Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We're staying at Weston Lake Recreation area for just three nights here in Columbia, South Carolina.  It's a very pretty complex for military personnel and their families.   Pine trees and undulating roads so it doesn't look like a cookie cutter campground.  The Lake is a good size though we won't be using it.  Fort Jackson is just down the road and we made the mistake of driving onto the base....Supposedly you can drive through and save time...Well the front gate was all blocked off with no detour signs!!!  After driving around for about an hour we finally found an exit after asking....Nice way to see the base and it is quite lovely.

We needed to find a Bed, Bath and Beyond so Jim let Ethyl (GPS on phone) know and she took us right to it.  We got a canister for our Soda Stream and Jim got a soda flavor.  Then we went in search of lunch.

As many of you know we like to search out Pizza, breweries and wineries as we travel.  Yesterday we stopped in at Za's Brick Oven Pizza, for lunch.  I did a search for it and after reading the menu decided I had to go.  You see, they have soy cheese as a topping!  No beer on tap but we both chose South Carolina beers and enjoyed them.  They were new for us.

 South Carolina Beer, mine was the red ale and Jim had the Light Rock
Roasted veggie, soy cheese pizza for me!
I had an 8 inch pizza and almost ate all of it.  Jim opted for a larger one so he could take half home and enjoy it another time.  I did take two slice home and had it for dinner along with a salad
Jim had a Zeus
Shortly after 1900 last night we lost power.  A thunderstorm came rolling though and made some noise and it did rain softly all evening.  We read, played games and tried to shower....I say try because apparently the power is needed to pump water in this campground!  And no we couldn't use our water because there wasn't enough in the tank.

Just before 2130 the power came back on in time to cool off before we went to bed.  Not sure how long it rained but I did hear it at least once during the night