Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is it hot enough for you?

Boy, it's been awhile since I wrote!  Sorry about that, but we haven't been doing much because of the heat.  Most of this last week we've had temperatures go up over 100 and along with the humidity it's miserable outside.  

We've done a few drives and seen a lot of beautiful, beautiful scenery.  I think I mentioned before that Jim was stationed in this area way before we met.  He's always liked the low-country and now I see why.  All the marshes and waterways, I'm sure, are ever changing.  I'm sure the seasons affect them also.  

We've spent the hot part of the day inside either reading or playing games on our computers.  Jim also mapped out our route for the next month or so.  Of course I approved all the stops!  We have to head to the mid west and see about some repairs on our rig.  The living room slide wouldn't go in without a push from Jim and it works but there is something wrong and I'd rather have it fixed.  We also have some issues with foggy windows.

Parris Island is a beautiful base but I'm sure the recruits don't see it.  They're to busy becoming Marines!  We saw one graduation and we've seen several companies jog pass the campground.  Male and female.  We also seen the men and women march by with full packs.  Boo doesn't care for any of this!  It wakes him up, which wakes us up....because they do all this between 0630 - 0700....I have no idea when they get up and start these excursions. 

Today we'll be packing up and getting ready to leave tomorrow.  Heading inland, seeing new sights!