Friday, May 6, 2011

National Museum of Naval Aviation

After several days of chores around the house Jim deserved a day out. He ended up replacing the hot water tank and with help from the resident RV tech it was done by lunch time. Other minor chores have kept us busy but not to busy to enjoy this beautiful weather we've been having. Nighttime temperatures dip into the 50's and during the day upper 70's. It's beginning to warm up again and I fear I won't like the heat but Jim will. We both like sleeping under the comforter though and that will end soon as we get into summer.

Yesterday we drove over to Pensacola Naval Air Station and visited the Museum. We've been before but it's always changing so we knew we'd enjoy it. We had planned on having lunch inside but when we arrived we couldn't even find a parking spot! So we headed onto the base to find a restaurant. We ended up at the Exchange and I had a Subway sandwich while Jim had a Panda Express lunch. After lunch we browsed the shopping mall and I bought a hat! Jim picked up some Navy decals.

We then headed over to the museum hoping the crowds would have thinned. No such luck! Turns out it's the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation and there was a Symposium going on with a lot of Admirals in attendance plus all the fly boys and guests attending. There was an author signing books and it looks like a luncheon was being cleared away when we arrived.

There's a new building called Hangar One that just opened a couple months ago

The above pictures were all from Hangar One. Coast Guard and Marine aircraft along with Navy Aircraft

The Blue Angels are here and if we got up early enough we could drive over to Pensacola and watch them practice. But I don't think that will happen! Besides we've seen them on the ground and in the air. When I was stationed at Cecil Field my squadron housed them and we all got to meet and watch them practice. Of course that was a long time ago!

It was a beautiful drive to and from Pensacola and we stopped and took pictures of the beautiful beaches. We like this area and have often said we'd wouldn't mind settling here one day. The sand is like white sugar and the water is various shades of green and blue. Check back for pictures that I took to share with you.
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