Sunday, November 29, 2015

Another Saturday

Despite the fact that our Saturday was a beautiful day, with not a drop of rain falling, we stayed home and mostly indoors.

It was sheet day so right after breakfast I stripped the bed and started laundry.  Did the dishes too and while I was wrist deep in sudsy water Jim went for a walk!  He was gone quite awhile.

For lunch I fixed a couple new recipes for us and that didn't work out so well.  The Meatloaf bites (made with beans, not meat) were not a hit....won't be doing that again.  And the mushroom gravy (what could go wrong? we love mushrooms!) had a strange flavor that I think was the nutritional yeast....I can easily leave that out and try again.  Both of these recipes are from Happy Herbivore light & lean. Along with this we had green beans and boiled potatoes.  I packed up the bites and gravy and gave it to Sonsearae to try.

Reading, game playing and TV watching filled our afternoon.  We took Boo for a walk, I checked the mail.  Jim emptied the Black tank....ahh the life of old, retired people is so exciting!  :-)

Our evening was filled with TV viewing...watched RED but I can't remember what else.  Oh, Netflix was showing a series we wanted to see but the internet kept cutting out.  Another time then.  I had some cheezy mac for dinner, Jim pulled a TV dinner our of the freezer.

The bed finally got made, the evening dishes were done and it was time for popcorn!  I swear, I could eat it every day but I'm sure my waistline would expand even more.

I planted some garlic in a pot and it's coming up nicely.  The greens are about 4-5 inches tall but some critter decided to explore the pot last night and made a mess.  At least he didn't dig up the whole pot!

All is right in our world