Thursday, July 12, 2012

Columbia, South Carolina

After the storms and rain of the night before, we awoke to overcast skies.  But the clouds didn't stop us as we made our way downtown yesterday morning.  The cooler temperatures helped  tremendously.  I wanted to see the capitol building and take a few pictures...we were pleasantly surprised to discover this beautiful complex!  It sits on 18 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds steeped in history!

Confederate Monument

George Washington Monument at base of steps

Palmetto Regiment Monument

Strom Thurmond Monument

Confederate Women's Monument

General Wade Hampton Monument

African American History Monument

African American History Monument

Spanish American War Monument
We strolled the grounds around the capitol and around every corner there was another monument to another war and the men lost.  We only spent a few minutes inside and wow is it beautiful!  They offer a tour and I'm sure that would be interesting.  I picked up a brochure to help with the names of the monuments and discovered we missed a lot in this huge complex..There is a lot more to see but we saved it for another time.  I didn't realize there could be so much to see and do in this area.  When we pass this way again we'll plan better

We stopped for lunch at Panera Bread where Jim had a turkey/bacon sandwich with chips and a pickle which he washed down with a strawberry smoothie.  I had a Greek salad that was very tasty and an apple which I brought home.

Then it was off to Walmart where we fueled up for our trip today.  We also stopped at Lowe's where all we needed was a light bulb but we both found something we needed!  Jim got a new Dremel, which has been on his wish list for a long time.  And I found a new Pony Tail Palm
I think I'll leave this one in the small pot!  The last one I had got way to big to transport around.