me a mention on Facebook...

Tuesday we started and ended the day with rain.  We stayed in and read books on our iPads and played games on the computers.  Don't recall what we ate but Jim did dishes for me all day...He also took a nap, not sure if he was tired or bored.  :-)
Of course Tuesday is NCIS night.  We're in the Eastern Time Zone and I went to bed at 2200 my normal bedtime.  At this rate I'll miss some late TV shows, but they'll be on again in re-runs.

Wednesday was still damp and chilly so we stayed in except for a run to pick up some groceries.  Since there wasn't much to watch on TV we watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie that Sonsearae lent us.  What a good movie!  I hope I got the title right.  If you haven't seen it, check it out.
The skies cleared and we had a beautiful sunset

Don't remember the exact day, but I made some delicious vegetable soup with my home made broth.  I don't think Jim has tried any, but I do have some frozen for future use.  Thursday we decided to go for a drive.  This are is quite lovely with all the pine trees and the lake is huge! 376 miles of shoreline.  We didn't go all the way around but we did check out some of the other COE campgrounds and just enjoyed being out of the house.
Again, we had a lovely sunset

Yesterday the temperature was in the low 70's and Jim spent some time outdoors cleaning the windows on the truck and cleaning the trikes.  Apparently this wore him out so he took a nap...

For dinner I made a veggie stir-fry with onions, celery, garlic, yellow bell pepper, broccoli and button mushrooms served over white rice.  For me this is comfort food.
Friday's sunset was gorgeous!

This morning I was up at 0630....I think I may have adjusted to this time zone...time will tell
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