Saturday, December 1, 2018

November in Spring Branch

It has certainly been an interesting month. Sometimes it feels like we’ve been on the go all the time and at other times the days are slow to pass.

The weather has been all over the map! A few nights down to freezing temperatures and day time highs in the 70’s.  The cold fronts that come through are often enough to make us think it’s winter.

Our refrigerator seems to like the cooler temperatures.  Having the ice maker off seems to help also.  Every few days I have to mop out the floor of the fridge and out of the crisper drawers. I think it needs a fan.

As I said previously, we’ve been eating out a lot.  First night here we met Sara Jane and Jerry at Max’s Roadhouse.  It was nice catching up with them.  We tried a new to us restaurant, Ay Chiwawa Mexican Cafe. Good Mexican food and we’ll go back.  We revisited Richters Antler Cafe, yummy food and always busy.  Stopped in at BJ’s Brewhouse because we like our beer!

Next week our grandson is graduating from Air Force Basic Training at Lackland Airforce Base and we’ll be attending.  So we made a test run to figure out how long it will take to get there.  We figure two hours to drive and mingle with rush hour traffic!

Jim has set us up for dental insurance and our first appointments.  Yuck...but necessary.  We both renewed our drivers licenses, mine is due this month.  

Last night Sara Jane and Jerry picked us up for dinner at BJ's and a Christmas Concert at Trinity University.  Both the dinner and concert were enjoyable

Over 200 students and faculty performed this one night affair.  I can't imagine how many hours they practiced their numbers just for this one night.  All the while studying for their exams before they head out for the holiday.

This morning we headed out for groceries.  HEB was crowded, it is Saturday after all.  Apparently not sleeping well last night and the combination of 'shopping' wore Jim out, he's napping.

All is right in our world

Thursday, November 29, 2018

DeFuniak Springs to Spring Branch Part 2

Pretty slow at getting back to this! Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

When we left Livingston, Louisiana we stopped in Sulfer Louisiana for another three nights. Hidden Ponds RV Park was quite nice!  Of course it rained, as it had been for several days.  Did the fridge deal again....what a pain!  But sometimes you have to just 'git er done'.  I don’t recall doing much except we did enjoy a last meal of sorts.  Just up the road was a recommended buffet style Cajun restaurant.....well that’s all we needed to hear!  We both indulged and thoroughly enjoyed this ‘last Cajun meal’.

Our journey along I-10 is continued and we land in Dickinson Texas at Galveston Bay RV resort and Marina. We’ve been here before and booked a week.  Because of road construction we had to take a detour and Jim decided to outsmart everyone by cutting through a neighborhood.  It got smaller and smaller and no matter how many roads we wanted to turn down the access was blocked.  We ended up turning around, by backing up and blocking traffic!  No matter, Jim saved the day and managed to get us on the right road and we were in the thick of it. NASA Parkway has a lot of interesting things to see and do.  But driving a rig shouldn’t be part of your plans.  It’s a good thing we stayed a week, we both needed some rest.

One of the perks around this resort is the Monk Parrots.  And where there is water, there are ducks

While there we did the fridge thing....boy is that getting old!  I know we went out a couple times. Jim indulged me and took me to a Scrapbook Store.  I was in heaven! So many goodies I could have bought but that need/want warning came on.  I only bought a bottle of Nuvo Drops.  Needed it, sort of.  I’ve never used it and wanted to see if I really did need some....I’ve used it a couple times on my cards and I think I need more.  Just have to figure out how and where to store it!

I have continued to make cards, some of you have gotten them. I don’t always remember to take pictures but check out the paper craft page if you’re interested.

Next stop Schulenburg Texas. What an interesting area.  We spent a week here.  Have you heard of the painted churches? Well it’s a big draw here and we managed to see a few.  Check out the link for some gorgeous photos and the history of the Czech and German Immigrants! Also stumbled across a winery where we spent some time eating and drinking.

The Churches we visited are beautiful from the outside.  But inside is indescribable.. And they we hand painted!

It was difficult to get good pictures inside because of the subdued lighting

 One of these churches we couldn't even enter the door was locked on the inside.

You can get a map at the visitor center for a fee and you can even schedule a tour.  We just used the map on the RV resorts paperwork.

Again we did the fridge thing, I’m sure because it still isn’t repaired.  Though it is better!

Found a cool duck...what do you think of that hairdo?  There was only one so I'm sure she's lonely

You know as you age you tend to forget things.  I know we walked the RV park, but I’m not sure what else we did during our stay here.  Our living room slide has been 'tired' the last few months.  Jim had to help it to close.  When we left Schulenburg he had to get help to close it.  So, another thing to add to our repair list.

On November 1st we got back on I-10 and headed to Spring Branch.  Mostly all set up.  We had a crack in the hot water tank, so Jim had one delivered here and called a repairman to install it.  We've eaten out way to much but thoroughly enjoyed every bite!  We've driven some new hills and back roads and traversed familiar roads just for fun.

So there you have it, our trip west to our home in Spring Branch.