Saturday, May 7, 2016

I think I'll Live

I mentioned in my last post that we both were having trouble with allergies...Well for me it wasn't, I caught a cold.  I spent a lot of time resting, crawling back into bed by 0900 Monday and Tuesday.  

Of course on Wednesday we left Kings Bay and headed to Parris Island, South Carolina. As soon as possible I was resting.

Wednesday night I was in bed by 2030 and didn't get up until 0730 the next morning.

During all this my darling husband did my chores and took care of me.  

The cold has settled in my chest but I'm not coughing often.  Now Jim is suffering with the runny nose.

On a happy note, I've lost two pounds!  Just not eating, no appetite.

So far today I haven't felt the need to nap.  I feel almost human again!

We ventured out yesterday to the Post Office in Port Royal.  Sonsearae mailed me a Mother's Day package. While I was inside Jim found a boardwalk with a tower so we headed there and enjoyed a nice walk and climb.
We then took a short drive around Beaufort looking at moss draped oak trees and southern mansions.  No pictures this time...didn't bring a camera.  We were here before and you can read about it here

If we venture out again I'll take my camera, promise!  Every bend in the road is picturesque

Our weather has been a few degrees cooler than our last stop. I like.... We've had the windows open with a slight breeze blowing. Right now it's only 79 degrees 

All is right in our world