Friday, July 13, 2012

Roebuck, South Carolina

Where is this city you might ask....

Yesterday we left Columbia later than we normally start a trip but we were only going 105 miles.  This was mostly on interstate but with the hills it was a pretty drive.  You know how interstates can be....straight lines and boring.  Well this was up and down and curvy!

We're staying at the Pine Ridge Campground (no not in the Dakotas!) just outside of Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Beautiful place with a catch and release pond, pool and nice size sites.  Check it out here,  The monthly rate is awesome plus electric.

Didn't take us long to set up and we sat outside enjoying a cold beer, which may not have been a good idea...

Not sure if Jim chose this area because of R J Rockers but on Thursdays they have tastings at the brewery.  We left around 1600 so we could get a bite to eat before the tasting at 1700.  Well we didn't find anything so we ended up eating at Cribb's Kitchen on Main's part of the brewery.  We sat at the bar and had a draft (16 oz)  and a sandwich.  Jim had burger while I chose the veggie panini.  Jim had their Son of a Peach but said it was different from the bottle he tried earlier in Beaufort.  I had a Lite Rock Ale.

After our meal we headed to the tasting and tour out back.  For five bucks each we got a pint glass with logo and 4 tickets to try 4 beers.  Supposedly you got four ounces per ticket, well they were very generous and it looked like 6-8 ounces per draw.  We went through the line twice and gave away our other tickets!  I tried the Patriot Ale and the Bell Ringer Ale.  Jim had another Son of a Peach and a Bald Eagle Brown Ale.  Oh, the tour was short and interesting.

I don't think I need to drink any beer for awhile!

Our evening was filled with TV, games and a wee bit of rain.  We called it a night around 2130.  I heard some rain during the night and we got up to overcast skies and more rain this morning.  Fit's the mood for this Friday the 13th.

We had pancakes and sausage (Morning Star Farms) for breakfast today.  Not sure what our plans are for today but I'm sure we'll find something to do