Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday at Home

Not a very exciting day but we did manage to get some chores done.  I did laundry most of the day.  I like having my own washer and dryer, it means I don't have to schlep to the laundromat.  Stripped the bed and we had clean sheets to sleep on...Ahhhh

Jim dismantled the ceiling fan and took the blades outside to clean.  We use the fan a lot and it can get a wee bit dirty.  He also put up the hooks for my new measuring cups.

see the Flur de Lis?

we've put them to the left of the oven using clear hooks.  I'll have to take them down when we travel but they sure are pretty and shiny

We had spaghetti for dinner with a salad and afterwards Jim did the dishes. We watched TV and ended the day with a PBS showing of Inspector Lewis