Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dorset Farmer's Market

Saturday was our 40th how time flies when you're having fun!  Many people were doubtful about our relationship but we've proved them all wrong! It was a whirlwind courtship and some say a hasty marriage but I've loved every minute of our time together.  Thank you, my love for so many good's to 40 more years!

Anne and Scotty helped us celebrate.  A quiet dinner at the Fair Haven Inn where they serve Greek, Mediterranean and American Cuisine.  For starters Jim ordered clams baked, three ways and Anne ordered a 'flaming' cheese dish.  Fresh baked bread was brought to the table which we all enjoyed!  Anne ordered a maple flat iron pork dinner.  Scotty and I had a huge Greek salad each, he also had oysters on the half shell.  Jim ordered a New England Steamed Dinner that included lobster, mussels, clams and potato and corn on the cob. Jim had a glass of wine and I ordered a draft beer.  The Scott's were sensible and had water.

Three of us had dessert!  I had to try the lemoncello mascarpone cake (Delicious, but I had to bring half home because of the richness), Jim had the chocolate, hazelnut creme brulet (YUM), and Anne had some tira misu.  Scotty had tastes from all of them!  We all exchanged bites and the chocolate dessert was a big hit!

We all enjoyed our meals and we did bring home some leftovers.

After several days of being up the birds are finally showing up at the feeders.  I've really enjoyed the American Goldfinches.  When we lived in New Orleans we only saw them in the winter and their feathers are not as brilliant.  It's difficult to get pictures of these fast flying feathered finches! But I'll keep trying

On Sunday we headed to Dorset for the farmers market.  This one was a good size and we had a choice of vendors to buy veggies from.  There was also some wine, maple syrup and handmade crafts and foods

Some folks were playing instruments providing us with entertainment.  This lady was keeping keeping time with this interesting toy

I bought some radishes from this stand and some blueberry, hazelnut biscotti from another stand.  Both are being enjoyed by yours truly

By the way Scotty is doing great!  He's moving about more and more each day and his pain is going away.  I'm sure he wishes he could do more but in time he will be back to normal...whatever that is!

After the market we drove a bit further south to Manchester and got a bite to eat at Firefly Restaurant. Anne chose it after checking her phone and she chose well!  Cold beer for three of us was just what we needed!  I had some roasted rosemary, garlic potatoes.  Anne had some onion soup.  Jim had a sandwich, turkey I think and Scotty had fish and chips.  No leftovers!

Good times with good friends.