Thursday, April 27, 2017

Stampin' Up!

I promise, I have been playing with my paper supplies, but some of them aren't SU.  I'm trying to use my stash and what better way than making and sending note cards to friends and family.

These two cards are made with the Beautiful You Stamps that can be either wood mounted or used with clear blocks.  There is a price difference.  I use mostly clear blocks as it takes up less room to store.  Also, this set has 13 stamps.  Three ladies and 8 sayings and two 'squiggles' that are stamped over the image as in the card on the right

The note cards (5 x 3 1/2 inches) can be bought in packs of 20.  I used Sweet Sugarplum ink.  

Just a plain and simple card to help keep in touch with loved ones.

Head over to my site to order, or contact me for more information

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weather here in the Valley

It's really nippy outside!  Yesterday our high topped out around 94 degrees.  Right now it's 62 outside, no sun and a slight breeze out of the North West.  Predicted high?  79 degrees!!  I love it...we also had some rain over night.  I love hearing it on the roof...lulled me right back to sleep.

This will last a couple days and by mid week we could see temperatures top 100.

The last two days have been good for me.  I made some soup and froze some for later.  I've been able to do my chores (dang) and even managed a couple of walks.  I know the walking helps keep me in shape, but it also helps keep my hips from hurting so much.  The sciatica is still lingering (toes are numb and at times my left calf is painful) but isn't as debilitating as it once was.  If it never comes back I'll be one happy camper.

Now that our neighbors have pulled out I can enjoy their flowers.  Anne's site has a beautiful bougainvillea and a hedge of  a plant I can't remember the name of.  I miss Anne and Scotty,

 but I'm enjoying the view.

Bentsen Palm Resort has been planted with trees, bushes and local flora to attract birds and butterflies.  One of the World Birding Centers is at the Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park practically across the road from us.  Down the street is the National Butterfly Center.

Migration is an interesting time here.  Both Autumn and Spring.  They do a hawk count at the state park and that event brings folks from all over.  Birders 'flock' to the area during migrations!

It's 0930 and I guess I'll have to pry Jim out of bed.  He must have had a rough night.  His alarm went off and he just turned if off and went back to bed two hours ago.

All is right in our world

Friday, April 21, 2017

Long Overdue Update

This seems to be the easiest way to update all my friends and family about my condition....Apparently I'm going to be blessed with pain (perhaps daily) for the rest of my natural life.  I do have some days where I have hours that I'm pain free but I have to work at it.  Medication (naproxen or tylenol), Lidocaine patches, Tens Unit, Heating Pad and ice packs are part of my daily routine now.

I suppose I could just sit in my recliner all day but even that becomes uncomfortable after awhile!  

Jim is very helpful and when needed does my chores.  We've been eating out quite a bit and at home we're eating MRE'S.  Meals Ready to Eat from the freezer section of the grocery store.  Standing and prepping foods to cook can be quite uncomfortable.  I'm surprised I haven't gained weight from all the 'comfort' foods.  I've decided, when I can, I'll chop and dice and fix foods I should eat (Jim Too!) so they'll be ready in the fridge or freezer.

To that end I bought an Instant Pot from Amazon...I've not used it but once and made some fried rice that turned out pretty good.  I just need to find recipes that I can veganize and I'll be good to go.  Sonsearae helps with this.

Enough about me!  

Jim is officially working...not difficult, but he takes care of the pool and gates and has a golf cart.  Last night we rode around the resort and it's pretty empty around here.  About six rigs with people in them.  A lot of folks (snowbirds) leave their rigs here.

Anne and Scotty left a couple days ago, heading to Kentucky to visit friends before they head to Vermont.  Of the work campers only three couples remain.

Boo and I continue to suffer periodically from bug bites.  I think his have all cleared up so it's time for a bath.  Keeping him medicated internally and externally is a chore but we don't get much sleep if he scratches all night.

Do what you can
Where you are
With what you have

Friday, March 31, 2017

Where Were You?

A year Ago?   When you travel it's hard to remember exactly but by keeping this blog up to date I know we were still in Stuart Florida...we both like that town and area.  I miss the weekly Farmer's Market

Last Tuesday was the last visit by the produce guy.  I bought a fresh pineapple for three dollars!  All I had to do was slice it.  They have this handy, dandy machine that takes the outer 'peel' off and cores it too.  Also bought a cucumber (which I found frozen in the drawer!)

Our resort is emptying out.  Pretty soon we'll have the place almost to ourselves!  Right now we plan on leaving in June.  Doctor appointments and repairs need to be completed.  Some of the work campers will linger for a few days and then they'll hit the road too.

We're off to have pizza with the Scott's, soon they'll be leaving too

All is right in our world

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Stampin' Up!

Time is running out!

March 31st is the deadline for ordering and getting wonderful free products.  More items have been listed for these final days so hurry over and make your order!

It's easy to do, just head here and pick the items that interest you. If you need help just let me know via comments here or an email

Thanks for stopping by! 

It's Sunday Again!

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted...Oh well, I'll blame it on my pain

Yes, I'm still battling this sciatica.  Some days are better than others and I guess I'll just have to put up with it.  Sitting around like an invalid can't be good for my overall wellness

This past week we've seen a lot of folks leaving the resort and today....around 0800 two work camping couples left.  Jim was awakened by Bruce tooting his horn and Boo barking!  I went out and got hugs and said safe travels to Bruce, Diane, Karen and Howard.  I was still in my jammies and along with several folks not ready to start the day!

Biscuits for breakfast and Jim has gone to open guest services.  This will be our last shift.

Boo is being bitten again (me too) and we have him on benadryl.  It helps all of us sleep better!

The days are heating up, getting into the 90's this week.  Not much in the way of humidity during the day but it's still uncomfortable mid afternoon to be outside.  I think that's why the siesta was invented!

I better post this and get the day started before my medication wears off

All is right in our world

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Stampin' Up!

There's still time to get this designer paper!  Sale-A-Bration ends March 31st.  Just head over here to order

Many Ways to Color

Many Ways to Color
Coloring books for adults are everywhere. They bring out the kid—and the Zen—in all of us! Now you can jump on the trend with Sale-A-Bration’s Inside the Lines Designer Series Paper.
1.Color Therapy
Use markers for detailed coloring like we did on this gorgeous box. Just cut the paper out with a die, color, relax, and then assemble.
2.Outside the Lines
Use sponge daubers on the paper for a quick and easy but awesome effect.
3.Leave It Alone
Don’t forget that the paper has a cool black-and-white look from the start. Use it as a background and add a vibrant element front and center like we did with our fairy.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Weekend is Upon Us

The weather has been wonderful the last few days. I only wish I could be out more to enjoy it.  My battle with this sciatica pain is ongoing.  The tens unit helps but it's doing nothing to 'heal' it.  The past couple of evenings I've sat in the hot tub and that is heavenly.  For ten-fifteen minutes I float and there is no pain.

We're working today and tomorrow and that's really not exciting, as most have left for their travels. North, west...wherever.  Soon all our neighbors will be gone. Not much mail coming in and nothing to keep us busy except signing out bikes and park passes. We take our tablets and read, play games or watch movies.  The WiFi at the office is fast!

Spring is really bursting out here.  The showers we've had in recent weeks has made it's presence known. The trees, flowers and bushes are leafing out and once again it's green again.  I like that!  Much to drab and brown during winter.

Took some time yesterday to finish up some cards.  The larger ones are from Club Scrap, the other two are trade cards.

All is right in our world

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Stampin' Up!

Since I don't have a lot of SU supplies I can't share any of my work today.  But I wanted to share this unique set of stamps that you can get for free!

Reverse Words Stamp Set is simple to use and if you don't have a lot of supplies these cards can be made quickly for all types of celebrations. 

See a video here and Andrea will share several ways to use this set of stamps.  Birthday cards, invitations or just a note card.  You can also get some ideas here

Visit my website to get paper and ink to use with this set of stamps.  Just make sure you do it before the end of the month!  That's when Sale-A-Bration ends

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lovely Weather

Last Friday we picked up our new rocker recliners from Lazy Boy.  The two of us even managed to get them in the house all by ourselves!  They're a good color  but they don't match our orange speckled rug.  Apparently I have to adjust myself to this change.  I'm sitting in a different location beside Jim instead of the end of the rig.  I can't use my computer table because of the bump from the slide.  We both have our laptops set up on the dining room table and sitting on that chair is awkward for feet don't touch the floor! 

On Saturday we had a rainy rained all day and I'm sure the trees, bushes and plants loved it.  Now we're enjoying mild temperatures and it looks like Spring.

On Monday I went to the VA and was instructed on how to use a Tens Unit.  I wasn't in there long and I left with a four lead Unit.  It comes with batteries, charger for said batteries and the leads and pads. I was also given extra pads that I can get from any VA clinic.  All I had to do was charge the batteries when I got home. 

Which I forgot.  On the way home we stopped at the Post Office to mail a package of Stampin' Up! catalogs to Terry.  Jim then drove to Bed Bath and Beyond  where we bought a gel cushion for me to sit on.  We've contemplated buying one before for traveling.  One more stop at Sam's Club for tomato sauce and we then headed home.  Once we pulled into our site a neighbor invited us to her site for happy hour....first we had a bite to eat because drinking beer was involved!  That's why I forgot to charge the batteries!

This morning, as soon as I thought I could, I asked Jim to 'hook' me up.  Because the pain is on the left side the pads had to be on my backside.  He did a fine job putting the pads on and attaching the leads and after a few minutes of re-reading the instructions I finally was able to turn the machine on.

I've used it off and on during the day and I must say it does work.  It will not take the pain away but it 'masks' it for awhile and I can stand and do chores without to much fuss.  Better than taking addictive pain killers.

We went to HEB this morning and I did well.  Using and wearing (carry in pocket or clip to waistband) this machine will take some getting used to.  I can change the intensity and duration of time.  I have to find what works best for me.

Jim has been wonderful in helping me with my chores and I love him dearly....cuz he stills loves me even when I snap at him.  It's no fun being in pain!

I'm not sure if this pain will ever go away but at least now I can get some relief from it

All is right in our world

Monday, March 6, 2017

Stampin' Up!

It's Sale-A-Bration Time!  That means the more you spend the more free product you earn.  New items were added February 21st.  I especially like Delicate Details, 5 stamps you can use to add a 'delicate' touch to any card

Check out my website to see what you could choose as a gift for yourself or a friend.  Ordering is easy, just pick the items, add your personal information and pay with a credit card.  I'll never see the credit card information if that's a concern.

I've been out of the loop, so to speak, on Stampin' Up! products and when I received my Demonstrator packet included was a Paper Pumpkin Kit from August 2016. 

This kit had everything to make the card you see on the top, the note card on the left and the gift card pocket. Three of each.  Ink, stamps, embellishments, paper and envelopes.  I did have to dig out my scissors.  It makes three of each item.

                                    What fun!

Everything you need is included for the project that month.  Shhhh!  It's a surprise, you just know SU will make your kit special.  You can buy one to check it out or you can subscribe.  Can you imagine getting a box of creativity every month?  Read all about it here.

If you're interested and have questions, just ask!  I'm more than happy to help. Also I have a few catalogs that I can mail out if you'd like them.  Just drop me a line at

Thus ends my sales pitch for this week!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Where were you a year ago?

We were in Florida. Indiantown to be precise.  You've probably never been there because it's way out in the country.  You see our son in law was the Warden at the prison and we were parked in his and Sonsearae's backyard.  We went there so Jim could recover from his bypasses. Chris got a well deserved promotion and was transferred to Tallahassee.  So we were on the road again.

We love the area, Stuart is a charming city and Port St Lucie is a growing area for the retired set. We'll go back, I'm sure. We hope to winter there again. Who knows, maybe this year.

I'm still working on being pain free. Another visit to the VA and this time they think it's nerve related and not my hip (good news!).  Could be related to my back surgery....anyway lidocaine patches were procured and I'm using them.  Couldn't hurt, right?  On Monday I see a physical therapist and learn about a 'Tens Unit'. It's a muscle stimulator.  I've never heard of it and it will be interesting to use it.

Today we brought home two Lazy Boy rocker recliners.  We were due for new furniture and we both needed chairs that support our aging bones.  Perhaps this will help my nervy problem.

The resort is getting empty, on the 1st of March 57 rigs headed out.  Soon all the Winter Texans will be on the road heading to their northern homes.  Though the northern areas are still enjoying cold, snowy weather we are enjoying spring. The trees are flowering and seeing that green makes me happy.  Migration has also started and I look forward to seeing the birds fly through.  Haven't spotted a Robin yet.

All is right in our world

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What are you reading?

I have been reading a lot of Stampin' Up! information.  Also watching videos and learning all about the new and exciting things in the stamping world.

A few years ago, before we went full time, I was an SU demonstrator and I gave it up after Hurricane Katrina blew through New Orleans.  Of course when we hit the road I carried a lot of my paper and stamp supplies with me and I used some, acquired more and gave some away because space is at a premium in RV's!

Well, last week I signed up again and we'll see if this works as we travel.  I won't just post about Stampin' Up! here but I will make a weekly blog about it.  If you see that title and aren't interested just skip it!  I'll also post the crafts I make under the tab above Paper Craft if you want to see what I'm making.

Of course I'll post enticing videos in hopes I can tempt you into buying something through my web site.  If you are interested in this craft please let me know via email,

Right now, through the end of the month, It's Sale-A-Bration time and this video of the Any Occasion Stamp can be yours free with a qualifying order

If you've read this far I thank you!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Goodness!

This month is nearly over!  Time flies when your having fun...or it drags on when you're not feeling so hot.

About a month ago I started having pain in my left hip.  Hoping it was just poor posture and a saggy bottomed chair I just lived with it.  On the 15th I (we) spent the afternoon at the VA clinic in Mission. I haven't been seen by anyone there so it took a bit to get in their system and then I had to wait for the 'next available' Doctor (which I didn't see!).

Everything was done through a know, all the questions, evaluations etc, ect, ect.  While he kept consulting with the doctor I never actually saw her.  She just approved everything.  Any way, they took xrays of my hip and pelvis and there is a gap in there...Not exactly sure what that means except pain for me.

I was given some medication (otc) for the pain and told if it didn't improve in 7-10 days to come back.  It hasn't improved.  So I'm heading back to hopefully find out what my options are.  Because I take the medication 2 times a day I do have a few hours where the pain is workable and I'm sure it has helped me sleep.  I'm finding it difficult to sit for any length of time and standing (like in the kitchen).  I have tried to get in a slow stroll everyday but it isn't comfortable

And I'm learning how to walk, stand and rise differently!  This getting older sucks!

On Tuesday we went on a pontoon boat ride with friends.  Our Resort has this activity three times a week for a fee.  It can take eight passengers plus the Captain and First Mate.  The cost is $10 a person...but work campers get one free trip.

Anne and Scotty had friends visiting, Kathy and Roger from Vermont so Anne arranged for a group of eight to go out. Thank goodness the weather was very nice.  I didn't take many pictures

Steve our intrepid Captain.  His job is to keep us in the middle of the river so the Mexican authorities don't come after us!  LOL

Scotty and Pat doing their best to stay in the shade

Anne, Jim and Catherine.  Catherine is the wife of Steve and makes an excellent First Mate, she kept everyone informed and entertained

Roger and Kathy with the lovely Miss Anne and Jim's legs

Vern!  Who shares his life with Miss Pat

Mexicans like to live on the edge of water too!  The Rio Grande River is dammed and the flow is controlled.  But on occasion it will flood so I'm sure these folks could tell a few stories.

The trip up and down this section was interesting.  A lot of illegals cross here and you never know what you'll see.  There were three official boats that zoomed past us and that was the only excitement as they created awake we could ride over.  We saw some beautiful parks and homes on the Mexican side, some cows, horses and goats along the waters edge.

My Boo Baby

All is right in our world!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tomatillo Salsa

Do you like chips and dip?  

What kind of chips?  

What Kind of salsa?

A favorite around here is Guacamole but pico de gallo comes a pretty good second, especially if it's made by me!  My daughter brought this delectable dish to our attention several years ago and it's quite easy to make.  A bunch of Roma tomatoes, red onion, jalepeno pepper, lime juice and a dash or two of chipotle pepper sauce.  I like mine with cilantro, Jim does not.. Just chop all the tomatoes, onion and pepper as big or as small as you like.  Enjoy

I also like a good tomatillo salsa.  But I don't make it, I buy it.  Salsa Verde is made by everyone!  Just do a search and the recipes will pop are a couple:

Tomatillo Salsa Verde at All Recipes

Another one by Rick Bayless, Salsa Verde

Our day started early with a visit to see Jim's dermatologist.  It was a follow up for his pre cancerous skin lesions....Whew that's a mouthful.  Anyway the cream medicine he used cleared up all that was targeted.  She froze a couple spot on his head which look painful and will take a few days to heal up.  He also has to go back for a biopsy on a mole.

Then it was off to the mall for a brisk walk.  The heat is back and it was already warming up to the 90 it reached today.  

After our stroll we headed to Tony Roma's for lunch.  We left stuffed!  We each had soup, salad and half sandwich and a draft beer.  The beers were some we'd never had before, mine was good but nothing I need to repeat.  Jim had a porter that he enjoyed.

After lunch we headed to the McAllen Library on Nolana that used to be a Walmart!  Wonderful use of the building.  I liked the way it was set up with both English and Spanish sections.  Of course it has books but also magazines, videos etc.  Media Rooms and places for folks to sit and read, study rooms and internet.

Back home we changed into comfy clothes and relaxed a bit.  Around 1600 we headed to a party with a bunch of our friends and some strangers!  We had a good time and though neither of us was very hungry Jim managed to try quite a few tasty dishes and I had some chips...with and without salsa.  Jim brought some wine but I had water.  Though I did manage to down a few tequila shots.

CBS is our choice for TV viewing on Tuesday.  NCIS, Bull and NCIS: New Orleans

All is right in our world

Friday, February 3, 2017

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

It's been a busy day for me.  Once Jim got up this morning I dressed and went for a walk.  You see, the last three days we worked and I didn't get much walking done.  So far today I've gotten in almost 7000 steps!

Laundry, cooking and dishes occupied some of my time and I spent time this afternoon folding and delivering our weekly resort calendar (which helped with my steps!).

Jim cleaned up the bird feeding station.  Not sure what messed up the suet feeder but it was really messy and of course that means the water dish was yucky.  We get Green Jays, Kiskadees, thrashers, Altamira Orioles, wrens and a little yellow-green warbler?  Doves and grackles are a given and a squirrel or two.  We both enjoy the birds that visit!  We've even had javalinas visit

The other day we went to Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge  The day was nice, just cool enough to be comfortable in jeans.  Unfortunately we didn't see much wildlife, just a few water birds.  My main reason for going was to get my National Park Pass.  Currently they are $10 but sometime this year the price is going up to $80...This is a bargain!  This little card gets you into all of our counties National Parks!

From the website...

The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass Series 

A pass is your ticket to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites. Each pass covers entrance fees at national parks and national wildlife refuges as well as standard amenity fees (day use fees) at national forests and grasslands, and at lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A pass covers entrance, standard amenity fees and day use fees for a driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle at per vehicle fee areas (or up to four adults at sites that charge per person). Children age 15 or under are admitted free.

Run don't walk to your nearest Park and get your pass before the price goes up!  The website will show you the nearest one to you

The day was a bit overcast so I didn't take many pictures.  The one above has the most color and it's just some fungi

No matter where you go in the south you'll find Spanish Moss

Not a lot of green to be seen this time of year

At first glance this tree looks dead....but it's not!  It has some leaves starting to come out

This Great Kiskadee stuck around long enough for this shot

This Harris's Hawk was not in the right place for a good shot

We're both spending time reading, especially when the weather turns cool.  Oh, I think I forgot to mention the truck....after the first repair job which fixed the issues at that time we had it back about three days.  Had driven it a couple times with not problem.  Then we left to go out to lunch one day and wouldn't you know the durn thing died!  Just died, engine quit and would not restart.  Jim called road service and they towed it away.  Not sure how many days that took but they replaced the fuel injection module (?).  Seems to be doing just fine now but still has an oil leak.  Another job for in the future.

All is right in our world!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Where Were You a Year Ago?

We were mooch camping in the backyard of Sonsearae and Chris. I miss them....

 I also miss the wildlife we saw there...Sandhill Cranes, Barn Owls, Great Horned Owls, mustn't forget the Fox Squirrels!  Some deer wandered through on occasion, I think there was a gator (I'm the only one who saw him) in the pond and this beautiful Painted Bunting

We were in Indiantown where Chris was the Warden at the Correctional Facility.  Though the facility was out in the boondocks it was easy to drive into Stuart and Port St Lucie Florida...

Stuart is a lovely city with laid back charm.  We often went to the Green Market on Sundays and we frequently walked the boardwalk along the river as Jim was recovering from his procedure and just for the pleasure it gave us...We both like it there and we're giving thought to going back next winter.

Port St Lucie is up and coming and much bigger than Stuart.  It has all the big box stores and more people to go along with it.

Both cities are close to the ocean so it's the perfect area for us!  We saw quite a bit of the area but there is more to explore.

Today has been cloudy thus far and we've both done some walking.  I went out early and stopped at Ed and Marilyn's place to see if she wanted to join me.  Ed is still feeling poorly and I'm sure Marilyn is tired of it taking good care of him.  She and I had a nice chat while we walked along to the beat of the Bee Gees!

Once I returned home I continued with laundry, dishes and bed making.  Jim left about this time to walk a couple times around the resort and dropping off two bags of trash.  When he returned he took a nap...guess it tired him out.

We're still without a truck.  

Almost time to feed Boo, he's getting quite insistent! 

All is right in our world

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bentsen Palm Rio Grande Valley State Park

Is also the World Birding Center Headquarters.  Folks from all over the country come, especially during migrations.

You can no longer camp there unless you pack everything in as there is no vehicular traffic except official cars and trucks. For those who want to, there is an hourly tram that takes your around the park with various stops for you to get on and off at will.

Great Kiskadee, Mostly a Mexican coastal bird they are found year round in South Texas and do migrate a bit further north

When we went the other day we rode our trikes and made a few stops they have set up for viewing birds and wildlife.  The Green Jay stop is especially nice with an enclosure that you can drop down panels to observe the feeding station and watering hole.  With the exception of the last picture all of these photos were taken there.

Plain Chachalaca, the tip of South Texas is the most northern part of this birds range.  Can also be found on the Gulf Coast of Mexico

Javalina or Collared Peccary (if you look closely you can see a white collar or necklace) is frequently seen in our resort.  I've had them on our site. They like to clean up the seeds that the birds have dropped from our feeder. They're not really dangerous critters, but will defend themselves if cornered

Nifty tree at the watering hole

The End!

All is right in our world

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas Update

Not sure if I ever mentioned our Christmas.  We did exchange gifts and had fun opening presents.  Jim went to Amazon and checked my wish list...I did the same for him :-)

I wanted an Aero Garden and because we live tiny I requested the small one.  I would love to have a bigger one but this will do for now.

I planted it up the day after Christmas.  Not really difficult, pour water in reservoir, add liquid food and pop the pods in the holes and cover!

The art work to the left was made by my good friend Anne Scott.  She tumbled the glass and 'found' the twigs. It's a clothesline with laundry!  When we visit her in Vermont we hang out clothes to dry, this is to remind me of good times shared with her.

I also wanted a new diffuser.  My old one had a crack in the water well and I didn't use it as often as I'd like to.  Also the old one had a light that was on all the time.  This new one has the option of turning off the light.  So far I've enjoyed the ever changing light it cycles through.

This is what two weeks of growth look like.  Lettuce on the left which I've been harvesting a leaf or two at a time.  Parsley in the center which just now appeared!  Savory on the right which I've also pinched back on one plant.  The instructions say to pinch back and harvest often so you can keep the light 1-2 inches above the plants.  Not sure how that will work with the lettuce and parsley!  

I also got a set of Oxo nesting seven piece measuring beakers.  Perfect for our space!  

Sonsearae and Chris sent us a lovely basket from Harry and David and we're still enjoying the treats.

I gave Jim a couple items from his list but to be perfectly honest I can't remember what!  I know one was a solar charger, flashlight thingy.  But the other one??  I don't know.  I don't see these items daily so I've forgotten!

We had winter weather last weekend and we stayed cozy inside the rig.  We did venture out for walks and I enjoyed them very much!  We put on our heavy coats and complained about the cold and wind but got some exercise to break up the days

Our truck is still in the shop.  Part of the work has been done but the mechanic was in an accident and he probably missed a couple days because of bruising.

We rode our trikes over to the Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park.  Hello!  we've not ridden in a log while and we felt it in our thighs.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it because of my 'questionable hip'.  But I managed to get in and out without pain.  Score one for me!  Although I did feel like an old lady walking up the ramp for the hawk tower.  Took a few minutes to get my sea legs back.

Today is our last day off, back to work tomorrow.  The weather did warm up Monday and by Tuesday we were back to nice, windy weather.  So windy that sitting outside was not fun.  It dries your eyes and you can't even read.

All is right in our world!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bitter Cold!

At least for those of us who don't spend any time where winter rears it's ugly head!  After all, we can't get much further south in this country.  Maybe the extreme south of Florida is warmer.The Rio Grande Valley is supposed to be warmer this time of year

Once Jim got up I got busy making the bed, doing laundry and making a big pot of Mexican Rice Soup.  It sure smelled good while it was cooking!  I figured it was perfect for this winter day, cook once, eat all day.  Still have quite a bit left so it may make an appearance later today.

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day but the temperature never even reached 50 degrees.  Jim and I walked the trash down after lunch and managed to walk a mile before heading back indoors.  We both have heavy jackets and we wore hats.  I also had gloves.  My cheeks bout froze off my face because the wind was wicked!

Watched the Texans win over the Raiders...good...We are Texans so if the Saints aren't playing.....

I managed to squeeze in another walk before dinner but it wasn't much warmer at 48 degrees.  Jim passed and let me brave the 'harsh' winter conditions on my own.  :-)

Also watched the Lions lose to the Seahawks though we didn't stay up to see the end of the game.  I'm from Detroit, Michigan so last night I was a Lion fan.

Once again Jim ignored the alarm and slept in.  He crawled out of bed around 0930....he do like his beauty sleep!

So far this morning it is warmer...relatively speaking.  At 10 am it's already 43!  But no sunshine so it makes it colder to me.  

All is right in our world.....but some sunshine would be nice

Friday, January 6, 2017

It's Winter Again!

I hope the new year is treating you well and  I also hope this year is a good one for you.  We've been getting back to normal since Christmas and we've just finished another three days of working.

Just in time to enjoy some frigid temperatures!  When I got up at 0700 it was 48 degrees outside, time to crank up the heat.  It has steadily dropped all day and tonight we have a freeze warning.  The wind is making the temperature worse as it's 40 and feels like 31 degrees outside right now.  BRRRR  Monday should be warmer with a high of 79 forecast and mid 80's after that

Do you make resolutions?  Do you keep them?  I mentally make a list but I figure if no one knows, only I'll be disappointed in me!

Our truck is in the shop getting some needed repairs.  The poor thing is getting old (2000) and sometimes doesn't work right.  We should get it back Monday or Tuesday.

Boo is still getting bit by something.  He has scabs here, there and everywhere.  He needs a grooming and we've scheduled one for the 17th.  Meanwhile his long hair acts like a dust mop, collecting dirt when we walk him outside.  When I brush him he just lays there enjoying every minute of it.

All is right in our world!