Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beaufort, South Carolina

We've been enjoying ourselves here at Parris Island.  Every couple of days we head out and see the sites.  We've been reading and just relaxing while at home, perhaps a daily walk.  While walking we noticed smaller birds flitting around and it was decided to put up the feeding station because we thought we saw a blue bird. Well we haven't had one feeding but we did have a Painted Bunting show up almost immediately.  Also, purple finches, brown headed cowbirds and house sparrows.

Painted Bunting
The other day we went into Beaufort for lunch and discovered a beautiful Waterfront Park that is fairly new. They brought in tons of fill and created it in the bay!  The flowers and trees are gorgeous and the lawn is like the greens on a golf course (according to Jim).  There are swings for viewing the bay and a pavilion that hosts concerts.


Driving around town we found some fine examples of Centuries old homes.  Most all the trees had Spanish Moss dripping from the branches and just looked....Southern!

We had lunch a Plum's overlooking the park and the food was yummy.  Jim discovered a new beer, Son of a Peach and that he likes fried green tomatoes!

Tropical Storm Debby did gives us a couple days of clouds, mist and light rain.  But that is nothing compared to the flooding and destruction she left in Florida.  We left the state just in time!  Cindy and Pat at Low-Key Hideaway  in Cedar Key kept us all informed via Facebook with updates and pictures.  It's messy there but I'm sure they'll have it all cleaned up in time for the 4th of July festivities...

Now if we could just get the fires out in Colorado where other friends are staying!  Marilyn and Ed are in Colorado Springs keeping us updated on that area.  Four states out west are having an awful time with hot, dry weather and fires.

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