Sunday, October 23, 2016

Right here at Home

More critters and these were taken from our patio.

I cannot remember the name of this butterfly but they're pretty!

These are Green Jays and not the best lighting because they are gorgeous!  I'm sure I'll get more chances at better pictures as the season changes

this little butterfly was getting a drink at our bird bath

Big moth!  about 4 inches across

Last week was really hot, days in the 90's and we hit the pool and spa most every day.  I think it was Thursday when a 'cold' front came through and brought rain and cooler temperatures for about 36 hours. Today the expected high is 91, so we're warming up again

We've got out patio all set up with shade and I'll get a picture soon.  It's nice to sit out when the weather cooperates!

More and more folks are showing up.  Our friends Marilyn and Ed pulled into Retama a couple of days ago.  Retama is the resort next door.  I walked over to exchange hugs and it's half a mile walk from our home to theirs. 

They've had happy hour most every day but we don't attend all of them.  We've eaten out entirely to much and I'm sure this will slow down a bit once we start working.

I've been to the VA and had lab work done.  I'll get the results when we head that way next week.  Jim's has appointments starting next week for his various complaints, so we'll be busy.

I think we're settling in and all is right in our world

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Morning Walk

On my morning walks I'm lucky to see many beautiful sights.  Our resort has many beautiful plants and most of them bloom this time of year.  As the season progresses I'll share some pictures with you

Each RV site has different plantings and most of them attract butterflies.  The National Butterfly Center is just a short hike or bike ride down the road.  A lot of folks travel to this area just to see them!

I'll try to get more pictures of these critters but they don't hold still very long

Of course we have many, many palms in all sizes

We're settling in and our friends Anne and Scotty arrived a couple days ago.  From now on things should get busier as more and more Winter Texans start arriving!