Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope y’all are making memories today.  Be thankful for all your blessings.  Family, friends, food and festivities abound this time of year.  But the memories last a lifetime.

We’re doing good.  Our health is not getting worse at the moment and for that I’m thankful.  We’re together with a roof over our heads and food on the table. Life is good.

Our weather is overcast and cool today as another cold front passes through. Not complaining! This is ever so much better than howling winds and snow.

Last night we had a wonderful time with family. Some we haven’t seen in a long time. Some we’ve never met.  SaraJane and Jerry hosted the Blythe family cousins with a BBQ.  I should mention that all of these family members are from Jim’s side of the family. Cousins, second cousins, spouses etc etc etc.  I didn’t count but it was a full house. A tradition of sharing this holiday rotates each year. And they travel from far away. 

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

 28 November 2019 276 cards

These cards were fun to make using a template for 6 inch paper.  Of course some mixing and matching with other bits and pieces helped a bit.

Love how this turned out.  Stampin' Up! supplied the paper, stamps and dies.  Though it's difficult to tell, the frame is a rope die, very fiddly to cut and glue onto the card

this card is another one using bits and pieces

This Paper Pumpkin kit and so many elements that I'm still making the cards I sent out for Thanksgiving.  Perhaps you got one?

Look another same paper, bits and pieces.  When I say same paper, I mean both sides of the paper are pretty.  You can also see the dry embossed design on this one

Using up Let It Snow DSP from Stampin' Up!

Young Livings Aroma Siez Essential Oil Blend is probably an oil that you've never heard of.  A blend of lavender, peppermint, basil, marjoram and cypress and it smells divine!  Mix with a carrier oil and use for circulation and pain relief.  Great for long car drives or flights.  Your legs will thank you! Soothing enough to lower your blood pressure....are we there yet? 

Head over to my Site to order yours today

All is right in our world

Friday, November 15, 2019

A bit of this and that

Did Y'all enjoy that Arctic cold front?  I'm not sure why, but we ignored the predictions and our pipes froze the first night.  I guess it got colder, quicker than we thought it would.  Good thing we have a Keurig, I was able to have my coffee.  Jim too when he got up later at 0800 and they were still frozen.  No matter, life is an adventure and we've had our excitement for the month.  I just couldn't do laundry, bummer!

When we have these cold fronts we usually have rain.  Such was the case this time.  It was awesome to see the ice on our truck and wooden steps.  Even had some itty bitty icicles.  

Today we have abundant sunshine.  Temperature is around 58 as I type.  Jim is outside taking care of the black tank and I've been busy doing laundry.  While outside he's also doing 'yard' work.  My plumerias and tomato plants have been in the garage, so they're enjoying some sun.  They'll have to be put back in as the low tonight is 32 degrees.  

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

 15 November 2019 267 cards

These four cards are from a monthly 'kit' I get.  For a set fee you're given blank cards and some embellishments.  It comes with a pack of 6x6 papers, Christmas in this set and Wendy throws in some goodies in the way of embellishments, ribbon and in this kit candy! .  Each year Stampin' Up! offers a bazillion Holiday stamps and paper packs.  I can't afford all nor do I need them but these kits allow me to get a sample of the pretty papers

November OSW is all about special folds on the cards.  I chose a Nautical theme.  The left card opens by taking the ship to the right then the inner flap opens to the left.  The card on the right opens by flipping the ship up, then lowering the inner flap.  Pretty basic.

This card was a bit more fiddly.  It opens right and left.
All supplies are Stampin' Up!

We decided to enjoy one of the many offers for Veterans Day.  San Antonio is Military City with a huge contingent of Air Force personnel.  Many retirees settle here and when ever you go out you see ball caps from all branches.  Needless to say all the eatery's had offers of free food.  We chose Fish City Grill where we enjoyed a fabulous meal.  Jim had a trout entree while I chose a stuffed flounder.  We both cleaned up our plates, no leftovers. These entrees were free.  We also ordered beer and an appetizer and key lime pie for dessert which we paid for.  

I'd like to add that when we left the house it was 71 degrees outside but we dressed for colder weather.  While we dined the front came a knocking!  We had our jackets in the truck and put them on.  We made a quick stop at Sam's Club where the wind was so fierce that it blew my cap off!  Jim to the rescue, he chased it down for me. While inside we got a call from Sara Jane inviting us to Max's Roadhouse so we could visit.  We only had beer and much to my shame, I could not finish mine.  

Once home we pretty much stayed inside because it was cold outside.  We did venture out yesterday to visit the library and pick up some groceries.

All is right in our world