Friday, September 23, 2016

Singing Hills RV Park

We took we took our time yesterday packing up and left Rising Sun around 1030.We stayed on the scenic road along the Ohio river and it was scenic but some patches we very rough! Up and down and weaving made it interesting for sure.

We picked up I-71 an crossed into Kentucky over a dam and this was where the first construction zone was seen and passed through.  At least they had it controlled with a traffic light.  The next slowdown was north of Louisville and the alert I got said a 70 minute delay.  We did pull off at a rest stop and had lunch stopping a bit longer than we normally do.  When we pulled out we noticed traffic was moving a bit faster but inched along when we caught up with the traffic.  Once through that mess we turned off and got on I-264 west.

And then we passed into the Central time zone and gained an hour, arriving at this campground just before 1400

One we set up with full hookups (30 amps) we headed to Cracker Barrel for some comfort food.  Jim only had a small salad and orange for lunch and needed sustenance!  Back home he was able to find a level site with a window through the trees to get a signal for our TV.  Then he kicked back and had a beer.

We have wifi here so we spent some time getting our updates on our various devices.  We watched Rosewood and Pitch on Fox for our entertainment.  And since we are so early we indulged with popcorn as an evening snack

Apparently Boo was still on Eastern time and wanted us to go to bed at his time.  I'm sure we'll all adjust in a few days.

We'll be here four nights.  I really don't like traveling this way.  But we have to be in the Valley a month from today.  I'm seriously rethinking this way of life.  Seeing this country from the interstate is boring.

All is right in our world

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fog, fog and more fog

I slept in....didn't wake up until Jim's alarm went off at 0730.  I guess the fog is to blame!  The sun still hasn't made an appearance and it's 0930

During the night I heard several boats tooting their horns on the river.  The first one made me wonder until I remembered how close we are to the river.  After that it was just a pleasant sound and I went back to sleep.

Made a grocery run yesterday afternoon.  We stopped in the parking lot of the Rising Sun IGA and Jim decided I needed a bigger grocery store and we headed back east to a Kroger about 10 miles from the campground.  The road is a scenic byway so the drive was pleasant.  We also scoped out gas stations and fuel prices. We'll need to fuel up before the next leg of our journey.

We leave here and head for Cave City Kentucky on Thursday

All is right in our world