Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Laid back day

After our busy day of doctors and grocery shopping yesterday, today was a lazy day. I slept nine hours last night! I’m sure having a tooth pulled had nothing to do with it.

I must say my dentist is good.  I did not have any pain with the extraction and after the numbness went away I still didn’t have any pain. I’ve been taking the antibiotic and I have taken ibuprofen but that was for a headache.

Today was good.  One load of laundry, made the bed, did the breakfast dishes.  Went for a short walk.  I fixed salmon, mashed potatoes, spinach and yellow beets for our midday meal.  Shortly thereafter Jim took a nap and I started feeling worn out.  I think the medicine is waging a war in my body.

Once Jim got up I did the dishes and that’s about all I’ve done today.  I may leave the evening dishes for morning.

All is right in our world

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