Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chores and rain

How is it that two people can create so much laundry?  My day started with it and as the day went on I added dishes to my chores.  Calgon take me away!

We had clouds and rain this morning but when the sun came out I snapped a few pictures and we also managed to take Boo for a walk in the afternoon

When we sit outside we can see this pond with the fountain.  It's quite nice and has some ducks and you can fish but you can't keep them

a few chips and dents, but our home still rolls down the road!

If you know me, I can't be without plants for very long.   My lettuce is doing well and I've enjoyed a few salads.  The back pot has basil and cilantro....but the cilantro doesn't have a chance!

Another gully washer of rain in the afternoon was entertaining.  Because of the red soil it looked like Mother Earth was bleeding.  We could see the water rushing down to the pond.

I've put up two feeders on my windows.  One with seed, the other for the hummingbirds.  So far no takers.  I've heard some birds and I'm hoping some song birds will find the feeder.  We're backed up to the woods and I asked the owner about deer and he said  he hasn't seen any the last couple far I haven't seen any wildlife except the ducks at the pond
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