Sunday, May 22, 2011


We took a drive on Beach Road, Panama City Beach and we got stopped several times. Road construction mostly, but we did get stopped for some repair on a catwalk from one side of the street to the other. Happened to see these window washers so I snapped a couple pictures

I sure hope they get paid well!

On Wednesday our daughter drove over from Tallahassee to see us. It's been two years and it was a treat to see her. She arrived around 0730 and she brought breakfast! A blueberry cake she had made. Quite tasty!

We visited a bit and played with our iPads. She had just gotten one so we all had a look see at her iPad 2 and compared apps....Not sure what time we left but we headed to Pier Park, ( for some shopping and lunch. We mostly stayed on the south end looking in the beach shops. Had lunch at a pizza place and I was pleased they offered non-dairy cheese!

We also made a stop at Target to look at pots and pans, didn't buy any. We strolled some and found a Walking Company store where I found some sandals! Wasn't crazy about the price but I needed a pair.

Back home we sat around playing with our iPads and talked some. Sonsearae left around 1700. It sure was nice to see her.

Since Wednesday we've just enjoyed our stay here. Today we headed to the beach taking lunch. Wouldn't you know I managed to get caught in the rip tide and had a struggle getting back to shore. I really need to work on my upper body strength and stamina! I'm not as young as I think I am....Jim was super, he talked and pushed me to shore.

We leave for Tallahassee tomorrow so when we left the beach we stopped for fuel $3.97 for diesel. Once home I showered while Jim took care of some chores.

We'll be spending a week in Tallahassee visiting with Sonsearae.
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