Monday, November 30, 2015

Oh My Goodness! I did It!

My Sunday started out with the usual laundry, breakfast,dishes and bed making. Jim asked if I wanted to go into Stuart to the Green Market and I said yes knowing this would get us out into the fresh air for a walk on the river.  They've extended the boardwalk and we wanted to see this new section.

It was a superb morning to be walking.  We both walked every section except I skipped the floating docks because with the wind and wave action I didn't want to get wet.  However I did walk back and forth waiting for Jim to rejoin me.  Oh, didn't buy anything at the market.

After this brisk walk we drove to Publix and picked up some groceries then headed home.

Once home I turned on the oven so we could have pizza for lunch.  I put away our purchases and it was almost time for lunch and football.  A cold beer along with the pizza was mighty tasty.

Football was a disappointment...none of the teams we watched or care about won...Jim napped after lunch.  And I managed to get more steps in taking out the trash and walking Boo.  You see, Sonsearae challenged us using the Fitbit app.  Just a one day challenge that included the four of us.

After Jim woke he had some coffee, I fed Boo and then he said 'feel like walking some more'.  So we put on our walking shoes and I told Sonsearae and the three of us headed out and walked the compound until I thought I was going to collapse!  I was in the lead with steps and Jim was trying to take away my lead....I couldn't let that happen.  

It was fun as we talked and spotted the owls.  The streetlamps were on as we ended this exhilarating walk, darkness was descending.  In the end I had over 11,000 steps and I won the challenge!  Jim came in second, Sonsearae third.

For dinner we had sushi, Jim had a California roll while I had a veggie roll

TV watching ended our day but I don't remember what we watched.

All is right in our world