Friday, June 15, 2012

St Augustine, Florida

Yesterday we left around 1000 for the hour or so drive to St Augustine.  We drove A1A and it was a pleasant drive with little traffic.  When we arrived we found a parking lot and paid $6 to park across from this church

Beautiful way to start our visit!  For those who don't know St Augustine is the oldest city in the continental US and the architecture here is awesome with the Spanish influence

Our first stop was The  Floridian Restaurant, ( suggested by Sonsearae.  She and I had a discussion about fried green tomatoes and this restaurant had a sandwich I needed to try!

The decor is interesting and eclectic

I think this gator was done in charcoal

My FGT hoagie...fried green tomato with a side of salad.  Jim had a shrimp hoagie with a side of salad.  we both had iced tea

After lunch we just started walking the old town and wandered into a couple shops.  Jim's was an ice cream shop while I chose a tourist shop with all manor of 'stuff'.  All I bought was some post cards.

Oldest wooden school

Wells Fargo building but it sure is pretty

coquina wall, you can see the shells in the upper right

more of the same wall

Flagler college is another beautiful set of buildings but the many trees prevent good pictures of the construction.  This chain is part of the fence around the campus

After wandering the Old Town for a couple hours we were tired, hot and thirsty so we stopped in at Scarlett O'Hara's for a cold beer.  I know I needed something cold and this hit the spot.

Jim and I met in Jacksonville when we were both stationed at Cecil Field (now closed) so we've been to this lovely city before.  A lot has changed in the last 35 years but it still holds memories for us.

We headed home and arrived in time to feed Boo his dinner and have our afternoon coffee.  The evening was spent reading and watching television.

This morning we were treated to the USS Barry coming into port firing off her guns!  Not sure who is aboard the station to warrant the salute but it was awesome to see and hear.  Boo on the other had was scared silly and not impressed at all.  Hid for the longest time and only ate his breakfast around 10 am

USS Barry

Shortly after that we saw a Navy ship leaving port, looked like a family day aboard ship.  

I'm loving all these Navy ships passing by....I think this campground will rank up there with my favorites!

On Tuesday we stopped at a Raceway station because their diesel was $3.69 a gallon!  That's the lowest we've seen in awhile and I hope the price continues to go down.  I thought for sure Florida would have higher prices and now I'm curious as to what the cost is around the country.  Make a comment and I'll publish it.